Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Educational article | increasing population | how to grow more crops ?

          In the opinion of English economist Malthus population of the world is increasing with a geometrical progression. But food production is increasing with arithmetical progression. It means that world population’s increasing sequence is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and food production’s increasing sequence is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So with compare to the increasing population, growing rate of food is less. As a result drought, epidemics, revolution, war and internal disturbances occurring frequently and causing destruction and scarcity of food.

        But the propagator of communist, the economist Karl Marx objects the opinion. According to Karl Marx with increasing population, creativity and scientific knowledge will develop in human being for which man will multiply food production. Then he can able to fulfill the demand of food easily.

      But it is true that, if man will not give stress on growing more food then man will face the horrible situation which Malthus has described.

Introduction of ‘Grow more food revolution’ in India:-
       Now in India food problem uplifted its head as a great problem. It has been started since the period of Second World War. At that time the British government had declare to grow more food through governmental order. For this purpose government had inaugurated the Grow more food Department. But due to illiterate and unable farmers of India and dishonest employee of Indian government the Department of grow more food became unsuccessful and lastly abolished.

     After appropriate effort it started the age of freedom, sovereign country. A matter of regret is that there is no more progress in agricultural production. Though there is implementation of extensive farming in India, up to now it has not developed properly. All the expensive planning of government has implemented as experimentally only.

Implementation of grow more food in India:-
    It is perfectly true that, growing more food depend on land development policy of a government. If the tenancy of land is not provided to land labors then they will not be serious about land development. They will not give stress on soil conservation and fertility of land. Because they know that the tenants may take away their land whenever they want. Tenants may give the land to another or cultivate themselves. This type of tendency has been continued since a long ago. So if the government will not implement land reform act properly, the planning of growing more food will be unsuccessful.

    Now in India government has implemented different planning to grow more food. They are agricultural department, lift irrigation department, Grampanchayat community, soil conservation etc.

     More fertilizer factories have set up to meet the need of fertility of land. Pesticides are being manufactured to protect the insects from the crop. Lift irrigation points are being set up to water the crops. Dams and minor irrigation projects are being set up to water the crops in need.

     Government is encouraging the farmers with providing financial aids as loan from banks.  High yielding seeds are being provided to the farmers. Machine and tools should be supplied to the farmers. New technology of agriculture should reach the farmers.

       It is a matter of regret that though there is explosion of population, no spectacular step has taken to grow more crops.  Government is not only responsible for it, but also the citizen responsible for it. We should not burry the water bodies. Integrated citizen can do drove away this problem with ability and determination.  

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