Thursday, November 27, 2014

Educational article | how can life be decorated if there is no difficulties?

               Happiness and sadness is connected with man, like two sides of a coin.Happiness always liked by everyone. When the time of difficulties comes, it brings severe pain,but in this period development comes to man. In the time of difficulties man wants to come nearer with the God and also fulfill that. But in the period of happiness man forgets or loosen his connection with God. During happiness man becomes great with the furious two qualities proud and ego, but during difficulties, purification of personalities took place in the life. Difficulties are made for the man to awake him. In happiness awaken people also put him slept, but in difficulties slept people present with awaken.

                 Surely happiness liked by everyone, because it gives comfortable, satisfaction; whereas difficulties brings dissatisfaction in the life of a man. But at the time of difficulties, what ever the man gain or can do, feels highly valuable for him. Sometimes in the periods of difficulties, man united the feelings which cannot gain in happiness. Happiness brings everything in the life of a man,whereas sadness takes everything from the life. By bringing everything, happiness cannot give that feeling which recognize the man with truth. Difficulties makes man alert.He thinks difficulties is a part of life, he should also think it and understand it. It is not unnecessary to be disturbed in difficulties, man should utilize the time, because the activities which is done in this period has a capacity to change the ways of life totally.

                 Difficulties, pain and sadness are of a great value like the time of happiness in life. It is only the difference that we do not like pain, sadness and depression and we like the feeling of happiness. Because the thing which we do not like, if we face them or come near to it we feel worried. For this cause in the time of sadness, pain and difficulties our mind do not assists us, but the value of this period never be decreased. The situation of difficulties and sadness may be compared to a blast furnace. In a blast furnace iron melts into water and purify the impurities of it and remain the originality. To which we can mold in different shape according to our wish.Like this if we heat and melt gold, we can sure the purity and impurity of it.

                  Everyone like to wear clean dresses, but we need detergent and chemicals to wash it. By washing the clothes again and again the strains disappear from it. Just like that to purify our mind we have to go through the ways of pain and difficulties. For which the great souls enjoy their life and get relief from the cycle of birth and death.According to the view of the great men, difficulties in our life is a hammer in the hand of the God with which he mend human's life.So we should have a faith in God to mend ourselves. We should no be broken in difficulties rather we should be strong for our better life.

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