Saturday, January 23, 2016

Educational article | Usefulness | Vocational education

Education related to vocation is called vocational education. It is needed to live a life properly and perfectly. So it is about a vocation to build a life. The education which helps a man to earn a livelihood is known as vocational education.

The limit of vocational education is vast area than others. It helps  the student to enlarge his knowledge to an extent to utilize his ideas. The fields of vocational education include agriculture, fishery, dairy, animal husbandry, pottery, mason, weaving,  Instead of this typewriting, stenography, working with the computer, repairing TV, radios, welding, electronic wiring, book binding. A student can choose any of these according to his or her own.

In India, the education which is going on is of manual labour related. It only educates to cultivate files by sitting on chairs. It is wonderful that the man who should go outside to visit the agricultural field sits on a chair and shows his power. Nowadays education is only creating power hangers instead of a dedicated leader. But vocational education creates labourer independent person. The man who has vocational education never sits binding his hands and leg. He becomes self-dependant. There is the vast difference between general education and vocational education.

The big problem of a country is the population explosion. It is very impossible to give employment to each and every person of a country. So everyone should learn to be self-sufficiency. So vocational educational is is very important for a country.If the citizen will go away from labour, they will have to be dependent on another country. As a result, the total finance will go abroad and the country will be poor to poorer.With the help of vocational education, small scale industries will raise their heads. For which the financial condition of a country will increase to a great extent.

To spread the vocational education +2 has been added to the present educational system. But due to lack of inspiration and interest, it is not developing to the desired destination. The students are only going to  take admission in traditional arts, science and commerce education. But in many places, it has established vocational institutions. There are facilities for vocational education like car riding, typewriting and working with computer and others. The government should take special interest to uplift the institutions.

Though there are facilities for vocational education, students are not interesting on them. But all are interested in doing a job only. Because we are not interested to do manual labour.As a result, the students are going to study only the general education to become a leader or officer only. Nowadays a movable seller has great value than a graduate. Because the graduates are only thinking of getting a job to sit on a chair without doing any labour.

From grass root level there is need of implementation of vocational education. Like that teachers should also need to appoint in them. So that the students can learn to live a life of self-sufficiency. The unemployment problem can be droved away easily.

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