Friday, November 21, 2014

Educational article | developing | self confidence in mind

             Self confidence in mind is a energetic force of mind to be determined to do a particular job. There are some factors to build up self confidence in mind. Determination, patience, interest, positive thinking, practices, promise,high thinking etc. are the main factor of self confidence. A man with self confidence can overcome the obstacle or hindrance easily.

               Keep away from negative thinking, negative discussion. Negative thinking pull the wheel of success vehicle backwards. Negative thinking means the thinking of "I can not do",I have no ability to do, I have no knowledge, there is no way to do., it is not my duty I need more help, I am alone etc. You should think and repeat the voice that "I can do". It will propel your dreamt jet to the top of the sky of success. Never listen any negative ideas. They depress you from your plan. Positive thinking makes the mind strong, energetic and prosperous. It enhance the power of high thinking and the willingness to complete a task.

              Check out your ability, quality, activity, performance, daily routine.Check them either they are going on according to your plan or not. Try to make a time schedule for your plan to complete. Categories your plan into steps. Steps, should evolutional. You should complete each step chronologically. Never decide at once to start. Think a while,discuss with successors, winner. Read books, magazines, share with them with your  ideas. Never doubt yourself to your ability. Remember you have quality to do. Examine the ideas of successors. Be confident and utilize them. Remember that you have  a time schedule. Obstacles may disturb. Hindrance may try to break you. Carry on, go ahead.

              Determine to complete the steps as per time schedule. Do not loiter on the way. Be target oriented. Strong determination accelerates interest on duty. For which performance will be well developed. So determine yourself to complete the task whatever you have decided to do. There must be a strong interest behind the job you want to do. Interest in any type of job needs sound mind. Never try to bring frustration in mind. Do not share your plan with others. Beg lots of advice from successors to make a plan. But increase your interest yourself to go forward. Be patience to climb the top. Do not betray your way of success. History has left the sign of patience on earth. Abraham lincoln is the most historical instance of being patience. Ahalya was patiently lying as a stone on the way by corpse of rishi Gautam.

             Continuous practice is a milestone of developing self confidence. It has been said by successors that practice makes a man perfect. Practice makes your performance better. In the hindu ethics the Mahabharata, it has been seen that Arjun had practised more and became a unique archer of the world. Carry on practice you must succeed one day. Promise to do best in your life without looking through the result to it. Result comes automatically after the deeds.

         Think high. It will flies you up to the sky of top success. High thinking of great men has given peace to the world. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler. Rousso, Swami Vivekananda high thinkers. The scientists who spend life in a laboratory are high thinkers. They think high for the world. Read the life histories of great man. Learn how they had self confidence in them.    

          Broad your mind to overcome the narrowness custom and traditions. Enhance your ability to do. Your mind will be spread to a great extent. You must win no doubt. Be target oriented than result oriented. Dream a dream which has no false notion.

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