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Hi, I am Sadashiba Sahu. I live in India at Odisha with my wife and two daughters. I am 45 years old. I am a teacher in Secondary School of BSE Odisha, India. I have spent my childhood in a miserable condition. At that time my parents were weak in economical conditions. I did hard work and utilized my time to build myself without looking behind. I also spent my young hood with strain and stress. My teachers were helping me in my study by providing books and other academical help. When I was finding me alone, was writing about my experiences about different situations. I was keeping them in my personal diary. Inspirations are coming from my difficulties in life. My dream was to be a author to teach the betrayed man to go into a right way as a human being.
               After all I was searching a platform to publish my writings to help the students and common people to better understand their life. I did go through google.com and found blogger.com, a free publishing platform. Mr. Harsh Agarwal, a blogger from New Delhi, India, helped me to create a blogger website in blogger .com. His website is shoutmeloud.com. He inspired me more to write a blog and publish it. His articles helped me to publish my blogs easily on blogger.com. I want to share my unique writing with all of you to gain better knowledge about education, disease, health, human nature and spiritual knowledge.
               Through my blogs you can learn about success, unsuccess, remedies of diseases, knowing values of time, modernization, about vegetarian and non-vegetarian living being behaviors, uses of spices in preventing diseases, how students should be instructed in proper way. You can meet me at twitter @ 2015Sahusir, facebook and google plus. I do sit in my workshop from 7AM to 1 AM. I like hard work. I never feel depress. I just go on walking for the human being to serve them through my writing. 

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