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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Educational article | Best Qualities | Honesty and Cooperation

For the welfare of a country and the nation, each and every citizen should have the qualities of honesty and cooperation. Honesty and cooperation are not only for the welfare and development of country and nation but also for the development of personality of the citizen. It is necessary of these two qualities in the citizen to perform their duties towards the nation. The person who has the lack of these qualities can never be a good citizen. He cannot perform duties towards his nation properly. So each and every citizen of a country should have the quality of honesty and cooperation for the development of a country.

Honesty is the best quality. It is based on truth. It is free from all types of evil. Honesty is the quality in which there is no relation with fraud and cheating. So there is a proverb ' Honesty is the best policy'. Because the men who have this quality is loved by everyone. All give important to those persons who have honesty. A dishonest man can cheat once and get profit, but honest man remains forever in the mind of the people. Honest are always respected by others. They can do everything with the help of truth and honesty.

But they have to be limited in many situations. We can find good manners in honest, but if we make a relation with dishonest, we have to repent throughout the life. Dishonest can be defeated by dishonesty only but honest never defeat by dishonesty. If in the society all will try, to be honest, then there is no need of implementing any rules and regulations. We can a build a pure and ideal society with honesty.

Cooperation always builds a nation strength and healthy. Men who have the quality of cooperation can do anything he wants. So to complete any work we must cooperate with each other. Non-cooperation destroys and cooperation builds a nation. Cooperation makes unity. Unity can stand and non-cooperation must fall.

Now a day human being is trying to be cooperated to build the unity of the world. Many nations are integrating themselves to do better for the welfare of the world. Leaders are trying to make the world digital. Many cooperative societies are being established to make the human being cooperative and prosperous. Cooperation helps in building different types of association like cooperative society to uplift the farmers, business organizations like the limited company, association, federation and other cooperative unions.

By establishing local cooperative associations the buyers are preventing themselves from the illegal businessman who wants more profit from the consumers.  Cooperative societies are giving loans to the small businessman, skill persons and farmers to protect them from the torture of the money lenders. Cooperative industrial associations are being established to uplift the small scale industries.

In rural areas, farmers cooperatives are providing facilities to the farmers for growing crops. Trading Union corporations are being made to help the labors in protecting from the capitalist who collects more interest from them. Cooperative societies can modify the life of the whole world to lead a better life. Let establish more and more cooperative societies and be honest to make the world peace, prosperity and integrity.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Educational article | human behaviour and the changing society

         Human being is the supreme creature in this world, who has  the power of making decision of its own. In the flow of time it has modifies its life style according to the situations. There are a lots of sectors which relates to the life of human being during the whole life span. The sectors like Social, Economical, Cultural and other sub sectors like Agricultural, Educational, Devotional and others are responsible for development or destruction of the human society.

Education is the sole and supreme factor which is most required for the development of human being. There are many ways of teaching and learning process. The surrounding and the circumstance are the primary school  in learning process. Education can success in both action and reaction. Now a days the educational institutions running behind the decorum of classroom and uniform of the students. Where the the teachers are crying for their low salary. If a teacher will not mentally  well how can he give proper education to the students. The students are being given books and home work. The educational institutions become a commercial institutions only. The untrained teachers who couldn't find a job, at last they are joining the public schools. It is not that all schools are alike but most schools have the above situation. The teachers who teach in the institutions are also giving tuition privately to the required students. Here it is a matter of notice that if a teacher teaching in school and couldn't make the student perfect, how can the same teacher do perfect the student in special tuition or coaching.

Here, the education is certificate oriented, not the real education. In future, a student from poor family can't afford fee for both school and tuition; and he has to bound to drop out from school. In Government sectors schools, the employees are just serving documentary. For example, the employee who should inspect and visit the school regularly within a scheduled time period, he isn't doing well. He is inspecting by sitting in his office only; for which to hide their faults, they have to go to the office with heavy amount. So, the discipline in the education sector loses its importance where the educational system becomes handicapped and weak.

Due to changing situation of society, human beings have forgotten the word of trust and confident. No one is trying to understand the concept of humanity. Instead of brotherhood, one is throwing clay on others whereas they should solve the problem with integration. Nations are running behind power and property; which leads to misunderstanding and war among them. The relationship between human to human is decreasing day by day. Here the arrogance and egoism nature take birth and show the way to destruction. The word of discrimination according to prosperity, religions and languages convert the mind of the human being human to inhuman. In social sector of the human being, criminal activities are growing on.

To develop economically, human being isn't hesitating to ruin his own society. The richer are collecting and depositing a heap of money where the poor are suffering a lot to collect their livelihood. Industrialization helps to develop economically to a nation. So, the nation should think their primary sectors of the society. Industrialization increases pollution and pollutes the means of life like air, water, soil and to the world as a whole. The nation should take care of the human society not to be destroyed.

To manage and save the time, human being is implementing modernization and using ready-made foods which are made up of flavours and chemicals, which cause diseases of different kinds. The importance of natural goods is being ruined because human being isn't taking care of the nature. As in the agricultural sector, the implementation of modern methods by using fertilizers and pesticides is turning the crops into unnatural and poisonous.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Educational article | Human Activities | in the modern age

The evolution of life leads the human society gradually a better and standard life. The inventions of different goods and things made human life comfortable and luxurious. Due to wishing to live such high profile standard live human being do not going back to forget the humanity. Human become materialist and always searching for wealth,power and enjoyment. Some of them showing that they are human but internally they are do jobs of inhuman. Some of others are really doing some thing  for human society but in a reverse way because they are giving the ideas of the traditional way of life to live. No doubt we should not forget to our originality , we should appreciate the changes which is going on. during the evolution of life. But in the name of development human being should not destroy himself and the society. Man the most skilled species on the earth. It should not mean that he should invent ways to ruin the human race. The rest category of human who are going on in a darkness to  spread inhuman activities in the society.

Let us discuss about the human being category wise how they are influencing human life. There are people who are declaring themselves religious and propagating humanity. The people who are religious should keep away themselves from wealth, women and wine. Because these three are the sole responsible for spreading inhuman activities. Wealth has a quality that gives birth to proud and selfishness. By this human being learning the art of cheating others. To build the empire of wealth human being is not going behind to do unsocial works like underworld activities. Each and every categories of  human being in the society needs wealth to survive. Because the modern age has taught the man to be modernise and live a luxurious life.

The political leaders who are the owner of the nations are running behind the power and chair are teaching the officers to manage the administration so that their power will long live and they will continue to rule the nation for a long periods.The people are suffering from different difficulties in their life. But no body is listing to them. Though there is provision of court and law, the human being running there day after day and not getting justice properly. The people who are powerful have the law in their hand. Like the food chain among the living being, the human being is also torturing one to another. There is dissatisfaction everywhere in the society. There is no safety and security for every living being on the earth. All categories of wealthy, powerful, educated, business professional are being sold in the hand of political leaders. No one is thinking about the human society.

For example,in the sector of education from top to bottom there is everywhere corruption.The ministers, officers and the administrators going on exploiting the employees.All are asking bribe for their job though they are getting salary from the administration. The teachers are being exploited by the headmasters and principals. The Headmasters are bound to being responded to their immediate authorities and so on. Now in the present society human activities not only going on reaching the tough level of development but also going in the ways of destruction.  Belief become individual which is not the support of society. The delicate feeling of doubt is now growing spreading on  a fast speed. Each and every sector of human society become selfish dominated. The rich trying to dominate the poor,the powerful trying to dominate the weak.Every where there is the the game of competition of going ahead with out looking others. The majority running on the dead bodies of the minors for the tendencies of egoism developing in the mind of the human being.

The situation of the atmosphere, the surrounding, the environment are become polluted. No one is thinking about it. Each and every one is going on modernise. In this situation it is our duty to be careful about the surrounding we are living on.All are searching the ways to cure not the ways of prevention. We are creating problems and trapping in it. Human being is in search of medicine only not searching the ways how to keep the surrounding healthy.If the the competition of going ahead is going on the day destruction is not so far. It is duty of human society of human society to tell the truth and love the human being to build a healthy, wealthy and sound society.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Educational article | selection of profession

                 Man has to adopt any kind of profession to feed his family and himself. In the past, in India, no one had to face problems for the selection of profession. Because in the past, there was a caste system. According to profession of their forefather and father they were choosing the only profession to feed themselves. But in the on going century, the system of different caste and hereditary profession become ruined. In primary, lower primary, secondary schools, students being unitized. Govt. is taking steps for their better employment.

            As the chances of employment limited in Govt. sector, the people are engaging themselves in business, industries and other private sectors to manage their families. But among these sectors, which is better for the individual is a problem to select a profession. If man couldn't utilize his decision and consciousness in selecting professions, then he will be trapped in a measurable life. After which, human being bath in the ocean of realization and burn in regret. For the above reason, it is  above reason, it is important for a person to select his profession.

Mistakes made by man in selecting profession - Most often, human being commits mistake in selecting profession. Its main cause is desire of money and power blindly. The profession in which there is enough chances of getting money and power, man acquires that by giving much efforts on them. But at that time, he couldn't decide that either he is fit for that profession or will give satisfaction to him. As a result, he proves himself unable to do that profession and fled away from that job by considering himself as unwanted. The life becomes full of tragedy and furious for him. So, for the above reasons, the man head off with his life and do unsocial work to live his livelihood.

Time and methods for selecting profession- Each and every person should decide his aim of life since childhood. After completion of first step of secondary school, all should select a better future for themselves. A student should examine his nature, internal quality, potentiality, situation of parental and natural, social position, health and study before selecting a better profession. For this, he should consult an experience for some and well educated teachers. So, a person should prepare himself before doing wrong in taking decision of a permanent profession. To prepare himself he should folllow success stories of experienced persons, books, magazines, videos and visiting different places. Through these, it will be easy to do a profession with ability, honesty and satisfaction.

Knowledge about profession- There are uncountable professions coming forward in both the Govt. and non Govt. sectors and everyone must have the knowledge about this because it will help them in the selection of profession. The necessity of the knowledge is such big that for this the Govt. has opened a special sector to give the knowledge to the people and the students by staying linked with the schools and colleges. In some schools, Govt. has arranged specific teachers for guiding the students in the selection of profession.

          For this, many books and magazines are being published. Here, all the concepts related to the profession have been written like the nature of the profession, the description of the work in it, the specific qualities needed for the profession, educational qualification, opportunity for promotion, opportunity for employment, salary range etc. It is very necessary for the students to take the opportunity from these. Before choosing any type of profession, first of all prepare your self in a particular concept which you know most. Because you can do well and perform better on that field which will help to get that profession easily.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Educational article | Service to human being is service to God

          Service to mankind is a great quality of human being. With the limited ability and capacity, man can engage himself in serving  his parents,teacher and other family members; but the man who serve his parents, teachers and his family members as well as the society is a lucky one in the world.There is great service other than service to man, that is service to the whole living world.The man who has no serving mentality to human being, can not get the mercy of the God. Service to living being is greater than worshipping the God.

     To reach the point of kindness and spread heart, man should promise to serve the living being. All the religions in the world acknowledge the service to mankind as a holy job. Most holistic men are now propagating service to mankind and living being through their religious organization. Indian Aryan association, Ramakrishna mission, missionaries are the human serving organizations. These organizations propagate their ideals of religions through service to living being.

          There are two types of person found in human society, they are rich-poor,strong-weak, healthy and suffering, Among these rich, strong and healthy are not in need of service. The poor, weak, man with economical crisis,sick and disables are the man to be served. Service to these people is service to god. Like the baby child needs help from elders ,the sick and disables are also in need of help.

            In service to mankind, there is no feeling of ego,proud and selfishness.If anyone is serving these people for name and fame, then there is no value of service.True service is that which is followed by kindness, selflessness, brotherhood and humanity. The man who is serving to the poor, sick or weak should feel it as his duty towards humanity. Some people serve to get majority of support or votes and some try to protect their property from political attack through showing service. Most of people serve to fix their leadership over a long period of time. These ways of serving the human being are not really service to mankind. But when we are serving people without any hope for return or without secrecy, that will be the real service.

     Donating food to hungry, help to disable, water to thirsty, knowledge to students, treatment to sick, save from distress, console to sad are included in real service. Besides these save people from fire, distribute relief like food, cloth medicines to the people suffering from natural calamities are also service to human being. In the field of service to human being there is no discrimination of religions, caste, sex, colours and groups. To serve a mass is not a single man job, associations should engage themselves to serve a large territory.Service guilds should be organized to serve a large number of people. Red cross society is one of great organization of human service.

                There a great difference between social service and human service. Social service meant only for a particular society. But human service is a great job. There is no social discrimination in human service. It is meant for the international brotherhood where there is no other feeling. All are equal in the eye of human service. Human service never go through selfishness, it should holy, pure  with good character. There are many stars to human being like Albert Swayatsar, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ and others. So students should should be taught the knowledge of humanity and service. Then they can serve human being during their job or after retirement.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Educational article | remedies | Unsuccess

          Each and every person sometimes feels harassment. When we try enough and can't get success, at that time we feel ourselves inferior. We think that we have bad luck or God is not supporting to us and we blame on others for our failure. We forget that every action in the world has its equal and opposite reaction and there must be a reason behind unsuccess. Most of times, it relaxes with the different situations of our life. As we sow, so we reap. We should take care of the situation to face bravely. We may describe the reasons according to situations differently.

1. Selection of dream- We get unsuccess in that situation where we can't identify our original power and ability to select a perfect dream means target. There were many great men who could  search and identify their power and ability at tiny age and had done many more for the world, like Swami Vivekananda and Bhagat Singh. For example, if anyone has a ability to be an artist and got admitted into an engineering college, he will not be a success engineer, but he might have a chance to lose his originality. So, man should identify his original qualities, perseverance to be successful.

2. Believe in fate- Most of people, believe in their fate only rather than their action and duties for which their attention towards duty decreases. We shouldn't think about the result of our actions. It is necessary to complete our task full attentively. If anybody will sit at home thinking about his fate, the day must come and God will give him success, he can never reach his destiny and fulfill his dream. The person who has faith in duty and never depends on fate only, he can climb the peak of success easily.

3. Lack of inspiration- Inspiration is the main sword of man to fight against unsuccess. Inspiration comes from the surrounding around us, from our teachers, colleagues, friends, parents, brothers, sisters, books, magazines and other sources. Inspiration encourages the person to do his duty perfectly and get charged with energy of active mind. Inspiration builds each and every step towards success concretely and completely. Man should go through life history of past success persons. Through it a person can check his performance and console the errors.

4. Lack of struggle mind- Another cause of unsuccess is that, man does not struggle up to the end of his capacity and ability, never wants to tolerate the pain of struggle, becomes confused and tries to go away from it. He doesn't want to face the obstacles. If man wants success without struggle, he should prepare himself to to be brave and dare to reach the destiny. The soldier in a battle field and a saint in meditation, both are in the same way to forget themselves to get the achievement bravely. They never go away from their aim to get success. Continuous practice makes the man to be perfect in reaching the goal.

5. Situation of confusion- Man can not make a decision while he tries to collect his action, thoughts and ways and trapped in a situation of confusion. His thoughts and actions struggle each other and creates confusion in his mind. For which the man can not able to develop his personality. Man should inspire himself to go forward towards his duties. His regular duties will take him to the point of success.

6. Negative thoughts- Negative thoughts is a main cause of unsuccess in life. Maximum people think that they can not do any thing, it is happening wrong with them and they they trapped themselves in depression, They start to underestimate their abilities, feel inferior themselves and can not evaluate their abilities.These negative thoughts leads them to a wrong decision in life.The man who has positive thoughts must achieve success in life.He should develop the the idea that he can do any things.

7. Life style- Sometime man makes mistakes to maintain his life style properly, like going to bed late and wake up from bed late. They forget their time schedule for which they can not perform their duties properly and perfectly. They destroy their knowledge of time and feel the shortage of time. So, we should do our daily routine and live our life style in such a way that we can do more work in a time schedule.

8. Selfish tendency- Most commonly, man wants to take everything and don't want to give anything. He always thinks of himself for which in time of his distress, no one come to cooperate him. At that time, man feels loneliness and lost his eagerness to do work with lack of cooperation. Man who thinks always 'I' instead of 'We', nobody comes forward to help him. So, a man who walks with a mask, can get success in every sphere of life.

9. Jealousy- Jealousy makes a man blind, although he has eyesight. He can't avail the mercy of God. He must face obstacles and hindrance in the path of success. Like the termite, make hollow to a log, jealousy nature make hollow to the brain of a man. Then the man is considered as a brainless animal. Without brain, man can't find a way or decide what to do.

10. Greedy nature- Most often, man loses the chance of success due to his greedy nature, because he wants more and more, for which he has to lose all at the end and realize. The desire of getting more makes the man lose the way to success. So, man shouldn't be greedy and satisfy himself with a minimum desire.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Educational article | base of darkness | the universe and disappointment in human mind

         Darkness has no fix definition. It is only a situation of lack of light. It is a feeling of our eye and mind. In our life also we feel darkness of future when feel disappointment. If we could not able to fulfill our dream and desires, then we we show our inability. That causes darkness in our life. There is darkness inside our body also. Darkness is a feeling of virtual and unreal truth because a single ray of light can end its position. If it is real how it is vanishing when the light comes near to it. If there is darkness and fear in our mind, then outside world feels us a dark.

         Darkness is the day night experience, dangerous lonely palace, a long tunnel and a deep forest. These make furious sound to scare the living being, but if there is black layer of fear scattered on our mind, these darkness become so dangerous. When we are travelling in a deep forest in the night, the friction of air with the trees makes a sound and we feel that the sound of ghost and evils. The dry leaves of trees fall on Earth due to air and make terrible sound which tremble our heart and increases the heartbeat. Even in winter also it stars sweating in our body. Nobody tries to scare us in the jungle other than our weak mind. Scared mind never scares to anyone, it fears itself. After facing the situation of darkness, our mind enters into thousands of negative thoughts.

         Darkness is the symbol of illiteracy, unwise and confusion situation of mind. It wants to spread its empire with its strong soldiers who are in a great association. The soldiers are sound, air, shadow, negative thinking. These soldiers sow a seed of confusion in the mind of human being. Confusion leads to decrease of intelligence and wisdom. And decreasing intelligence produce the crop of fear in mind. In our daily activities on the path of life, we face these situation in workshop, office, school, colleges, playground, hospitals, kitchen, home and other places. When we are going to do something wrong unwisely according to our situation, we create a fear of losing position. It creates the darkness of our future. Different thoughts come to our mind, if my boss will know this, what will happen to me, if people will know, I may be blamed in the society and others.

              Darkness is the feeling of disappointment in mind due to non fulfillment of desires or dreams in life. We can drive away the darkness from our mind, if we be patient for a moment to bring a ray of light of knowledge to come into our mind. The great enemy of darkness of disappointment is the light of self confidence. Be confident and have a faith on your own performance, the darkness of failure will automatically vanish. Developing courage in mind can kill the evils of disappointment. Try to examine the performance you have to complete step by step of your activities. Listen the vibration and sound of your conscience and perform your duties according to it. The fire of burning desire will burn the negative forces and give light to your success and destroy the obstacles on your path of success.

        Darkness is not a permanent or fixed situation. It is only a situation to confuse the passer by making furious sound of discourage to betray you from your journey towards destination. May the storm, cyclone of depression, disappointment, fear, inability, impatience, unsuccessful come with the darkness, let face them with the sword of knowledge and sheath of encouragement and brave in the heart. The darkness will leave from your mind and heart. When the sun comes at dawn, the darkness run away from the Earth without looking behind. Collect patience, courage, determination, commitment, attention, motivation, ability, faith, self confidence and perseverance and get unitized them, make a light of sun, the darkness will never come to you and scare you.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Educational article | relationship between | modernization of culture and diseases suffering by human being

            Since the beginning of human social life, human being lead a life bounded by culture of its own. The human society developing  step by step gradually according to the evolution of life. The first and foremost society begins near water bodies like rives, streams, lakes etc. Man started cultivating crops for his feeding. He tried to make different tools for his agricultural and living purpose. Learned to use metals as tools and ornaments. He was doing physical labour most of time. He was applying his mind to develop his life style. The science and philosophy got together and man started to manufacture machines and equipment. The system of living a life at that time was difficult and tragic. If we go through the history of human being we can know better about it. Food habits, clothing, housing, transportation, roads and other sphere of life developed gradually.

          In traditional system of life man was doing more physical labour according to his strength and capacity. There was a deep relationship among them. The customs and traditions were their chain to bind them together. They were worshipping the nature and had faith and respect on the natural objects. In each field of their activities in life such as healing treatment systems with food habits was a case in point thing. When they were suffering from different diseases, they were taking fruits, roots, flowers, leaves and other plant products directly. They were also calling to witch doctors or enchanters.

          They had manual labour more in the field of agriculture. Total family members were engaging in the field. Cultivate the field, harvesting, threshing, producing rice from paddy, cooking food, drawing water from well, clothing habits, building houses to save from the weather and climate of the nature etc. activities were totally natural. As a result they were living healthy, strong and bold to face the situations of life. There was no pollution in water, air and other sources of the nature.

              As the man entered into the modern culture and society, he started using artificial commodities like food, cloth, medicines, tools for his daily activities. Man wanted to the food be tasty and used spices, oils,flavors and other ingredients needed in preparing the food. The man did not go through the values, qualities and effects on body of this type of food. The man wanted to save time for his regular activities. The using of artificial goods and services in different field of life took the man to the world of suffering.

           In the old age man was using natural compost to their crop field and harvesting more crops from that, but in the modern culture the man used chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and related items in the field to grow more. These chemicals pollutes the air, water and soil. In the course of time, the water again cycled and came to earth as precipitation which caused acid rain. Acid rain leads to skin diseases,eye irritation other diseases. The crops that we produced from the field, we ate that and that caused stomach problems, diabetes, brain fever and diseases.

             The practices of first food in modern society welcoming different types of diseases. The oily and spicy junk foods affects the man like decreasing memory power, irritate nature, blood pressure, loss of weight etc. Another bed practice is clothing. Using artificial synthetics also cause skin diseases. In fashion society most of people use make up materials to look beauty. These cause blindness, pimples on face, skin allergy, low eye sight and other related diseases.

         The Medicines used to cure these diseases are also have side effects for which the man have to die unexpectedly. People forgot to apply Ayurvedic medicine from nature as they have no time with them to prepare and use. Because it needs to collect some roots, fruits, seeds and leaves of different plants to prepare medicines. In place of these they are using chemicals to cure themselves which are causing side effects and diseases on body.

       The home appliances that we are using are making us idle. We became lazy to do manual labour and bring diseases for us. The utensils which we use in our kitchens are of non metal or alloys. That reacts to our food and cause diseases. Diseases like joint pain, nerve problems, gout, indigestion, stone in gall bladder, heart problems etc. are causing due to the food poison. Uses of poly packs to bring ready made food from market reacting the food that we can not know. It grows like slow poison in our body.

      Physical exercises through our daily activities became less due to modernization. We don't want to walk or keep foot on earth to go to nearby places. Using of motorcycles, cars decreased the physical exercises. These causes back pain, fear of disc sliding, muscle pains and joint pains.

    For our comfortable and luxurious life we are using cooler, air conditioners in our houses. These cause low blood pressure, stress in mind, body weakness and other related diseases. The use of beverage drinking became a fashion in modern society. These drinking are slow poisons. It gradually harm to bones and bone marrow, liver and kidney.

         Clothing habits of modern culture became a great problem. A five feet height of man using half a meter of cloth. It seems as naked body. That is attracting to both sex oppositely. The disease of aids is spreading in society due to this.Using of electronics appliances also causing eye and ear problems. People are using mobile, TV and other electronic devises for their entertainment that causes diseases related to E.N.T. Though we are in modern culture, we should take care of these from the very beginning, unless the days of destruction must come to us. We should try to live naturally. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Educational article | the nature of vegetarian and non-vegetarian human being

           Within the vast world of living being, man is the superior creature. human being has knowledge and skill with him. With which he is ruling over the vast world of living being. Human culture is the supreme culture among all living being culture. All living being in the world are divided into three main group according to their food habit i.e.. veg eaters, non-veg eaters and both veg+non-veg eaters. So far as we concern, veg eaters in animals are cow, deer, goat, horse, donkey, sheep, rabbit etc. Among them some are living as wild animals in the forest and others are living domestically like pet animals with human society.

                      Another section of living organism is animals of non-veg eaters like dog, bear, wolf, lion, tiger etc. They also live with human being as pet animal. Others are living in the forests. In the birds society there are also veg eaters and non-veg eaters. Veg eaters like swan, parrot, goose etc while duck, hen stork, crane, eagle, crow etc are non-veg eaters. Here also some veg eater birds reside with human beings as pet birds and some are living in deep forests.

                The nature of non-veg eaters are strong, energetic in young hood, dangerous, furious, selfish, proud, cruel, negative thinking, evil doer and other related qualities. Because they are feeding themselves on other animals.Sometime they are eating dead and decayed flesh of animals. This nature of non-veg eaters is showing that they are cruel because they are haunting to their own generation. As they are haunting others for their self feeding, they are selfish. Other animals scared of them. For example a lion is the king of the animals of the forest. As the lion is furious and proud, the elephant also obey him. Non-veg eaters never have kindness. So, they are known as wild animals. Dog is a non-veg eater and veg eater animal like human being. Sometime dog also behave as human being and human being behave as dog. It means that there is more similarity between dog and human being.

                When human being take non-veg food of birds and animals, most often don't forget to take alcohol. The mix of alcohol with non-veg item fills it brain with negative thoughts. Alcohol make him to travel the superior way of life and helps to forget his originality or personality. The body and mind develop according to the quality of food. If human being is taking the meat of a goat, it must behave like goat because  the goat bleats. In philosophical view of bleat of goat means mien in Hindi and 'I am' in English. The man who love to say 'I am' is a proud one. So proud nature of man always praises to himself and loosen the quality of kindness. The quality of violence grow in his mind.

                      The dog also taking the same food what the man is eating. Dog obeys the man but to protect himself most often attack to his master. And dog has also the quality of violence. The wild animals always attack to others, either it is man, sheep, goat or other animals for their food. Human being are also exploiting others in different sphere of life. When a policeman is a non-veg eater he doesn't forget to punish an innocent severely. So this is the wild manner of policeman who behave like a wild animal.

                      The wolf is also a non-veg eater and wild. The wolf comes to villages and theft goat and sheep for his food. Human being who is in profession of theft are wild like wolf. Nowadays human being forget humanity and quarrelling among themselves and they are growing regional feelings. It means they are scattering the unity of world for their selves. This nature of man can found in street dogs. Street dogs never want any other dog to enter their area though others are also dogs. So the human beings are fighting between themselves, between region and region, village and village, district and district, state and state, country and country, continent and continent and at last the world is associated with the war causing the world war.

                 Let us have a view on an historical event of Swami Ramakrishna  with his disciples to find out the difference between veg and non-veg eaters. According to this, once the disciples asked Swami Ramakrishna  , " Guru, what is the difference between veg and non-veg eaters?". Ramakrishna ordered his disciples to bring some dogs and cows and told them to keep them in separate rooms in the evening. Also ordered them to provide enough meat to the dogs and grass and hay to the cows.

       The next day, all the disciples with Ramakrishna went to see the situation of the cows and the dogs. It had seen that the cows were sleeping peacefully and leaving no hay or grass in them but, the dogs had seen injured by quarrelling among themselves. No one of them had taken a piece of meat. We knew from it that the non-veg eaters of human being are quarrelling each other for position, power and wealth and no one is enjoying the world peacefully.

         Veg eaters are the simple and kind hearted living being. Because they are feeding themselves with the plant and it;s products. In old age the saints were used to take fruits, roots and leaves of the plants. They were thinking for the peace of the world. Their behaviour, manner, voice and relation with human being was sweet. The wilds in the jungle who were coming near to them also becoming gentle. Because the plants are the dedicators. They give shade, fruits, flowers and their stem to the living beings. They give shelter to many kinds of living organism on them. Plants support the nature to be in balance, attracts rain, give oxygen to breath.

           Like the plant, the plant eaters or the veg eaters are also have these qualities. Veg eaters have healthy conscience, positive thinkers, well for nation, advisers, intelligent and wise. For example, cow as a veg eater gives milk to feed living being, it's urine, dung and milk products used as medicine. The urine of cow used in curing kidney diseases, dung used in skin diseases, milk products like cheese and ghee used in serious diseases like cancer, diabetes , bone problems, nerve problems, headache etc. Pure cow ghee is immunize human body.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Educational article | the old age and it's miserable conditions

       Old age is the fully matured stage of life where body becomes weak and energy less and depends on others. In this stage man wants love and affection from his family members, but unfortunately his family members avoid him in such a way that he had never imagine about it. Because the hand with which he had fed his children, taught to walk, given attention to live comfortably, shown the world, in this situation of life they become cruel and his family members don't like his activities and his words. By reaching at the age of sixty years most of people want to go away from their service and give their duties to their children for future, but if we go through a survey report we can know that more than 71% of old men are doing different jobs to feed them or developing financial condition. Nowadays, the young mass, not only torturing the old men but also force them to earn money for their livelihood and feed the young mass.

       It is a matter of regret that a couple is managing a ten members family up to their old age, but ten members together are showing disability to look after a couple for a single day. Most of old persons are lying lonely in a corner of a room with facing the problems that scolding of their sons and in laws. Somewhere it has been seen that many old men are living their life with the servants with waiting for their abroad wards.

        So, in the sequence of these events it came to listen where man has lost his humanity. Somewhere old men are living like a dog binding with a chain at his own built home. The modern girls who are coming as bride are raising their nose to their mother in law. They think that they will loss their recognition if they go with their father and mother in laws. The parents of an illiterate and uneducated society never take in account the complaints of their children. So the children exceed the limit of human behavior and become unsocial. That affects to their parents and their own children torture them in the old age. The old men think the painful situation as a curse for them. Reaching the old age, human body become weak and it starts to live with kindness of others. This causes mental pressure, changes the nature and memory power become weak.

          If parents became old, nowadays their children are being seen that they are going far away from them. They think that this old age is obstacle for their modern and comfortable life. The children forget that their present situation is only for their parents because the parents fulfill the wants and desires of their children like making their career, celebrating their marriage etc. They hope for their children that they will help them in future or in old age, But everything will be change in future they can't guess it.

           There is a sole reason which discriminating the parents and their children is that the increasing effects of modern culture. The old don't like to follow the modern culture and the young mass don't like the existence of the old in their life. The old always like their own custom and tradition, own culture and thought, they dislike to the changes which are going on with their children's life. As a result, the fracture between the two generation become a great crater which they cannot know.

            Old as is the last step of life, young mass should feel it because they have to also face this situation in future. The situation which they are creating for their parents, may their children show them according to. Parents are like God, if man serves them from his heart they must bless and life become easy. As we sow, so we reap. For that only we should respect, be advised and well behave to our elders, this will help to build moral character of the children. In future man will not have to face the problem of old age.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Educational article | how to enhance public relation?

               Relation is to get connected with other. It may with things, places or persons you want to connect with. Relation with one or more persons is depends on your personalities. Your personality will attract to connect with other people. There is different types of relations such as private and public,personal or individual etc. To deal with people is neither so difficult task or nor so easy. We will discuss about the relation with a mass to be popular.

                      Relations may grow with the people from unknown to known. It needs knowledge of  languages, behaviour, body language, posture, cool mind, situations, time, age, gender and location etc. Be a good listener. Share your happiness with others.Never underestimate any one. He or she may have inner qualities hidden with him or her. Keep smiling on your face. Learn to respect all according their age, sex and qualification. Human behaviour makes him world wide and spread popularity. There are many divine qualities exist in human being. Human resources is the resource which can keep the world unity and integrated. Life without integrity is not a life. Relation with others will make the world like a family. To make public relation is not so complex, it is very easy. Knowledge, moral character and well reformed society helps in public relation.

                First of all we have to know ourselves. Our ability, personality, character, behaviour, respect etc. to others leads us to the way of developing public relation. Keep smiling on your face and be gentle. Speak in an audible sweet voice gently. When you met a stranger, don't forget to greet him as a human being. Keep eye contact with the person you are talking with. Introduce yourself before the stranger. Ask him to have conversation or take appointment to meet him again. Ask him or her about his or her family, job, likes and dislikes, education etc. Everyone in the society wants to praise himself and have a thirst of honourable man. They want to express their dignity by sharing with you. So be a great listener rather than a talkative person. Listen more and  talk a less. Don't forget to note addresses of the persons you are meeting.

               Never try to underestimate the man in front of you. He may have of great qualities. By travelling, study tour, trading, education in abroad, marriage, sports and game etc. events we can enhance public relation. Your manner, way of talking, help in need will increase friendship. Contact them occasionally when you are celebrating any functions at your home. Throw out the negative thinking from your mind. Never try to make discrimination among literate and illiterate, educated and uneducated, according to age difference, sex, caste and race, religion and region. Create humanity in them and treat them as human, be social. Praise them in their achievement, performance and personality.

           Your inner qualities can lead you to the top of public relation. The man who are artists, poets, writers, authors, speakers, leaders, scientists, teachers, doctors and other popular profession, can make public relation easily. Give energy to your inner qualities, have a deep faith in you, you must climb to the top of the peak of public relation. Organize and take risk of gathering, people will know you. You may be a trader, your products may attract the people. The qualities of your products and its usefulness to the society will bring closer to the people.

               Imagine and bring it's reality of thinking the world as a single family. You must see the hate, hesitation, discrimination will go away, a friendliness, a togetherness will develop automatically. Avoid proud, showing nature, mean mind, qualities of inhuman like a wild. Have a strong will power to drive away the evils from the society. The whole mankind will be yours.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Educational article | stories and it's impact | development of children's life

Our complete life has divided into four stages, they are babyhood, childhood, young hood and old age. These four stages have their own values, but among them childhood has more values. Childhood is the basic stage of life. Future life depends on it. All of us are well known that, strength and duration of a building depends on it's base. If base of a building is weak, the building cannot lasts for a long period.

                  Now a days in modern age, the importance of childhood and it's necessity are being neglected. There is a great change in the field of industry and ability of human being. Busyness and outer adamant has been grown to that extent that there is no time for the parents to look after the children. They are dropping their children in expensive institutions and sending for tuition For this they are thinking that their duties is up to this extent only. It has increased the load of learning and children are running out of love and affection of their parents. The children are suffering from mental problems due to their parents negligence. Knowledge and wisdom of children are growing in schools but their psychological development depends on their parents and families's love and affection.

              Stories have a great impact on physical and mental development of children. It is a psychological method to teach the children since the vedic age. There was a time when children were not going to bed without listing stories. The elders are also learning themselves or collecting new concepts to tell the children. Each and every story teaches the children something new and the children able to solve their usual problems through them. The tradition of learn and let learn  now decreasing its value in modern society . Now a days the parents are not giving stress on the children to tell them stories. Lack of which the children are binding themselves in internet, TV or in the world of Video and they have no interest in listening stories.

           Now a days telling and listening stories also vanishing  from villages also.There is no leisure for the man  to think about it in towns and cities. Yes, there is anxiety in every where to make the children intelligent and be success. Some days ago research of oxford university declared that the parents who are not telling stories to their children, not trying to learn or read for the children, their children are facing problems and going behind in the race of success. Numerous children were chosen for this research and seen that the children who are listening stories from their parents are developing mostly. So it is necessary to learn and teach the children accordingly.

            Where there is to learn,  the system has already changed. This learning is only meant for the children to run behind success and not giving ideas how to know the realities of life.  Now a days learning means that let the children grown up, become wise and intelligent, not move under open sky like butterfly, do not feel the society. They should bind with computer and use calculator to do sums. Previously people were telling stories to their children to lead them ahead, but now the chance of that type of children are rare.

     UNESCO has written in it's documents that through stories the children can develop their creativity. The report of James clement published  from the Oxford university written that 'when we tell stories to the children, they able to learn new words from the books at their little age. In each and every chance when we tell the stories, it enter in their brains firmly with interesting. If parents will learn minimum 30 minutes for the children, the children will be lovers of books.

           In the opinion of the famous folk specialist Aries miller, " Stories were telling in villages traditionally. Its had  moral values." To teach moral lessons through stories is a old tradition in our society. In this sense the famous writer of 'panchatantra'  sri Vishnu sharma, who had taught the sons of the king Amar shakti within six months morally. Once an Indian asked to the german educationist Dr. Victor nitz that' according to you what is your original gift for the Indian society?". He replied that " the knowledge given by Vishnu sharma through stories of birds and animals is the original gift.

         The important events are binded with using simple, special and folk languages and the events are well connected with life. In the stories one must find any teaching. By telling small stories, the mystery of life can be learned and applicable. The concepts of life which the children cannot learn properly, they can better understand through short stories.To develop the child, parents should give proper love and affection as well as tell them short stories.

           Now a days, computer, internet etc. are necessary for the children to gain knowledge. But to enhance their moral values stories are also necessary to teach them about importance of life. By reading best literatures, we get familiar with the importances of life. There are more media to learn, but stories are different from them. Through  telling stories, we can grow responsibility, punctuality and balanced  life in children. Short stories are needed to the children because life is a collections of small events.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Educational article | egoism | an obstacle in the way of development

Egoism is a poisonous snake whose poison makes the man proud and himself great. The man in ego not only goes forward to the reverse ways of life, but also affects the society as well.

           When man gets wealth, beauty, strength, high class race, ability, knowledge, position etc., he declares himself great person in the society. At that time egoism takes birth in him. After getting success he thinks himself great, no one like him in the world, whatever he has done, no one can do that. The poisonous creeper starts germinate and wrap around him.

          Man with ego wants that everyone should praise him, respect him and obey him. He wants to spread his power on everyone, he wants to administrate all with his own wish. He wants that others should recommend his each and every word. He gets the pleasure up to the growth of his egoism. If he could not success to fulfill his demand, he starts to take revenge on the man who is the victim or obstacle in his way.

         Germination of egoism drives away the man from his well behaviors, like the birds living near the water sources fly away to a far distance, if the water becomes dry. Egoism is known as toxicant. The wine of egoism makes the man mad like drunkard. He loses his conscience, loose his power of decision of what is right and what is wrong. His mind becomes a store house of evil thoughts. Zealously becomes his life partner and he cannot tolerate progress of others. To make himself great, he never go back to disrespect others.

             The man developed with egoism, blocks his ways of development. In Hindu ethics, it has described about the demons that they were very egoist and suffered much.  If the man with ego will not take precaution, he will welcome his way of destruction.

           There is a short story about ego of a king. In ancient time there was a king named Bharat, after a great victory he wants to write his name on a top hill of his country. When he went to see the hill, he found that the whole hill was filled up with the names of the victors prior to him. There was no space to write his name of fame on the hill. He asked to God “how can I write my name where there is no space for me to write”. The God answered that “erase others name and write yours name. Then the king thought that “after me another king will also erase my name to write his name, than there is no value of proud or my victory”. The king then realized the evils of ego and its ill effects.

                 So man should utilize his knowledge and power only for the welfare of the society instead of himself. He should keep in mind that the total world is controlled by the supreme power God. Nothing is permanent here. All things shall pass away one day. Man should be loyal to God only and thinks his life as the mercy of the God. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Educational article | developing | self confidence in mind

             Self confidence in mind is a energetic force of mind to be determined to do a particular job. There are some factors to build up self confidence in mind. Determination, patience, interest, positive thinking, practices, promise,high thinking etc. are the main factor of self confidence. A man with self confidence can overcome the obstacle or hindrance easily.

               Keep away from negative thinking, negative discussion. Negative thinking pull the wheel of success vehicle backwards. Negative thinking means the thinking of "I can not do",I have no ability to do, I have no knowledge, there is no way to do., it is not my duty I need more help, I am alone etc. You should think and repeat the voice that "I can do". It will propel your dreamt jet to the top of the sky of success. Never listen any negative ideas. They depress you from your plan. Positive thinking makes the mind strong, energetic and prosperous. It enhance the power of high thinking and the willingness to complete a task.

              Check out your ability, quality, activity, performance, daily routine.Check them either they are going on according to your plan or not. Try to make a time schedule for your plan to complete. Categories your plan into steps. Steps, should evolutional. You should complete each step chronologically. Never decide at once to start. Think a while,discuss with successors, winner. Read books, magazines, share with them with your  ideas. Never doubt yourself to your ability. Remember you have quality to do. Examine the ideas of successors. Be confident and utilize them. Remember that you have  a time schedule. Obstacles may disturb. Hindrance may try to break you. Carry on, go ahead.

              Determine to complete the steps as per time schedule. Do not loiter on the way. Be target oriented. Strong determination accelerates interest on duty. For which performance will be well developed. So determine yourself to complete the task whatever you have decided to do. There must be a strong interest behind the job you want to do. Interest in any type of job needs sound mind. Never try to bring frustration in mind. Do not share your plan with others. Beg lots of advice from successors to make a plan. But increase your interest yourself to go forward. Be patience to climb the top. Do not betray your way of success. History has left the sign of patience on earth. Abraham lincoln is the most historical instance of being patience. Ahalya was patiently lying as a stone on the way by corpse of rishi Gautam.

             Continuous practice is a milestone of developing self confidence. It has been said by successors that practice makes a man perfect. Practice makes your performance better. In the hindu ethics the Mahabharata, it has been seen that Arjun had practised more and became a unique archer of the world. Carry on practice you must succeed one day. Promise to do best in your life without looking through the result to it. Result comes automatically after the deeds.

         Think high. It will flies you up to the sky of top success. High thinking of great men has given peace to the world. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler. Rousso, Swami Vivekananda high thinkers. The scientists who spend life in a laboratory are high thinkers. They think high for the world. Read the life histories of great man. Learn how they had self confidence in them.    

          Broad your mind to overcome the narrowness custom and traditions. Enhance your ability to do. Your mind will be spread to a great extent. You must win no doubt. Be target oriented than result oriented. Dream a dream which has no false notion.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Educational article | study on | Human nature

           The great creation of the God is Human being. From all of the living being man is superior to all. It is greatness of the God that man has got the blessing to move, stand and run with two legs. It has some similarities with other living beings in different behavior.  Man has super brain to control over the world next to the God.

           There are many qualities of human being such as anger, peaceful, simple, naughty, good, bad, clever, foolish, obliged,  disobliged, kind, cruel, idle, active, affectionate, disaffection, tolerance, patience, impatience, negligence, dutiful, stylist, fickle mind, intelligence, unitized, fractioned, social, unsocial, hungry, satisfied, unsatisfied, talkative, quietness, careless, please, displease, friendly, unfriendly, cheater, liar, pride, gentle, innovative, theft, poet, writer, fighter, social worker, artist, creativeness, dependable, independent etc.

         With the qualities, human being constructs something and destroys something. These qualities are inborn which has given by the creator. Let’s discuss the qualities and their effects. When man becomes angry, he may destroy the world and himself. With this tendency it may pollutes the blood and disabled organs of human body. Tension comes to mind and creates clouds of ill thinking in brain. Brain becomes puzzled and hate enters in it. In   anger human being may kill his wife, father, mother, friends and society and fall down from his position. Human blood becomes poisoned.

          Peaceable man tries to avoid quarrelling or fighting with other people. He does everything quietly or peacefully. They suffer no pain or violence. They try to persuade countries or people to stop violence. They work for social welfare. There are examples of peace workers who has got noble prize for peace in history. In the Hindu ethics the ‘Mahabharata’ lord Sri Krishna was the ambassador of peace to avoid war.

               An obliged man does his duty because he is abided by a rule or law. A situation, rule or law makes necessary for him to do his duty. He performs his duty as it is his own duty. Then the country having obliged citizen can develop to a great extent. Peace and happiness will welcome to the people of a country. Obligation leads a prosperous and well developed nation.
               Innocence is another quality of human being. The word innocence derived from Latin word innocent which means ‘no harm’. Innocent man never harm to anyone. But they may be accused without any cause at any moment if will not aware of the situation. And there is also less chance of development of innocent man. Being innocence is good but according to situation man should alert. Most of time innocent people are exploited by the ruler of a dictatorship country.

            Greedy nature of man wants more money, power, food etc. than other really need. In search of money they do not hesitate to harm other. They are very harmful to the society. Greedy man is like a wild animal hunt deer in the forest.

             Innovative quality of man leads to a new creation. It helps a mass of people in a country. Innovation means to make new ideas or technology which will helpful to the living being. The country which has innovative people develops up to a peak level of modern society. Inventions of new technologies uplift the country’s development in different fields.

            It has seen that people living in different geographical regions have different nature. People of tribal regions have different nature than the people living in urban. People of urban are cleverer than the people in tribal. Here urban people mostly exploit the rural people. Following others is also an evolutionary nature of man. Since the period of grown up of civilization man is following the nature for food, cloth and shelter. This nature of man helps to learn something which is unknown to him.

             Daring people are mostly brave and strong. They save themselves and the society from being harm. Cheating nature of human being put into hell themselves. They cannot know that they are being cheated. They make their platform a dull one. Active man always thinks to be updated. Devotee people always dedicate their lives to the almighty God. They believe in right fruit for right job. Jealous man cannot tolerate success of others. He also cannot get success in life. Proudly nature of man is a blind man who cannot see even if he has eyes. So human nature of man is the best nature for human being to survive better. Friendly nature of the man makes unitize to all the human being. Makes the whole world as a family.