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My blog is about knowledge based articles about education, economics, human nature, public relations, mathematics, medicines , diseases and their curable solutions etc. When heart becomes sad, happy or excited, mind starts thinking about the causes. Then I starts writing articles. In a situation of misery I started to write articles about human nature and behavior. Students who are feeling helpless, negative and incapability in their life to be success, must read my articles to build a capability in them. I have given articles for parents, guardians, teachers and common peoples to maintain their life healthy and smooth. Students can find lessons of different taste. They can build their future their own by going through these blogs. Preparing themselves from grass root level will be easy.This blog contains lessons about success, unsuccess, different diseases and their remedies, about instruction procedures, children and their school bag, do children need punishment or inspirations, about the food habit of veg and non veg and their qualities, different types of spices that we can use as medicine, different qualities of man like egoism and depression etc.

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