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Educational article | stories and it's impact | development of children's life

Our complete life has divided into four stages, they are babyhood, childhood, young hood and old age. These four stages have their own values, but among them childhood has more values. Childhood is the basic stage of life. Future life depends on it. All of us are well known that, strength and duration of a building depends on it's base. If base of a building is weak, the building cannot lasts for a long period.

                  Now a days in modern age, the importance of childhood and it's necessity are being neglected. There is a great change in the field of industry and ability of human being. Busyness and outer adamant has been grown to that extent that there is no time for the parents to look after the children. They are dropping their children in expensive institutions and sending for tuition For this they are thinking that their duties is up to this extent only. It has increased the load of learning and children are running out of love and affection of their parents. The children are suffering from mental problems due to their parents negligence. Knowledge and wisdom of children are growing in schools but their psychological development depends on their parents and families's love and affection.

              Stories have a great impact on physical and mental development of children. It is a psychological method to teach the children since the vedic age. There was a time when children were not going to bed without listing stories. The elders are also learning themselves or collecting new concepts to tell the children. Each and every story teaches the children something new and the children able to solve their usual problems through them. The tradition of learn and let learn  now decreasing its value in modern society . Now a days the parents are not giving stress on the children to tell them stories. Lack of which the children are binding themselves in internet, TV or in the world of Video and they have no interest in listening stories.

           Now a days telling and listening stories also vanishing  from villages also.There is no leisure for the man  to think about it in towns and cities. Yes, there is anxiety in every where to make the children intelligent and be success. Some days ago research of oxford university declared that the parents who are not telling stories to their children, not trying to learn or read for the children, their children are facing problems and going behind in the race of success. Numerous children were chosen for this research and seen that the children who are listening stories from their parents are developing mostly. So it is necessary to learn and teach the children accordingly.

            Where there is to learn,  the system has already changed. This learning is only meant for the children to run behind success and not giving ideas how to know the realities of life.  Now a days learning means that let the children grown up, become wise and intelligent, not move under open sky like butterfly, do not feel the society. They should bind with computer and use calculator to do sums. Previously people were telling stories to their children to lead them ahead, but now the chance of that type of children are rare.

     UNESCO has written in it's documents that through stories the children can develop their creativity. The report of James clement published  from the Oxford university written that 'when we tell stories to the children, they able to learn new words from the books at their little age. In each and every chance when we tell the stories, it enter in their brains firmly with interesting. If parents will learn minimum 30 minutes for the children, the children will be lovers of books.

           In the opinion of the famous folk specialist Aries miller, " Stories were telling in villages traditionally. Its had  moral values." To teach moral lessons through stories is a old tradition in our society. In this sense the famous writer of 'panchatantra'  sri Vishnu sharma, who had taught the sons of the king Amar shakti within six months morally. Once an Indian asked to the german educationist Dr. Victor nitz that' according to you what is your original gift for the Indian society?". He replied that " the knowledge given by Vishnu sharma through stories of birds and animals is the original gift.

         The important events are binded with using simple, special and folk languages and the events are well connected with life. In the stories one must find any teaching. By telling small stories, the mystery of life can be learned and applicable. The concepts of life which the children cannot learn properly, they can better understand through short stories.To develop the child, parents should give proper love and affection as well as tell them short stories.

           Now a days, computer, internet etc. are necessary for the children to gain knowledge. But to enhance their moral values stories are also necessary to teach them about importance of life. By reading best literatures, we get familiar with the importances of life. There are more media to learn, but stories are different from them. Through  telling stories, we can grow responsibility, punctuality and balanced  life in children. Short stories are needed to the children because life is a collections of small events.

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