Sunday, November 23, 2014

Educational article | the zoo Nandankanan and the nature

          The winter is coming with tourists season. After some days school and colleges are going to announce their winter holiday. People of different age group are preparing themselves to spend their holidays. Some people are being ready to go for tourist places and some people are going to have a picnic in the greenery of deep forest. Then Nandankanan is a best place for the tourists to spend their winter holidays. May it be summer holidays or winter, it is very interesting to spend a day at Nandankanan. You can find no where to celebrate picnic and enjoy  with birds and animals other than Nandankanan. There is something special to have a boating in the lake 'kangia'.
        It is twelve kilometres far from the capital city of Odisha and 16 km distance from the historical city cuttack. Lake Kangia is separated by the zoological garden and botanical garden at Nandankanan. It is appropriate  place to spend winter holidays with family and friends. The natural scene of the two gardens is surrounded by forests and mountains. The zoological garden has spread its wings up to hectares of land. In which there are 2343 birds and animals with 3 species and  of 150 types of animals in 105 sections. The birds and animals seen here are very rare in the world.

         Tourists can enter the Nandankanan by seven modernised gate around it. Ten persons can enter within one minute in a single entry gate with tickets in their hands. The officer in charge can can follow the tourists with a computerised control room. After passing through the main gate, tourists can meet the geographical map of Nandankanan, through which visitors will able to watch the birds and animals within a staple period of time. There are sixty one trained government appointed guides to help the tourists to show the birds and animals in different places of different blocks.Within an hour the groups of guides can show the tourists the complete scenery of the zoological garden. Tourists have to deposit an amount of 100-150 rupees for this purpose. The Tourists can enjoy the lions sanctuary , white tiger sanctuary, herbivorous sanctuary and bear sanctuary with the guides. With a certain amount of ticket, the tourists can visit the sanctuary with the help of a vehicle run by battery. Also they can visit other places with the vehicle. A specific tax needs to pay for this purpose. There is facilities of organising picnic in botanical garden.

              Lake Kangia has separated the zoological and botanical garden. The facilities of boating is available here. There was a facility of entertain with rope way,which is closed now a days. Except these there is privilege of free wheelchair system for handicraft people. There are rest rooms, guest rooms, library, separate toilets for man and woman inside the zoological garden. Space for parking vehicles also available. Information center for  handicraft tourists is also available. In this centre a handicraft tourist can watch video recording of animals in zoological garden. This facility is free of cost. There are children gardens, fish tanks, children train for the enjoyment of children. Cooked food, polythene,plastic bottle are prohibited in zoological garden. An entry fee of 20 rupees is being collected from adult tourists. Officers view that more tourists may come to visit by this year in compare to previous year.
          Tourists travelling by train have to drop at Barang railway station and can go to Nandankanan on foot or by auto rickshaw. Like that tourists travelling by bus can start their journey to  Nandankanan from master canteen bus stand by bus.

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