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Educational article | 'How to know the ‘Time’ which is very important?'

            Time is the basic factor of life. Since the beginning of universe all evolutions taking place are depending on time. Due to the flow of time evolution takes place. Time cycle started counting with the moment of earth around the sun. Time is a flow which has endless horizon and its origin also pointless. No one can define and determine its destination.  The time cycle is automatically going on faster than mind. Time has a net which is in the form actions and reactions.

                         In the flow of time all the living and non living beings are swimming like a fish in the ocean. Time creates moments to act the events. Time gives chance to mould the ways of life. Time has buried a lot of scenery, a plenty of pictures in its dome. It is necessary to go through different activities according to time.

                   When we are doing any job, we should look first the time and type of job. If we will not aware of time we have to lose a lot. For example, a boy is sitting in examination he should solve the given problems within stipulated time period. Otherwise problems might be left. Again in case of a person going to attend a train needs to arrive timely. So, all the actions and reactions need the time as their main factor to come in action. Let’s read a story about it from the history. Once there was a king in a certain kingdom. He was very suspicious. He never has faith believe his ministers unless he examines them.

   One day he sent one of his soldiers to fetch some fruits from a remote mountain. The fruits were of great value to become ever youth. The soldier, on his way met some men talking about the king. They wanted to kill the king. Then the soldier prepared himself to protect the king. He fought with them and killed them. The soldier destroyed their plan and save the king being killed. After long days the soldier came with the fruits to his king. The king saw the soldier coming late and ordered to hang him for his delay. The soldier narrated the story which happened on the way. The king heard the story and asked other ministers that which was important? The ministers answered that, “Your honour that time was important what the soldier did”. The king understood and set free to the soldier. Its meaning is that the time which comes first is important.

              Most of time people think time became short for them, but time is already distributed according to task. During the stages of life we do learn many concepts. We do not give stress on the things which will have great value in future. What we should do in childhood if neglected, we must suffer in our young hood. It means that we should not keep pending to our tasks for tomorrow. Time never waits for any one.

                  There is a story of a devil king in the Ramayana the Hindu ethics. He was thinking a lot for the welfare of his dynasty. He had a plan to build a ladder to heaven with which the demons might climb easily.  At that time he had all the Gods under his power. He could not do because of his enjoyment and pride. At the time of death he cleared it that we should do that task whenever we think or propose it.

       Time has divided according its flow and the events going on. We divided them as past, present and future. Which already has passed is called past. It means the time prior to present. Whatever already has gone we cannot get back it. We can do the task what is in our hand now. Future is unseen. It is only an expectation. So present is very important for us. We can mend, mould or change anything at our own wish.

         Here we can remember another instance that a boy was going to fetch medicine for his illness father. On the way to medicine store the boy met a magic show was going on the road side. He continued to watch that and after the end of the show he went to medicine store. But the medicine store had already closed. The boy returned to home without medicine. His father also had dead lack of medicine. Here we learn that the time the boy was going to fetch medicine was important for him.

                   Time is a chance. It never comes twice. Suppose you are preparing for your exam, if you went to cinema with your friends, you waste your time. You will get less mark of lose the certificate. So the time you are ready to do something just now is very important. It is advisory to all that never roll the time. What is necessary for you to do at the moment is important.    

Educational article | coriander seeds and its medicinal values

            Domestic kitchen is not less in compare to a medicine store. The spices which we use in our kitchen have medicinal values. We can use them in treatment of different types of diseases. All the spices have their own qualities. For this we should know their qualities and nature and according to that treatment procedure continue. Long years ago there was no more hospitals in our country and also were  no more doctors. But the elders of the family were using spices of the kitchen as medicine to cure the diseases. Coriander is one among them. It is not only used in cooking spicy and delicious food, but also it has medicinal values.

             Coriander nature is cool and dry. Its quality keeps our body cool. It should be kept in a cool and dry closed container. Because coriander placed in hot and open container will not use as medicine. Coriander has such a solution that it has capacity to fight with the bacteria salmonella who creates severe diseases. With coriander we can cure our digestive system and  run the functions of pancreas smoothly. It balances the level of insulin and cure diabetes and control cholesterol.

            Spices used in food creates much enzymes, for which it imbalance the digestive system. Though coriander is a spice it never harm to the digestive system. It never harm to body, rather than it helps to body for digesting food. So in general it used as spice in each and every houses.  It is  also used to cure tiredness of body. If you do lot of work or tired with walking, chew fifteen to twenty coriander seeds. It will relief you from tiredness. Keep some unbroken coriander with you while going on a travel, chew them and take cold water with it. Activeness will come to your body. If you are feeling weak, sleepless,take some leaves of Tulsi, one fourth of coriander, four cardamom,sugar according to test and boil with a glass of water. When the water will be half of it by boiling ,filter it and take it at morning and evening. Energy will come back in the body.

                   In a tendency of weakness,take two teaspoonful of coriander powder,boil with a liter of water, fiter it after cooldown. Wash your face with the water and take one teaspoonful coriander powder in the morning and evening. In case of sleepless, take two fifty grams of coriander leaves and grind them, take twenty five grams of mishree and mix two cups of water.Drink twice or thrice in a day. It brings sound sleep, cure night blindness and stop headache. Chatni of coriander leaves also relief from sleepless.

                 If there is problem of  pain in joints , take three teaspoonful of coriander powder with one teaspoonful dry ginger. Take one teaspoonful with honey in the evening and morning. It will relief from pain. To get relief from biles fry, two equal quantity of coriander and aniseed, make powder of it. Take two teaspoonful daily in the morning and evening. It will clear the problems caused by biles.

                  In case of pyuria, bleeding in tooth, take fifty grams of coriander powder with one liter of water and start gargil , it will cure magically.In dysentery and gas problem, chew one teaspoonful of coriander with one teaspoonful of sugar and drink water. It will cure stomach diseases. You can wet it at night and drink it early in the morning to get relief of gas problems. To increase appetite chew coriander and take in its juice, it will increase digest power of body.

                    In constipation ,take two teaspoonful of coriander powder with water at night. It will clear the stomach. Take two teaspoonful of coriander, black pepper and salt according to taste, use it at morning and evening. It will cure any stomach problems with taking equal amount of coriander seeds powder and sugar, one teaspoonful at evening and one teaspoonful at morning. It will clear within no time.

               If it is problem of headache,take four teaspoonful of coriander powder and two teaspoonful of sugar, boil with a glass of water. After boiled half of a glass should remain. Filter it and drink it, It will cure headache due to cough. Make a paste of coriander leap on forehead. It will cure the migraine pain. If headache is severe,take equal amount of coriander powder and dry ginger powder. Use it with warm water two times a day. It will give fast relief.

              To get relief from sunstroke, take three teaspoonful of round dry coriander and two teaspoonful of cumin. Wet them at night, filter it in the morning, mix with sugar and drink it. It will cure urine infections and cool down the body. During change of seasons it is better to take chatni of coriander, podina,ginger, black pepper and cumin. It will safe from harmful effects of seasons change.

             Everyone can use it according their body's resistance power. One can use it without breaking uses of other medicines.It has more helpful qualities. Never harm to human body.                .



Monday, December 29, 2014

Educational article | women protection | a challenge for the modern society

            Women is the basic concept of the God's creation. The origin of the world begins from a woman , the supreme power. Woman is the base of all living being. She roles herself as mother, sister, life partner, wife, teacher and all social relations. In ancient period woman was worshipped as a great position in the society. Woman has the qualities of kindness, love, attraction and affection, taking care etc. moral characters. Woman is giving birth and taking all care needed to a child. She never hesitates to do all activities of a mother. She shares with us and makes fun with us like a sister. As a life partner she shares with us and dedicate herself. She dedicate all her happiness for our better life. In time of distress she inspires us to be brave and to face the situation . She teaches us since our birth to stand, walk, run, talk, eat etc. all activities to be a human being. Through her we able to know and identify the society and the world. She also destroys the creation at her own when she become disorder or disturbance like nature.

              Long years ago in Indian society the woman was described as Goddess and the people were giving respect and importance. Before five thousand years of the Rig vedic culture, the men and women, both were respected equally. At that time, the woman was independent and the man and woman are called couple. The women who were great philosophers at that time were Lopamudra, Apala, Ghosha, Saswati and Tibbabari, but as the men go ahead in the modern society, he thought the women as helpless creature. The human cultured society respect the women as mother. The all round development of the man and the society can only be possible by the dedication of women, but the men became proud and gave the position to the women as second class citizen in the society.

               In the view of famous feminist Carole Pareman, the base of discrimination between the men and women in the society is the exploitative mentality of some people. It really stood as a compound wall between administration and domination. For which the society divided into two groups. One is exploiter and another is dominant. In the field of Economics, Social Education and Politics, the spread his position and made the women dependent. The feminist, Rosemary Pureman has written in "feminist thought" that in the period of capitalization and globalization the women considered as an consumable good and started exploitation.

               Lially Phillips, the great philosopher has written in 'The Womenist Reader' that the man behaving the woman in such a way that the man has't got the framework of social and political right yet. The woman not only showing her beauty to the man, but also she wants to prove her personality. The man is advertising the woman as consumable good for his trading. The country will not develop unless the man reform him. In the view of some people, the position of the women in tee society is falling down due to female anatomy and Biology, but in the view of the biologist, Richard Levetin, it is not the view of the scientists, but it is the view of the socialists and politicians. Some people describe the women as simple and gentle and the man is critical and cruel. The man wants to keep the woman bind in the four walls of room, but the biologists don't think the woman as miserable and weak.

             To prove the woman's personality, the great biologist Dian Hell collected some illiterate women and gave the training of soldier. After the completion of the training, he found that the women qualified themselves more stronger than the man. But in the view of Netally Engineer, the women has high personality of toleration and patience. The muscle construction of the women helps them to work continuously. They have a quality to keep themselves healthy. They have a immunization substance in their body, that is immunoglobin to be healthy.

        In the modern society, the man became wild to torture the women in the society. The moral values of the man became less in the society. The modernization of the society encouraged both the man and women to follow old civilization. Because in the old age the men and the women were living in the jungle with covering themselves with the leaves of the trees. The modern people also using less clothes to cover their body. The globalization of trading for the development of economical status made the human being to use the women for advertisement of their products. The man is forgetting his own culture and following another culture. The modern people making films for their entertainment and showing the women as consumable goods.

           The people of the modern society have no moral knowledge due to the education systems. Because the wise like teachers, doctors, advocates, leaders are coming in the complain forum of women torture in every where. The women are not safety in each and every countries of the world. There should be a special syllabus to teach the people moral education in schools. The women should be taught the marshal art to protect themselves from the evil human being. The parents are the prime teachers of the children. They should reform their children at their home to be human. Gradually the society must change into heaven.

             There should be a strict rule and law for the wrong doers that they will not come out to repeat the same thing again. In the court of law, a woman should be a judge to decide the case of the women. Because a woman can only know the women behaviours and give decision properly. The advertisement of products should not be followed by the posters of women. Every one should learn the human culture and live like human. If every one will take oath to protect women, the day of peace must return back to the human society. Every one only thinking about themselves not about others. For this thought only the women are being tortured. We should have to work globally to protect women.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Educational article | base of darkness | the universe and disappointment in human mind

         Darkness has no fix definition. It is only a situation of lack of light. It is a feeling of our eye and mind. In our life also we feel darkness of future when feel disappointment. If we could not able to fulfill our dream and desires, then we we show our inability. That causes darkness in our life. There is darkness inside our body also. Darkness is a feeling of virtual and unreal truth because a single ray of light can end its position. If it is real how it is vanishing when the light comes near to it. If there is darkness and fear in our mind, then outside world feels us a dark.

         Darkness is the day night experience, dangerous lonely palace, a long tunnel and a deep forest. These make furious sound to scare the living being, but if there is black layer of fear scattered on our mind, these darkness become so dangerous. When we are travelling in a deep forest in the night, the friction of air with the trees makes a sound and we feel that the sound of ghost and evils. The dry leaves of trees fall on Earth due to air and make terrible sound which tremble our heart and increases the heartbeat. Even in winter also it stars sweating in our body. Nobody tries to scare us in the jungle other than our weak mind. Scared mind never scares to anyone, it fears itself. After facing the situation of darkness, our mind enters into thousands of negative thoughts.

         Darkness is the symbol of illiteracy, unwise and confusion situation of mind. It wants to spread its empire with its strong soldiers who are in a great association. The soldiers are sound, air, shadow, negative thinking. These soldiers sow a seed of confusion in the mind of human being. Confusion leads to decrease of intelligence and wisdom. And decreasing intelligence produce the crop of fear in mind. In our daily activities on the path of life, we face these situation in workshop, office, school, colleges, playground, hospitals, kitchen, home and other places. When we are going to do something wrong unwisely according to our situation, we create a fear of losing position. It creates the darkness of our future. Different thoughts come to our mind, if my boss will know this, what will happen to me, if people will know, I may be blamed in the society and others.

              Darkness is the feeling of disappointment in mind due to non fulfillment of desires or dreams in life. We can drive away the darkness from our mind, if we be patient for a moment to bring a ray of light of knowledge to come into our mind. The great enemy of darkness of disappointment is the light of self confidence. Be confident and have a faith on your own performance, the darkness of failure will automatically vanish. Developing courage in mind can kill the evils of disappointment. Try to examine the performance you have to complete step by step of your activities. Listen the vibration and sound of your conscience and perform your duties according to it. The fire of burning desire will burn the negative forces and give light to your success and destroy the obstacles on your path of success.

        Darkness is not a permanent or fixed situation. It is only a situation to confuse the passer by making furious sound of discourage to betray you from your journey towards destination. May the storm, cyclone of depression, disappointment, fear, inability, impatience, unsuccessful come with the darkness, let face them with the sword of knowledge and sheath of encouragement and brave in the heart. The darkness will leave from your mind and heart. When the sun comes at dawn, the darkness run away from the Earth without looking behind. Collect patience, courage, determination, commitment, attention, motivation, ability, faith, self confidence and perseverance and get unitized them, make a light of sun, the darkness will never come to you and scare you.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Educational article | Ayurvedic treatment | 'Diarrhoea'

               Disease is the abnormal position of body organs and disturbance of the systems of the organs. There are different organ systems to maintain our body properly. The systems are nervous system, endocrine system,, skeletal system, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, visceral system and muscular system. Any disturbance of these systems causes abnormality in our body.

           There are three elements in our body which control total system of our body equally. The elements are air, bile and phlegm. Imbalance in amount of these causes diseases. These three are always circulating with a limited speed in our nerves. We can check these amount through our pulse rate. Increasing rate of bile in our body causes yellow fever. Because bile's colour is yellow and when it spread all over the body, our organs become weak and yellow. The eyes, tongue, hands, legs and all part of the body become yellow. It shows the symptom of pale face and dullness. This fever welcome to hiccough, asthma and cough.

                   Diarrhoea is caused due to lack of appetite. The disease where the body excretes more amount of stool, there we can find the disease Diarrhoea. According to Ayurveda, by taking heavy, hot and imbalanced diet, mental disorders occur and due to mental disorder kidney becomes hot and affects the digestive system. It can be seen more in non-vegetarians. Those who roam maximum in sun and air reduce the speed of stool and urine. As a result, the air increases in the body and decreases the appetite which causes Diarrhoea. In case of lack of appetite, the water can't be absorbed by our large intestine. The water is released in the form of sweat and urine from our body. Increasing air in the body push the water to our rectum for which the stool becomes watery and flow through anus.

                  Diarrhoea is of two types. One is due to bile and another is due to air. In the first type of Diarrhoea, bile amount increases in human body. It is called bile linked Diarrhoea. Due to excessive eating of food content acid, base and salt, due to roaming in hot sun and air, increasing of anger in mind, bile becomes poisonous. It affects the stomach and gives birth to Diarrhoea. The colour of stool becomes yellow, green., red and smells bad. The symptoms seen in the body are thirst, burning, sweating, faint and give pain dangerously in anus.

                  The Diarrhoea causes due to air in the body affects the anus to excrete stool with foam, pain and knot stool. During excretion, breathing rate increases and face becomes pale. Diarrhoea due to phlegm leads the man to sleep in day time, idleness and decreases the power of appetite. Heavy, sweet and cold food causes Diarrhoea due to phlegm deposition in body. In this Diarrhoea, the person excretes phlegm added stool, bad smelled and white coloured stool through anus.

            When man take in extremely hot or extremely cold food, imbalanced diet, unwanted food violating rules of stomach and keep fasting or drink wine, he affects in Diarrhoea. He excretes the stool sometime of hard and sometime of watery of black colour. Another Diarrhoea also occurs due to fear and sorrow. Fear and sorrow increases and pollutes the air inside the body and causes disease.

                                Procedure to check and correct the imbalance of air, bile and phlegm-
            If the Diarrhoea causes due to food, first of all, we have to break it with medicine, but we should keep in mind to release the stools completely from the rectum. Due to sudden block of stool, it may cause Piles, griping, wind dropsy, prolapse rectum, leprosy and other diseases. So, we have to use medicines prepared from yellow myrobalam. By taking half a teaspoonful of yellow myrobalam powder with warm water, the speed of dysentery become slow and increases the appetite of stomach. The quality of yellow myrobalam digest the undigested food in the stomach very fast. After complete digestion of rest food inside the stomach, the patient should be given the collected plant materials and medicine prepared by it
               In this period, the patient should be given the light food due to weakness of stomach with low appetite. After it, patient should take pulses powder mix with honey and water of rice. Honey helps in increasing appetite gradually. Among the collected materials, long pepper, black salt, sour pomegranate's seed, sweet orisroot, cumin seed, caraway seed, asafoetida fried in ghee, dhak flower are given to the patient with preparing a mixture of it at the time of lunch. This medicine destroys the ill effects of air, phlegm and bile in our body. Another medicine for this is a mixture of fried barley and rye, sesame seed, sour berry and raw bel fried with ghee and curd. 

Educational article | relationship between | modernization of culture and diseases suffering by human being

            Since the beginning of human social life, human being lead a life bounded by culture of its own. The human society developing  step by step gradually according to the evolution of life. The first and foremost society begins near water bodies like rives, streams, lakes etc. Man started cultivating crops for his feeding. He tried to make different tools for his agricultural and living purpose. Learned to use metals as tools and ornaments. He was doing physical labour most of time. He was applying his mind to develop his life style. The science and philosophy got together and man started to manufacture machines and equipment. The system of living a life at that time was difficult and tragic. If we go through the history of human being we can know better about it. Food habits, clothing, housing, transportation, roads and other sphere of life developed gradually.

          In traditional system of life man was doing more physical labour according to his strength and capacity. There was a deep relationship among them. The customs and traditions were their chain to bind them together. They were worshipping the nature and had faith and respect on the natural objects. In each field of their activities in life such as healing treatment systems with food habits was a case in point thing. When they were suffering from different diseases, they were taking fruits, roots, flowers, leaves and other plant products directly. They were also calling to witch doctors or enchanters.

          They had manual labour more in the field of agriculture. Total family members were engaging in the field. Cultivate the field, harvesting, threshing, producing rice from paddy, cooking food, drawing water from well, clothing habits, building houses to save from the weather and climate of the nature etc. activities were totally natural. As a result they were living healthy, strong and bold to face the situations of life. There was no pollution in water, air and other sources of the nature.

              As the man entered into the modern culture and society, he started using artificial commodities like food, cloth, medicines, tools for his daily activities. Man wanted to the food be tasty and used spices, oils,flavors and other ingredients needed in preparing the food. The man did not go through the values, qualities and effects on body of this type of food. The man wanted to save time for his regular activities. The using of artificial goods and services in different field of life took the man to the world of suffering.

           In the old age man was using natural compost to their crop field and harvesting more crops from that, but in the modern culture the man used chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and related items in the field to grow more. These chemicals pollutes the air, water and soil. In the course of time, the water again cycled and came to earth as precipitation which caused acid rain. Acid rain leads to skin diseases,eye irritation other diseases. The crops that we produced from the field, we ate that and that caused stomach problems, diabetes, brain fever and diseases.

             The practices of first food in modern society welcoming different types of diseases. The oily and spicy junk foods affects the man like decreasing memory power, irritate nature, blood pressure, loss of weight etc. Another bed practice is clothing. Using artificial synthetics also cause skin diseases. In fashion society most of people use make up materials to look beauty. These cause blindness, pimples on face, skin allergy, low eye sight and other related diseases.

         The Medicines used to cure these diseases are also have side effects for which the man have to die unexpectedly. People forgot to apply Ayurvedic medicine from nature as they have no time with them to prepare and use. Because it needs to collect some roots, fruits, seeds and leaves of different plants to prepare medicines. In place of these they are using chemicals to cure themselves which are causing side effects and diseases on body.

       The home appliances that we are using are making us idle. We became lazy to do manual labour and bring diseases for us. The utensils which we use in our kitchens are of non metal or alloys. That reacts to our food and cause diseases. Diseases like joint pain, nerve problems, gout, indigestion, stone in gall bladder, heart problems etc. are causing due to the food poison. Uses of poly packs to bring ready made food from market reacting the food that we can not know. It grows like slow poison in our body.

      Physical exercises through our daily activities became less due to modernization. We don't want to walk or keep foot on earth to go to nearby places. Using of motorcycles, cars decreased the physical exercises. These causes back pain, fear of disc sliding, muscle pains and joint pains.

    For our comfortable and luxurious life we are using cooler, air conditioners in our houses. These cause low blood pressure, stress in mind, body weakness and other related diseases. The use of beverage drinking became a fashion in modern society. These drinking are slow poisons. It gradually harm to bones and bone marrow, liver and kidney.

         Clothing habits of modern culture became a great problem. A five feet height of man using half a meter of cloth. It seems as naked body. That is attracting to both sex oppositely. The disease of aids is spreading in society due to this.Using of electronics appliances also causing eye and ear problems. People are using mobile, TV and other electronic devises for their entertainment that causes diseases related to E.N.T. Though we are in modern culture, we should take care of these from the very beginning, unless the days of destruction must come to us. We should try to live naturally. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Educational article | telepathy and it's effects on life

           There is unbelievable abilities and energy of the mind in our body, that we can't identify it. Because we live in such a busy life that, we can not keep our mind stable,peace and concentration. so we can not feel the ability of the super mind. The sun is the source of energy for all living and non- living being. It spread its energy through out the universe. But with the help of a lens if we concentrate the rays on a paper, the paper begins to burn. We can apply this formula to our mind.

         With bringing the mind in a concentrate position, we can able and utilize the super power of mind. Now in the developing era of science everyone of us have mobiles or smart phone. With the help of it we are connecting the whole world within a second and sending our message easily. But prior to a long century the system of connecting with other was performing with the super power of mind. That process of connecting others through the concentration of mind is called Telepathy now a days.

        The meaning of telepathy is that, to send the psychological waves of mental concentrated behaviour to others mind and put effects on them. It is the wonderful power of the super conscience of mind. By sitting in a calm and concentrated position we can connect to any person, thing, situation, animal, plants and planets, stars easily. Telepathy is our natural power of mind. Not only the human  being but also the others living organism have the power of the super conscience to connect with others mind.

         We can connect to a person sitting thousands of miles away from us with the help of telepathy and the thoughts we want to send to him, we see completely in our thoughts, then we control our super sense to send  to the person. when we want to send it with the help of telepathy, at that time our we try to connect completely with the super mind of the other person. The thoughts then move in a wave on his super mind. By practising regularly of these delicate message sending to other person through this way, the waves of thought increase more and more on his super mind and the flowing of waves try to enter and  his present mind and brain. Gradually the person think and behave like the thoughts. As the conscience will strong and stable, it is very difficult to affect it or may take more time. The weak mind come into trapped very faster than the strong mind.

            In this way with the help of telepathy we can change our life into positive way in our daily life, about us, in different situations according to our wish. The prayer, bless and good manner which comes from the inner heart will act with the help of telepathy. The negative force of the enchanter bring changes in the mind of the person far from him with the help of telepathy. No enchanter can do anything on another person without the help of telepathy in this world. No prayer or bless will act on our mind without telepathy. These all are the reflection of our mind beyond sense.

        There are many healing treatments in the world like Reiki, biological healing and science of drowsing crystal. Among them with the help of natural ability of telepathy we can send healing treatment to any part of the world. We can able to cure the diseases related to physical, mental and others through telepathy. The treatment of front to front healing in Reiki healing treatment and biological treatment has no minimum difference in them. In opposite to it, the healing treatment from a far distance affects faster than front to front Reiki treatment because the healing treatment from a far distance through telepathy, the force of treatment energy affected so fast within the delicate level of mind.

        With the help of telepathy we can finish the sin or reform the evils of our previous life. We can create a golden future by sending a future positive thought. If a single person from a far distance can treat to another person positively then the unity of the people of whole world can change the world into a positive one. If all the people use telepathic treatment, the waves of positive energy will flow throughout the universe and it will effect positively all over the world.

        Telepathy is not a new invention. People are using since centuries. We should go through deeply in it to utilize it. Telepathy acts at a single conclusion. In this world we all are included with each other. Like a single wave in the tub of water spreads totally on the tub water, the waves of telepathy also spread fast and move towards the person whom we want to send.

        Telepathy is one of the different abilities of mind and it develops with stable, peace and concentrated mind. For this only, it need to practice more and more on telepathy and it comes automatically one day. People may not believe it and want to know its necessity, we should practice it to know our own super mind and utilize it in our daily life to live in a positive way.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Educational article | the nature of vegetarian and non-vegetarian human being

           Within the vast world of living being, man is the superior creature. human being has knowledge and skill with him. With which he is ruling over the vast world of living being. Human culture is the supreme culture among all living being culture. All living being in the world are divided into three main group according to their food habit i.e.. veg eaters, non-veg eaters and both veg+non-veg eaters. So far as we concern, veg eaters in animals are cow, deer, goat, horse, donkey, sheep, rabbit etc. Among them some are living as wild animals in the forest and others are living domestically like pet animals with human society.

                      Another section of living organism is animals of non-veg eaters like dog, bear, wolf, lion, tiger etc. They also live with human being as pet animal. Others are living in the forests. In the birds society there are also veg eaters and non-veg eaters. Veg eaters like swan, parrot, goose etc while duck, hen stork, crane, eagle, crow etc are non-veg eaters. Here also some veg eater birds reside with human beings as pet birds and some are living in deep forests.

                The nature of non-veg eaters are strong, energetic in young hood, dangerous, furious, selfish, proud, cruel, negative thinking, evil doer and other related qualities. Because they are feeding themselves on other animals.Sometime they are eating dead and decayed flesh of animals. This nature of non-veg eaters is showing that they are cruel because they are haunting to their own generation. As they are haunting others for their self feeding, they are selfish. Other animals scared of them. For example a lion is the king of the animals of the forest. As the lion is furious and proud, the elephant also obey him. Non-veg eaters never have kindness. So, they are known as wild animals. Dog is a non-veg eater and veg eater animal like human being. Sometime dog also behave as human being and human being behave as dog. It means that there is more similarity between dog and human being.

                When human being take non-veg food of birds and animals, most often don't forget to take alcohol. The mix of alcohol with non-veg item fills it brain with negative thoughts. Alcohol make him to travel the superior way of life and helps to forget his originality or personality. The body and mind develop according to the quality of food. If human being is taking the meat of a goat, it must behave like goat because  the goat bleats. In philosophical view of bleat of goat means mien in Hindi and 'I am' in English. The man who love to say 'I am' is a proud one. So proud nature of man always praises to himself and loosen the quality of kindness. The quality of violence grow in his mind.

                      The dog also taking the same food what the man is eating. Dog obeys the man but to protect himself most often attack to his master. And dog has also the quality of violence. The wild animals always attack to others, either it is man, sheep, goat or other animals for their food. Human being are also exploiting others in different sphere of life. When a policeman is a non-veg eater he doesn't forget to punish an innocent severely. So this is the wild manner of policeman who behave like a wild animal.

                      The wolf is also a non-veg eater and wild. The wolf comes to villages and theft goat and sheep for his food. Human being who is in profession of theft are wild like wolf. Nowadays human being forget humanity and quarrelling among themselves and they are growing regional feelings. It means they are scattering the unity of world for their selves. This nature of man can found in street dogs. Street dogs never want any other dog to enter their area though others are also dogs. So the human beings are fighting between themselves, between region and region, village and village, district and district, state and state, country and country, continent and continent and at last the world is associated with the war causing the world war.

                 Let us have a view on an historical event of Swami Ramakrishna  with his disciples to find out the difference between veg and non-veg eaters. According to this, once the disciples asked Swami Ramakrishna  , " Guru, what is the difference between veg and non-veg eaters?". Ramakrishna ordered his disciples to bring some dogs and cows and told them to keep them in separate rooms in the evening. Also ordered them to provide enough meat to the dogs and grass and hay to the cows.

       The next day, all the disciples with Ramakrishna went to see the situation of the cows and the dogs. It had seen that the cows were sleeping peacefully and leaving no hay or grass in them but, the dogs had seen injured by quarrelling among themselves. No one of them had taken a piece of meat. We knew from it that the non-veg eaters of human being are quarrelling each other for position, power and wealth and no one is enjoying the world peacefully.

         Veg eaters are the simple and kind hearted living being. Because they are feeding themselves with the plant and it;s products. In old age the saints were used to take fruits, roots and leaves of the plants. They were thinking for the peace of the world. Their behaviour, manner, voice and relation with human being was sweet. The wilds in the jungle who were coming near to them also becoming gentle. Because the plants are the dedicators. They give shade, fruits, flowers and their stem to the living beings. They give shelter to many kinds of living organism on them. Plants support the nature to be in balance, attracts rain, give oxygen to breath.

           Like the plant, the plant eaters or the veg eaters are also have these qualities. Veg eaters have healthy conscience, positive thinkers, well for nation, advisers, intelligent and wise. For example, cow as a veg eater gives milk to feed living being, it's urine, dung and milk products used as medicine. The urine of cow used in curing kidney diseases, dung used in skin diseases, milk products like cheese and ghee used in serious diseases like cancer, diabetes , bone problems, nerve problems, headache etc. Pure cow ghee is immunize human body.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Educational article | students need affection rather than punishment to learn better

         There is a world in the lap of the Earth which is very sacred like the Gita, the Quoran and the Bible.The people in this world are not only honest but also devoted to religion and fearless. It is the world of the children whose inner questions makes the wise in dilemma. The rich, wise, administrators in the world become helpless themselves on children because the qualities of lie, greedy, cleverness, politics, fraud etc. earned by them stand as obstacles on their way. Once the father of our nation told that " may I get a chance to go to the world of the children with holding their finger" the world of the children is very sensitive. They do not know battle, discrimination, selfishness, murder, conflicts and other unsocial qualities at all. The children are the future of a nation.

          The best way to know the children is to sit among them and discuss with them. Many children want to express about them to others. They want to tell about themselves that they are the cleverer, wiser and updated in comparison to the traditional man. Once the the English  poet of eighteen century said that "the children the father of the man." If the poet William Wordsworth would take birth in this century, he might take the position of the grandfather. Really the children of this century are so forward.

         When the discussion of school comes to the mind of the children, it seen unhappiness among them. they told that if we think about schooling on the month of June than the entertainment of vacation will finish. After a long discussion the agree to co operate. When the discussion on the matter of homework, punishment, assignment, classmates and teachers were going on, a little girl among them who was listening for a long time came in between the discussion and said " don't say about the teachers, they don't know anything and come to teach us". She told if anybody will ring the bell, we will go out from the class. From this instance we learn that children wants to be happy with reading and writing, not the uncounted burden of books. It means that our educational system and rule regulation is faulty.

          Children are not getting more information from the books. TV, Video game, electronic gadgets and smartphone are supplying information to them. It is clear from this that there is a great gap between framework of present information and books. Now in India teaching become a profession and business where there is no importance of homework. An advocate always go through new act of laws and examples in his leisure, a doctor learn new way of treatment and medicine, a marketing expert try to know condition of market, but the teachers directly enter the classroom and start teaching by asking for a book from the student. After sometime the teacher gives a load of homework to the student. The student engage himself in homework and go for tuition in evening. At night parents help to revise the homework. So the children cannot get any time to play.

            May the school be Government or Private, the teachers load so much homework to the students where there is no necessity of homework. Either the teacher don't know how to teach properly or he has more students in the class. Most of the schools don't exercise co-curricular activities, never take the students for study tour or picnic. This cause mental depression of student. Because nowadays children are very innovative. We are killing their dreams. The new ideas in the brain of the children are bound to be suffocated. Again, new styles of punishments implemented in school. Teachers become irritated to the large number of students inside the classroom. They give them mental punishment like to stand on the bench, face the wall which block their personality development. It may the teacher or the guardian, they should inspire the student rather than punishment. Teachers should help to develop the children's mental health and moral characters. if the student live a sound life then he can stand as a milestone of a better society and nation.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Educational article | internet disease and the people

           Internet is the invention of modern science which has captured the whole world in a single hand. With the help of it, we can send message to every corner of the world, we can talk and see the person we are calling, gain knowledge of different subjects, do marketing etc. easily. To fulfil the thirst of knowledge, people use internet, keep connected with others on line and try to stay updated. Now a days the society is able to gain more from internet, the process of development is going in a speed. But there is a side effect coming rapidly to the society which is called internet addiction disorder or I.A.D.

          I.A.D. means, the excessive use of internet more than necessity and spending more time on it. In India the internet users are between the age of 14-years and it became a addiction to all. Now a days it has seen that most young are doing breakfast, lunch and dinner to internet, for which no one can imagine the future of society and the country. If we don't think deeply about it, this disease of internet addiction will smash the teen age and the young. Addiction clinic are also has opened to cure the diseases. People are taking admission into the clinics to their children.

              The main symptom of this disease that, the people suffering from it are not interested in social and family affairs and make friends physically. Large numbers of people are using smart phone. They are engaging themselves in online for 5-8 hours. They spend their on pornography, online shopping, gaming and social networking sides. Gradually the young become trapped in compulsive internet habit. It is the primary stage of internet addiction in them.

          The symptoms which are seen in young are, stay online up to 5-10 hours per day,minimizing the time to go out of home, giving less time for nutrition and doing jobs, taking meal in front of monitor, giving no interest to talk with friends and relatives, checking e-mail box more times, guessing own self a best user of internet, stay online during study hour and feel comfort to stay alone inside study room.

          Now a days in maximum countries, internet surfing has not taken as addiction, but it's symptoms has seen in young mass. Situation of most young became so serious that if they are not using internet for a moment, they are feeling madness. If people are utilizing their most of time on internet instead of giving time to their family members then it is the primary symptom of internet addiction. But now the young mass become so habituate in internet that very soon it is going to grow in small and big towns and cities of the country.

            In the view of a psychiatrist, now not more people are addicted with internet, but the situation will not continue for long because people are using mobile with net excessively. If a man is using more internet, then extracting him from this facility, he will must suffer from physical and mental disease. It will be a great problem for the people if we can't bring out them from this habit. Now India has taken third position in Asia and fourth position in the world who is using the internet. More than sixty percent of young mass spending five hours per day on social networking and playing on line games. Approximately 25% young mass are staying on line for 8 hours per day. They are going through Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and most gaming sites. Whatever symptoms are seen in the brain of a drunkard and gambler, are seen in the brain of internet users.

              In cities and big towns, the mental diseases have increased in such a ratio that young are being admitted in healthcare centres. Having time in hand, if you will not cautious for these, it must be a distress and destruction for our society and country. When a person wants happiness, at that time he used to take drugs, want to forget misery and loneliness. Internet gives all the facilities to the person. So, the person bound to use internet. To break this, increasing rate of I.A.D., first of all we have to warn the children and be cautious from grass root level, second step is, not to us internet for maximum time, use it only according to necessity, third step is, family members and teachers should know about I.A.D. and teach the society about it. If there is any other way to protect the society, you can apply. Then we can get rid of this addiction and diseases.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Educational article | the old age and it's miserable conditions

       Old age is the fully matured stage of life where body becomes weak and energy less and depends on others. In this stage man wants love and affection from his family members, but unfortunately his family members avoid him in such a way that he had never imagine about it. Because the hand with which he had fed his children, taught to walk, given attention to live comfortably, shown the world, in this situation of life they become cruel and his family members don't like his activities and his words. By reaching at the age of sixty years most of people want to go away from their service and give their duties to their children for future, but if we go through a survey report we can know that more than 71% of old men are doing different jobs to feed them or developing financial condition. Nowadays, the young mass, not only torturing the old men but also force them to earn money for their livelihood and feed the young mass.

       It is a matter of regret that a couple is managing a ten members family up to their old age, but ten members together are showing disability to look after a couple for a single day. Most of old persons are lying lonely in a corner of a room with facing the problems that scolding of their sons and in laws. Somewhere it has been seen that many old men are living their life with the servants with waiting for their abroad wards.

        So, in the sequence of these events it came to listen where man has lost his humanity. Somewhere old men are living like a dog binding with a chain at his own built home. The modern girls who are coming as bride are raising their nose to their mother in law. They think that they will loss their recognition if they go with their father and mother in laws. The parents of an illiterate and uneducated society never take in account the complaints of their children. So the children exceed the limit of human behavior and become unsocial. That affects to their parents and their own children torture them in the old age. The old men think the painful situation as a curse for them. Reaching the old age, human body become weak and it starts to live with kindness of others. This causes mental pressure, changes the nature and memory power become weak.

          If parents became old, nowadays their children are being seen that they are going far away from them. They think that this old age is obstacle for their modern and comfortable life. The children forget that their present situation is only for their parents because the parents fulfill the wants and desires of their children like making their career, celebrating their marriage etc. They hope for their children that they will help them in future or in old age, But everything will be change in future they can't guess it.

           There is a sole reason which discriminating the parents and their children is that the increasing effects of modern culture. The old don't like to follow the modern culture and the young mass don't like the existence of the old in their life. The old always like their own custom and tradition, own culture and thought, they dislike to the changes which are going on with their children's life. As a result, the fracture between the two generation become a great crater which they cannot know.

            Old as is the last step of life, young mass should feel it because they have to also face this situation in future. The situation which they are creating for their parents, may their children show them according to. Parents are like God, if man serves them from his heart they must bless and life become easy. As we sow, so we reap. For that only we should respect, be advised and well behave to our elders, this will help to build moral character of the children. In future man will not have to face the problem of old age.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Educational article | how to be a maker of own fate?

        The different activities of human being is going on with a reformative way. The reformations always move within the deep cave of human mind. The new origin of life comes from one end and matured origin comes from other end of life and affects it and destroys. Our present is bounded by two ends of reformation. Human being invests by doing activities in present and build the future. So, we are standing within universal discipline of the origin of activity.

            In this situation, if we cannot understand the origin of reformation then this life become affected with unconsciousness and there is a chance of impossibility of getting able direction. At that time, this life remain like a doll in the hand of luck and situation. We cannot control often present happiness or sadness, ups and downs of present life. But if we understand the mystery of life, then we can get rid of the harassment of  luck and can build our own luck. If we don't want to be a doll of nature and want to be master of own life then we should start examine our activities performing in the daily life. The reformations which affect our life most are made up of wants and desires. Its germination and emotion disturb our attention of conscience, excited and awake our slept egoism. It covers the speed of mind and conscience by attracting with its black magic. It makes slave to our inspirable motivation. These undesirable and aimless reforms makes the life to travel in useless way and man become aimless. The man move with unsatisfactorily life long as mirage and cannot stand on his destiny.

              Once the man trapped in this cycle, the doors of crest close automatically. In the situation, it may take a long term of life span to get freedom from these reforms. This cause many incurable diseases of desires germinate on the green land of life. Many types of evil wants and desires sprinkle on it and ego looks after it forever. The crop of life grow, develop, becomes attractive and wants to mash with it up to the end of life span. Once it stopped flowing of conscience stream, all things become disordered. The world of life surround it with all the soldiers of painful kingdom like harassment, disturbance, hesitation, sorrow and suffering. The scenery of life becomes miserable, fun and dangerous but man cannot think for a moment that he is the only who is responsible for these and solution of these problems.

                Nowadays each and everyone wants to live a life of happiness. But how many of us lead a life of happiness, it is very rare. We engage ourselves in search of happiness throughout the life. But during the journey, our sorrow, pain, strain, harassment, hesitation go on increase. It happens not to all but happens maximum. We become confused that we sow the seed of happiness and reap the crop of sorrow. How does it happen? How the seed of mango become apple? The laws of God and the nature cannot be wrong. There must be wrong with the way of life in search of peace and happiness.

                  To get freedom from these confusions and negativities of life, there is a single way that is correction of our thoughts. The land where we can yield the crop of peace and happiness is known as land of soul. In this land the only farmer is the conscience which sow the seeds of happiness according to situations. Conscience is the only mine of well and evil. The mystery of the desire of peace or happiness has store in it. So, if we think only to be happy or live in peace, we cannot fulfil them. It is only the conscience which gives fruit to our life according to our activities.

                   To be a maker of our future we should know ourself, examine our activities, face the problem bravely, develop positivity to climb the peak and develop simplicity. It is the sole way of life to know the conscience. That's why wise people can only know the mystery of life and reform himself abide by nature. if you have a burning desire you can reach the goal. Ask yourself that the way in which you are going is either just or unjust. Let have a faith on God and make own fate.

Educational article | how to enhance public relation?

               Relation is to get connected with other. It may with things, places or persons you want to connect with. Relation with one or more persons is depends on your personalities. Your personality will attract to connect with other people. There is different types of relations such as private and public,personal or individual etc. To deal with people is neither so difficult task or nor so easy. We will discuss about the relation with a mass to be popular.

                      Relations may grow with the people from unknown to known. It needs knowledge of  languages, behaviour, body language, posture, cool mind, situations, time, age, gender and location etc. Be a good listener. Share your happiness with others.Never underestimate any one. He or she may have inner qualities hidden with him or her. Keep smiling on your face. Learn to respect all according their age, sex and qualification. Human behaviour makes him world wide and spread popularity. There are many divine qualities exist in human being. Human resources is the resource which can keep the world unity and integrated. Life without integrity is not a life. Relation with others will make the world like a family. To make public relation is not so complex, it is very easy. Knowledge, moral character and well reformed society helps in public relation.

                First of all we have to know ourselves. Our ability, personality, character, behaviour, respect etc. to others leads us to the way of developing public relation. Keep smiling on your face and be gentle. Speak in an audible sweet voice gently. When you met a stranger, don't forget to greet him as a human being. Keep eye contact with the person you are talking with. Introduce yourself before the stranger. Ask him to have conversation or take appointment to meet him again. Ask him or her about his or her family, job, likes and dislikes, education etc. Everyone in the society wants to praise himself and have a thirst of honourable man. They want to express their dignity by sharing with you. So be a great listener rather than a talkative person. Listen more and  talk a less. Don't forget to note addresses of the persons you are meeting.

               Never try to underestimate the man in front of you. He may have of great qualities. By travelling, study tour, trading, education in abroad, marriage, sports and game etc. events we can enhance public relation. Your manner, way of talking, help in need will increase friendship. Contact them occasionally when you are celebrating any functions at your home. Throw out the negative thinking from your mind. Never try to make discrimination among literate and illiterate, educated and uneducated, according to age difference, sex, caste and race, religion and region. Create humanity in them and treat them as human, be social. Praise them in their achievement, performance and personality.

           Your inner qualities can lead you to the top of public relation. The man who are artists, poets, writers, authors, speakers, leaders, scientists, teachers, doctors and other popular profession, can make public relation easily. Give energy to your inner qualities, have a deep faith in you, you must climb to the top of the peak of public relation. Organize and take risk of gathering, people will know you. You may be a trader, your products may attract the people. The qualities of your products and its usefulness to the society will bring closer to the people.

               Imagine and bring it's reality of thinking the world as a single family. You must see the hate, hesitation, discrimination will go away, a friendliness, a togetherness will develop automatically. Avoid proud, showing nature, mean mind, qualities of inhuman like a wild. Have a strong will power to drive away the evils from the society. The whole mankind will be yours.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Educational article | polythene and it's effects on environment.

           The beautiful surrounding around us is known as environment. Environment feeds, supports, teaches and play with the living and nonliving beings. Environment consists of atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere. The living beings live in the biosphere including the plants, animals, birds, aquatic animals and the human beings.

       We celebrate 'World Environment Day' on June 5 every year. But day to day the physics of environment is going on disturbance. Imbalance and pollution are increasing  in different sector of environment. No one trying to take care of it. All are embodied with ghost of development. Is there no way to check it? According to our little brain, increasing in number of vehicles in three ways-air, water and land, industrialization and explosion of population are responsible for the pollution of environment. But we are forgetting that, we the human being are sole responsible for the imbalance of the environment we are living in. For our comfort and luxurious life, we are using the environment as our slave.

           We are using unlimited plastic apparatus in each field of development like in IT sectors, transport, trade, commerce, home appliances etc. Polythene bags are made up of decayed plastic and rough chemicals which cause harm to the environment. The raw materials which are required for the manufacturing procedure of polythene bags are polythene, polyvinyl, chloride, polystyrene, phenyle, formaldehyde, urea, acetylene, benzene, cadmium, zinc, lead, propylene methyl, methacrylate, acrylamide, acetyl, thelete other chemicals.

            No biological process can destroy it. These chemicals are hazardous for human being. The chemicals which are used to stain the polythenes are very harmful because chromium, lead, barium and copper are used to make red, black, green and blue color. In these ingredients, the amount of harmful chemicals exist more. Due to plasticizer and polystyrene, chemicals present in polythene, man is suffering from brain, liver and diseases of reproductive organs.

      When polythene pipe goes through sewage, it emits methane gas(CH4). Not only it pollutes the environment but also spoil the sewage system and spread garbage around the surrounding. Mostly in high populated areas like town, cities and big villages are suffering from stagnant sewage problems. The sewage treatment plants which are most expensive can not run properly.

           Most people throw polythene pack with food items, vegetables and fruit wastes and the animals who are used to roam for food like cow, ox, goat swallow it. The milk of polythene eater cows becomes poisonous and also the animals suffer from stomach disorders and die because polythenes can not be digested in their digestive system. The animals die in premortal period. Nowadays everywhere like in rivers, streams and dustbins people are throwing great heaps of plastic garbage. The natural decomposer can not make these garbage into compost which causes the soil infertile.

        Manufacturing plants of polytheneemit SO2, CO,  N2Hand other gases. These gases not only make poisonous to the atmosphere but also it mix with hydrosphere and causes harm to the living being.

    If we want to fire the polythene to destroy it, it becomes more harmful because it emits chlorofluorocarbons that destroy the ozone layer of atmosphere. Along with, other gases also are produced which gives birth to diseases like cancer, heart and skin diseases and asthma. During the process of manufacturing polythene, the raw materials collected for this purpose are come with dirt particles. When we carry food items in polythene bags from the markets, it makes the food poisonous and spread contaminated diseases.

                    As the use of polythene is causing harm to the living being, we should make a law to ban the use of polythene. We should own alternative ways to carry edible items and others with bags of jute, cloth and papers. To produce these items can help the man to run small scale industries, which will give employment to the unemployed and feed others. So all of us should take care to keep the environment neat and clean.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Educational article | the experience with ' Turmeric' as medicinal use at home'.

        Without turmeric mostly all social activities remain incomplete. Using turmeric is must in the marriage ceremony. There is more importance of turmeric in treatment than in worshiping and social activities. Cooking of dal, curry or any specific dish is incomplete without turmeric. Turmeric is such a thing that no other thing can take its place and it is very qualitative also.

        It is beneficial for people of all ages. There is no chance of harm in its using. It destroys 'Tri Impacts', it means it calms the 'impacts' of gout-bile-phlegm. Specially, it doesn't allow the phlegm to be made in the body and prevents the problems linked with phlegm. It is an antibiotic as well as anti allergic.So, in case of any injury, wound, sprain, ulcer wound, bite of poisonous insect; a covering of turmeric paste is given. For which the severe pain can be reduced and clotted blood will circulate easily. That's why turmeric is used to get relief from headache, muscle pain, gout etc. People drink milk with turmeric to cure the diseases like body ache, cough and phlegm and muscle swelling.

          Turmeric helps to increase our physical immunity and energy. Cures problems of air blockage in our veins and  body and decreases cholesterol by enhancing digestive system. It also helps in purifying and circulating blood in our body. By taking turmeric, many diseases those are related to nerves and brain can be controlled. The reactors present in turmeric minimize the suffering of the patient in circumin and dyspepsia. Now, many pharmaceutical companies are using turmeric as a main ingredient to prepare medicines for cancer.

             Turmeric's main quality is immunization and  control of inflammation in human body. Turmeric is hard and bitter, so it immunize the body, increases flow of insulin to consume the glucose, purifies blood, helps to reduce swelling in muscle. It also destroys the germs of pimples, ringworm, scabies, itches and erases dead cells of skin and brings the skin's glow. It's another best quality is that it helps to joint the injured bone very soon. It helps in reducing the possibility of Osteoporosis in bones. For this, take half a teaspoonful of turmeric and half a glass of milk, boil it for 10 minutes and drink after cooling. It reliefs many kinds of body pain.

        If you are suffering from toothache, mix half teaspoonful of turmeric, a pinch of salt, 5-10 drops of mustard oil, make a paste of it and rub on your jaws at the bed time. After half an hour, spit out the saliva produced and gargle with warm water. It will cure your teeth and mouth diseases. In case of weakness of teeth, take equal amount of turmeric and sodium bicarbonate (edible soda), prepare a paste and rub it on jaws, the teeth will strong gradually.

         When your body could not resist cold and allergy, take 250 grams of turmeric, 4 teaspoonful of ghee and fry them with frying pan. Take one teaspoonful of the mixture with honey twice a day for five months regularly. The disease of allergy, cough and phlegm, asthma will never attack. In case of asthma, take two teaspoonful of turmeric, half teaspoonful of ghee and fry in a frying pan till the gas is released or put the mixture in the fire and let the smoke be released, then take the smoke in your breathing through your nose. It is beneficial during asthma and the phlegm also goes out, but during the breathing  be warned about the very hot fire.

          If you are suffering from severe pain at any part of the body, take a teaspoonful of turmeric and ginger juice and mix well. Apply the mixture twice a day at the affected region. After half an hour give fomentation on the region. This will give you relief from the pain. If you have the body pain due to the fever, stir a teaspoonful of turmeric with warm milk and drink it. It will reduce the pain.

           In case of   internal injury, take a teaspoonful of turmeric, a teaspoonful of salt  and mix them with two glasses of  water and boil it. After cooling it for some time, give fomentation at the affected region with a cloth.

            If you have sprain at any region of the body, take a teaspoonful of turmeric, a teaspoonful of honey, half teaspoonful of limestone and make a paste and apply it on the affected region. Spread the cotton on it. In addition to it, mix a teaspoonful of turmeric with a glass of milk and and warm it. Take it twice a day for three days. This will help you recover from the sprain, pain of the injury and the inflammation very soon. If the honey is not available, then you can use only the limestone and the turmeric. Instead of this, you can apply mustard oil with turmeric powder at the affected region and rub slowly. The pain will be reduced and you can get the relief.

             In the situation, when you are suffering from cough, throbbing throat and chest, take some turmeric powder and salt to taste with a glass of water and boil it. Drink it after boiling. If you have chest pain due to the phlegm, tonsil, then use the boiled water mixed with turmeric and salt to gargle. You can get relief from this, tonsil will be cured. Apply the turmeric paste at the region where inflammation has occurred due to the tonsil outside the throat.Turmeric increases hemoglobin in our blood. Taking warm milk with turmeric powder twice in a day will help in producing hemoglobin.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Educational article | the school bag as unnecessary burden on children

          When the children become growth and start going to school, they used to carry school bag with them, in which their parents pack books, copies, water bottle and tiffin box. As the children are staying five to six hours at school, so they take the necessary things with books and copies in their bag and it becomes heavy load for them.The school which are in high level, it's activities are also enough and now a days students want to be topper in every field. So they have to take every thing which are necessary for their activities and it becomes a habit since childhood to take heavy school bag with them.

         But due to heavy school bag, it may cause waist pain and shoulder pain in future. The waist and shoulder of the teenagers is not fit for lifting such heavy school bag. School bags are going to so heavy in compare to their age that no teacher is giving stress on it, they are only going on with their tasks to fulfill. They never want to leave the students independently. They always want to make the children busiest of busy , give more homework, so that the children will busy with doing homework, rather than in roaming and playing. The children engage themselves in doing homework and become irritated, so that they try to keep away them from study. When they hear about study, they want to go far from it and think that if the study hour will never come to them.

         With the pressure of school bag, their pressure of study become a problem for them. These two problems standing as an obstacle on their way of physical and mental development. Lifting heavy weight of school bag affecting badly on their backbone and causing bend (curve) of their backbone.

       According to doctors, one half of children in Britain are suffering from backbone problems and diseases. The school bag of the children in Britain is packed with books, copies, lunch box and playing tools, for which they suffer from backbone problems soon. According to specialists, if the children will lift 15% of weight in compare to their body weight, they may affect in severe disease of backbone and waist. In the views of back care association, the children of Britain are lifting 20-25% of weight as school bag. The survey of Britain says that each child is lifting 17.7 kg weighted school bag.

       The specialists says that some children hang their school bag on one side of their shoulder, for which there is more chance of backbone problems. The children who are taking part in games and sports, they take sports kit with them , for which the weight of the school bag become more heavy. So the children coming with sports kit and music apparatus are lifting one forth weight of their body. Lifting one forth weight of their body is difficult for elders.

        Though we are aware of these views of doctors and specialists, we have not taken any step for it. In this situations, teachers, headmaster and guardians should be alert. They should give their children the articles which the children can lift. Teachers also take care of it to help the children. They should not give heavy burden on children, they should give less homework and give the assignment which the children can learn from his daily life around his surrounding. They should teach the children by using pictures, telling stories and in playing methods.

          Now a days, waist pain and shoulder pain is not only problems of the children, but also it became a great problem for the elders. Long years ago it was seen in older, but now in town and cities, younger also suffering from these problems. Because the young mass is doing their jobs sitting in front of computers, they are not doing physical labor, their posture of sitting is also not in a way, they are sitting for a long time continuously, which is considered as wrong way of exercise. Excessive riding of bike also cause these problems. Sitting for hours at the computer causes neck problems, waist problems and wrist problems. In winter, it is more chance of such problems.
        The joint on which our shoulder is standing, called as ‘ball and socket joint’. In this type of joint, the support of bone is less than the support of nerves. The nerves help the shoulder to move circular easily. But by loading more weight on the shoulder and working continuously in a fix position, there is a pressure on it. In this way, both of its strength and stability are in danger. Ligament is like a fibrous tape, which connects two bones. The pain is common when there is a load on it for a long period of time.

         According to the doctors and specialists, this type of problem is common to arise if we don’t give attention to the exercises of joints in our busy life. In addition to this, the modern lifestyle has increased the problems linked with the shoulders. It is necessary to minimize the life’s load if we want to seek out the solution to the problems of the children and youth linked with the pain of shoulders and waist. We should not walk bearing more loads on our head and shoulders.

        Children’s shoulders slowly strengthen with their growth, so food and exercise are necessary for their physical and mental nourishment. It is necessary to strengthen the shoulders of the youth; we should make sufficient food as well as exercises as a part of our life. If we want to work for a long time while sitting, then it is beneficial to do the exercises of hands and shoulders often in the intervals; due to this freshness comes to the body and mind also associates well.

           The problems of shoulders and waist pain are the donation of modern lifestyle. In present time, there is deficiency of nutritious food, water and environment.

        For this reason, the physical and mental problems are being seen in children and youth, still if we make any positive change in our food and routine then we can be secured from the problem. We should not increase the load on the children from the early age; we should let their shoulders to strengthen, then only we can make them healthy and secure their future.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Educational article | the Instruction procedure to teach students perfectly

        Instruction means giving ideas for a certain concept for better understanding. Instructors give instruction differently according to their knowledge or they have instructed. Instruction means to teach or give ideas in a particular lesson. The Instructions of traditional education system was different from the modern system of education. The lessons also now have great changed in its form. Educationists have also given many proven methods to develop the way of instructions. Instruction is instruction. It never can differentiate in regard to age group. Instructions should be in a proper way that it will give benefit to a mass. Instruction needs a numbers of elements to come in success.

              The first and foremost thing is to know the students. Know their capacity to understand the concept you are going to instruct. The instructor or the teacher should be a well learner. A lamp can never light another unless it continue to burn itself with a strong flame. Make a fearless environment inside the classroom. Never ask questions to the students directly. They should create and ask questions. So that the students can better understand the concept. Teacher's duty is to add new concepts in accordance with their experiences.

         Divide the students into groups. Ask them to sit in 'U' shape. So that the students can have a eye contact to each other. They can share their ideas themselves properly. Give them chances to discuss the lesson group wise. Let them prepare questions from their own experiences. Create circumstances and situations that the students will not be reciters, rather they should try to understand and apply the concept in their real life. Make a situation of action and reaction inside the classroom.

      Teacher is only the guide to show them the ways. Reward the students, when they are reacting with a question, like thank you, very good, well done etc. Begin your lesson with a story, song or play, for which they can be attentive to the concepts. Don't point out the weakness or wrong of the students before others, solve it separately. Let them decide themselves and create leadership among them.

       Divide the lessons paragraph wise. Clear them part by part. They should not prepare by doing the question answer only. They should make one word questions from the paragraph. They can find their answer from the concept. Repeat the lessons and evaluate them properly. Practice will make them perfect. Give project works to the students, through which they can develop their creativeness.

    For example, if you are teaching the concept of fraction of mathematics, try to explain them with the examples from their domestic surrounding. They can better understand from their parents activities. when they are sharing something among their families, when their mother is cutting vegetables etc. Divide them with fractional concepts. Then they can able to know the lesson fraction. Give examples of their marks in previous exam, roll strength with absent and present percent. Give examples of the ratio of boy student to girl student, they will easily find out the fraction.

          Our limitless surrounding is a school for all. The students can solve most of their problems from it. So, let them learn from their surrounding first. Help them to learn from their surrounding around them.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Educational article | Remedies | 'Diabetes'.| different ways using plant products

           Diabetes is a disease caused by block or scarcity of insulin in human body. Doing mental jobs, human being most of time ignore physical exercises. The amount of glucose increases in body due to non utilization of it. Physical labor is necessary to keep our body healthy.The circulation of blood in our body needs muscles exercises. There  are some plant products that help our organs to exercise automatically. The disease diabetes may harm human's body organs. Man may lose eyesight, any organ may paralyze, heart, kidney or any of his organs due to diabetes. So man should be aware of this disease. Let us discuss about it's remedies.

         All of us are aware of wheat and it's usefulness. We use different wheat products in our houses as food. But we have not tried its green tiny plants. If we use the juice of tiny wheat plants, we can be cured from the diseases i,e, diabetes, piles,gout, blood cancer, cough, insomnia, worms, fistula, heart disease, anemia, asthma etc.

         Procedure to prepare green wheat juice-
              Take some wheat seeds and sow them in 10 -12 tubs differently. Sprinkle water on them to germinate. Keep the tubs in shadow region. Within 8-10 days the wheat seeds will germinate and grow up to 7-8 inches. At that time collect 40-50 tiny plants of green wheat. Cut the roots, wash the rest part of the plant with green tender leaves. Grind them in a mixture grinder, add some water. Filter it and drink  a glass of juice early in the morning before breakfast. In this way, use the greenery parts of the plants one by one tub regularly. Keep in mind that the plants should not grow more than 7-8 inches. When the tub will empty, sow wheat again one by one so as to available of green juice every day. Continue it up to the normal position of your sugar level in your body. You can grow it throughout the year at your home.

 Usefulness of green juice of wheat plant-

          The juice contains 70% of liquid chlorophyll, Potassium, keratin, protein, minerals more than 90%, iron, calcium, enzymes,amino acid and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, B-12, Vitamin C etc. It matches 40% with human blood. So it is known as ' Green Blood'. It increases red blood cell in human blood. Enhance the digestive system of our body. Clean and purify the blood. Decrease the effects of toxin in our body. It is a gift of nature to both healthy and affected man.

           Doses- The juice of the green plant of wheat can be taken by the patient suffering from diabetes, child, young person and old man. Dose will increase day by day. First of all two big teaspoonful, next dose of half a cup, then up to one cup can be taken. If you feel vomiting, heavy stomach, headache or  starts loose motion, need not to fear. It is the symptoms of excretion of impurities from your body. It should be taken with empty stomach or before breakfast.  Never keep the juice for hours to take later. It may lose it's qualities. You can chop the tender leaves of the plant and use as salad and chew. It helps more  than juice. Don't mix anything for taste. You can take it twice or thrice in a day with a little quantity.

          The trees of vijaysar have a well medicinal qualities. The hard part of the stem of vijaysar looks brown. These plants can be found in the deep jungles of India. The Himalayas is the storehouse of medicinal plants in the north of India. Take 50-100 grams of vijaysar stem cutting, put in a full sized glass of water at night. In the next  morning, filter the water and drink before breakfast. The water must look red. After a month of using this solution diabetes must control to it's normal level. It helps to keep balancing the blood pressure of our body. The aged tree's stem is more useful. The tree should be of 10 years old.

          Avoid late sleeping at night, taking non veg food, alcohol, taking rice and potato in meal. Use green vegetable and non spicy food. Take juice of bitter gourd twice in a week. This will help producing insulin in our stomach. Use pulses and green vegetables in your daily food. Instead of taking sugar, you can use jaggery for sweet. Taking of honey also increases the digestive system. Do regular morning walk and exercises.