Saturday, November 1, 2014

Educational article | 'DRUGS AND HUMAN BEING'.

         Drugs is that substance which create a temporary excitement inside our body. These are also called anesthetics. People use drugs in an excitement for a while without going through its merits and demerits. Some of them use it to forget stress and depression. But it harms to body and mind. It shouldn’t be used at any cost. Drugs are manufactured to prepare medicine to cure diseases. It is not for common use. Nobody should touch any drug without prescription of a doctor.

               Drugs are of different kinds. They are wine, ganja, opium, cocaine, biri, cigarette, heroine, tobacco, chorus , brown sugar etc.

 Wine-In ancient times the Aryans were taking a drink called Somras. Rishis were also using as drinks. But it had no harmful quality. History has witnessed how the people of Jadu dynasty killed each other by using wine. By knowing the ill effects of the wine, Shuklacharya and Babar had avoided it. Once many of the priests were taking wine as a part of their religion who were called Sakta. Wine is prepared from different substances like rice and pulses, palm juice and date palm juice. In Sanskrit it is called ‘Sura’. Nowadays there are different brands of wine available in the market e.g. XXXRUM, ARISTOCRATE, VODCA ETC. People who use wine become unsocial. Society forbids them everywhere and names them drunker men. Drunker forgets his family and tortures them and can’t fulfill their basic needs. For which they kill themselves along with their family.

Ganja-Ganja is an addictive drug. It is collected from twigs of a plant. It is cultivated illegally. People use it differently. Some people smoke it and other make paste of it and swallow. Devotees of Lord Shiva take it as Prasadam. They think that Lord Shiva takes it for concentration of mind at Yoga. It causes Lungs diseases like TB, cough, asthma etc. So we should avoid it.

Opium- Opium’s Sanskrit name is Ahifena. People living in tribal areas used to feed their babies Opium to go for work in the field. The babies will not disturb them to do their duties. Most of people also use opium as medicine of dysentery for babies. Often the babies also die out of toxicants. People who use opium suffer from eye dullness, mental disorder and illness. They force to sell their daughters and family for a drop of opium. As a result, they become poor to poorer and die. Some use opium with milk for their physical growth. But opium destroy vitamins of milk. Concentrated liquid opium is morphine. Doctors use it for patients for the relief of stomachache. Excessive use of morphine causes death. So we should not use more.

Cocaine-Cocaine is produced from a plant of American region. Using it is a deadly habit. So, it should be avoided.
Tobacco-Biri, cigarette, chorus etc made from tobacco. Using of it causes lounges diseases. Lips becomes
Blacken and attack cough. It not only harms to man who is smoking but also affects to man nearby him. Excessive of it  reacts to brain. Causes cancer and starts flowing of blood from mouth and nose.

Heroine, chorus and  Broun sugar-Heroine, chorus and Broun sugar are the famous drugs  for  people which are more harmful than the others. In near past people of Odisha were not aware of it. Due to modernization now a day’s  people of Odisha  also consuming  these. In eighteenth century the Britishers  were forcing the residence of china to consume Opium to increase their Opium business.

There was opium in every food including tea, juice, breakfast of the people. After observing the destruction of Chinese civilization the leaders of china fought with the britishers. In history it is famous as Opium war.

It is not suitable for anyone to consume any kind of drugs for his social and physical health. The  people who have addicted to drugs they can get rid of it by consulting doctor.

                                        No addiction life perfection.

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