Sunday, February 14, 2016

Educational article | Benefits | Travelling Countries

Since the past eras great man are visiting different countries for different purposes. From the past events we cleared about the benefits of making tour to different countries. One can gain vast knowledge by making tour to different countries. New countries, new villages, new cities, new land scape, rivers, lake, hills, fields, sea and ocean endure pleasure to our heart, spread it, give broadness to our mind, wash away our darkness of mind totally.  Man becomes wise with new experiences and knowledge. The changing climate improve the situation of our health and hygiene.  Long life comes nearer to us.

Making a tour to abroad countries gives encouragement to our mind. So many people has make the tour to different countries as their hobby. If we get a book on the story of tour and travel, we become delighted to read and hear about that to know something new. The stories of travelling make pleasure to rich, poor, young, old, child, leader and even if to the evil person also. Mind becomes anxious to know about the experiences of new places. A small child become enlighten by travelling new places and learn many things.

Teachers are more helpful than the students in travelling different countries.They can study the details ideas about a country like its climate, landscape, education, peoples behaviour, about flora and fauna, economical and political situations. It help them to teach the students good ideas about different countries better. Theoretical knowledge is most different from practical learning. teachers can give practical knowledge to the students with travelling different places.

In modern age human being is travelling different regions for many reasons.Some travel to see the art and architecture of different building and monuments. Some of them travel to enjoy the beauty of nature like hills, mountain, sea, ocean, forests, lake,island and water bodies. The others travel to research culture and heritage of different countries. Some travel to learn and study about the historical historical places. Many travel to propagate different type of religion and political and philosophical views. Some travel to discover the geographical landscapes and water ways and roadways to build trade and transport.

Now a days it become very easy to travel different countries in compare to the traditional days. The development of technology in transport and communication made easy to travel different places. The development of science in each and every field made convenience to travel through land, water and and custody also become strong to travel.

In old days many tourists were travelling different countries to learn and study about the culture and heritage of people of different countries through water and roadways. because there were no much facilities of transport and communication. Discovery of new land scape were possible  at that time with difficulties and hardship.

Students of colleges and schools should be given chances to travel different places to gain better knowledge about what they are reading in classroom as theoretically.Government of the nations should have provisions to give the students to avail the facilities of travelling abroad. Tourism department should provide the facilities to the person who wants to travel abroad. 

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