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           The great creation of the God is Human being. From all of the living being man is superior to all. It is greatness of the God that man has got the blessing to move, stand and run with two legs. It has some similarities with other living beings in different behavior.  Man has super brain to control over the world next to the God.

           There are many qualities of human being such as anger, peaceful, simple, naughty, good, bad, clever, foolish, obliged,  disobliged, kind, cruel, idle, active, affectionate, disaffection, tolerance, patience, impatience, negligence, dutiful, stylist, fickle mind, intelligence, unitized, fractioned, social, unsocial, hungry, satisfied, unsatisfied, talkative, quietness, careless, please, displease, friendly, unfriendly, cheater, liar, pride, gentle, innovative, theft, poet, writer, fighter, social worker, artist, creativeness, dependable, independent etc.

         With the qualities, human being constructs something and destroys something. These qualities are inborn which has given by the creator. Let’s discuss the qualities and their effects. When man becomes angry, he may destroy the world and himself. With this tendency it may pollutes the blood and disabled organs of human body. Tension comes to mind and creates clouds of ill thinking in brain. Brain becomes puzzled and hate enters in it. In   anger human being may kill his wife, father, mother, friends and society and fall down from his position. Human blood becomes poisoned.

          Peaceable man tries to avoid quarrelling or fighting with other people. He does everything quietly or peacefully. They suffer no pain or violence. They try to persuade countries or people to stop violence. They work for social welfare. There are examples of peace workers who has got noble prize for peace in history. In the Hindu ethics the ‘Mahabharata’ lord Sri Krishna was the ambassador of peace to avoid war.

               An obliged man does his duty because he is abided by a rule or law. A situation, rule or law makes necessary for him to do his duty. He performs his duty as it is his own duty. Then the country having obliged citizen can develop to a great extent. Peace and happiness will welcome to the people of a country. Obligation leads a prosperous and well developed nation.
               Innocence is another quality of human being. The word innocence derived from Latin word innocent which means ‘no harm’. Innocent man never harm to anyone. But they may be accused without any cause at any moment if will not aware of the situation. And there is also less chance of development of innocent man. Being innocence is good but according to situation man should alert. Most of time innocent people are exploited by the ruler of a dictatorship country.

            Greedy nature of man wants more money, power, food etc. than other really need. In search of money they do not hesitate to harm other. They are very harmful to the society. Greedy man is like a wild animal hunt deer in the forest.

             Innovative quality of man leads to a new creation. It helps a mass of people in a country. Innovation means to make new ideas or technology which will helpful to the living being. The country which has innovative people develops up to a peak level of modern society. Inventions of new technologies uplift the country’s development in different fields.

            It has seen that people living in different geographical regions have different nature. People of tribal regions have different nature than the people living in urban. People of urban are cleverer than the people in tribal. Here urban people mostly exploit the rural people. Following others is also an evolutionary nature of man. Since the period of grown up of civilization man is following the nature for food, cloth and shelter. This nature of man helps to learn something which is unknown to him.

             Daring people are mostly brave and strong. They save themselves and the society from being harm. Cheating nature of human being put into hell themselves. They cannot know that they are being cheated. They make their platform a dull one. Active man always thinks to be updated. Devotee people always dedicate their lives to the almighty God. They believe in right fruit for right job. Jealous man cannot tolerate success of others. He also cannot get success in life. Proudly nature of man is a blind man who cannot see even if he has eyes. So human nature of man is the best nature for human being to survive better. Friendly nature of the man makes unitize to all the human being. Makes the whole world as a family.       

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