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Educational article | Medicinal values | Guduchi

Guduchi is a creeper found everywhere in India. It is useful in many diseases and increases vital energy in the human body, also a safety natural antibiotic medicine. Guduchi is helpful in cancer, TB, typhoid, all kinds of fevers.  It is such type of medicine that anybody can use it. It is most useful if this creeper is on a neem tree. Guduchi absorbs the qualities of that tree on which it creeps. It cure weakness and give life to old age. Older creeper of Guduchi (Gilroy) is gold for medicinal values.

                                      Medicinal values

Guduchi is helpful in increasing strength, purify the blood, cures urinary bladder, controls bile, and cures all types of fevers. It also helps to cure Jaundice, Diabetes, Gonorrhoea, Typhoid, Cancer, Heart diseases, inflammation, leprosy,  Skin diseases, Piles, Cough, Acidity, Dysentery and other many diseases.

                                   Ayurvedic treatment

Guduchi can be taken with ghee in goats, with sugar candy in  bile related diseases, and with honey in phlegm related diseases.

All kinds of fevers--As a natural antibiotics Guduchi is helpful in  all kinds of fever like typhoid, weakness, constipation diseases. Take coriander seeds, bark of neem, lotus pipe, and red sandal and make the decoction  from it, take it 2-3 times daily.To drove away the weakness after fever take Guduchi and dry ginger 2-3 times a day.

Brain diseases--Due to the heavy deposit of bile in the brain, man suffers from madness, increase anger, red eyes. In this case, take Guduchi with sugar candy  3 times daily up to 20 days.

Gonorrhoea --Take fresh juice of Guduchi with honey 2 times daily.

Urticaria -- Massage Guduchi juice with Takeuchi powder on affected area.

In eye diseases--Eye diseases due to phlegm results in low eyesight. In this case, take the fresh juice of Guduchi 10 g with sugar candy  daily.

In fat diseases-- Prepare a decoction of Guduchi and Triphala, mix 1 g shilajit and 1 g iron ash, take it  daily.

Urine diseases--- Prepare the decoction with Guduchi, amla (Indian gooseberry), Goku (puncture vine), ashwagandha (winter cherry) and take it daily for the better result in urine diseases.
Take fresh Guduchi 50 g, grind it and dilute it with 250 mg of water, filter it, mix salami short (Potassium nitrate), yasak har (Potassium carbonate), Shital chain (Cubeb) powder 5 g, 50 g sugar. Take it four times daily with three hours interval for 40 days. It will cure urine diseases.

Weakness in the liver-- Due to weakness in liver, different diseases like piles, Kamala, jaleo dar occurs commonly. Use Guduchi to cure the diseases. Never use allopathic medicine for the liver problem which has side effects. Take Guduchi creeps on neem trees 20 g, a smooth 2 g, pepper 2 pieces, neem leaves 20 pieces, grind it, make a solution with 250 ml of water. Drink it daily for a month. It will give energy to the liver.

Osteoarthritis-- Prepare the decoction of Guduchi, mix with 5 ml of arandi oil and take it 1-2 times daily.

Blood disorders-- Due to blood disorders, different types of diseases like scabies, eczema occurs commonly. Take Guduchi, mix with guggul regularly.

Hiccough-- Prepare a powder of dry ginger and Guduchi and take it as the nasal dose.

Burning feet-- Take powder of Guduchi, mix arandi seeds powder and curd, prepare a paste, apply it on feet regularly.

Constipation-- Take Guduchi powder and mix jaggery with it, use it daily to get free from constipation.

Ear problem-- Make a decoction of Guduchi, add water and warm it. Use it as the ear drop. It will cure ear problems.

Leucorrhoea-- Boil Guduchi and Shatavari together in water and make a decoction. Take it regularly. It will cure leucorrhoea.

Gout and urinary disorders-- Make a decoction of Guduchi and take it regularly. It will cure old gout and urinary disorders.

A cough, anorexia and loss of appetite-- Mix honey and long pepper powder in Guduchi juice and take it  regularly. It t will cure spleen and liver related diseases and increases appetite. It is highly beneficial in a cough.

Tuberculosis(T.B.)-- Mix Guduchi juice, bamboo sugar, cardamom powder, honey and take it by licking. Take it regularly, it is highly beneficial in tuberculosis.

The method of preparing Guduchi juice-- Bring Guduchi creeper present on neem tree and cut into small pieces. Grind it finely. Take a pot made up of clay and fill it with water. Pour the ground Guduchi in the pot filled with water.Leave it for 5-6 hours. Then mash it with hands and filter it. Leave the liquid part for 4-5 hours.When Guduchi juice will sediment at the base, slowly decant the water and make the remained white juice dry in the sun. It is the prepared Guduchi juice which is beneficial in various diseases.

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