Sunday, November 23, 2014

Educational article | innovative measures | keep school toilets clean with less water

                       Toilets are the places for delivery of human waste. Toilets in schools basically difference from personal toilets at home. Toilets in academical institutions are different from toilets in public places. In schools toilets have important role. Due to that surrounding becomes neat and clean. Keeping Toilets clean means it keeps the student healthy.
            There are innovative measures to keep school toilets clean and use less water. There are numbers of children in a school. So toilets should be made according to the ratio of the number of student. It should be made one toilet for forty students. To avoid infections toilets pan should be made in a way that waste will not deposit on it. It should be made oily for which the wastes will enter in to the tank easily. The system of toilet should be made with new technology. In which there should be provision of a brush fitted with an electric motor. When the students will use the toilet, it will automatically wash the liquid waste. Here less water will consume. A small pipe of water should be connected with it. When the student will use the toilet, the motor will run automatically. It needs only a small amount of water. An anti germ chemical tin will be fitted with the water pipe. So that water and washing chemical will flow together and the brush will automatically wipe the pan out. The fear of consuming more water will be solved. There is no need of watering again on the pan. Chemicals container to wash the toilets should be fitted with the end of water pipes to clean the germs.        
            To release the smell of the toilet well air pipe should be fitted up to top of the roof. The ventilation provision should enough space to clear the air inside the toilets. In English pattern of toilet, less water is used to clean. Chemicals container to wash the toilets should be fitted with the end of water pipes to clean the germs also. Students should be taught about the new system of toilet.
              There should be a period of environmental  science especially in a week in schools. Teachers of having environmental academical qualification should be appointed. Environmental science will help the students to know the surrounding better. Students can fit them better with the nature accordingly. Concept of neat and clean should be a separate place in the syllabus of teaching learning process. Parental learning on 'cleaning of surrounding' campaigns should be organised from rural level to urban level.
                 From home students can learn better. They will follow their family members activities. In future they must inspire others or to the society. Stories about the concept of cleaning should be published. Students will learn the advantages of cleaning surrounding. Day must come when we can find the whole  world clean .   

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