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The man is an intelligent animal. He has gifted wonderful  instruments to the human society with the help of his super brain. The computer is the best among them. Nowadays computer is helping in each and every field of life of human being. So the ongoing era is called as computer era. First of all, it was being used as a calculator, but now it is helping to solve different kinds of problems.

Today we are being able to calculate the numbers easily through the computer. But it took years to invent the number system. During old stone age, the man was using small pieces of stones to calculate the number of people and animals. The world's most oldest calculator was invented by Chinese mathematician. It was known as Abacus. Abacus was a wooden machine with  balls. Though it is very old, nowadays also many countries like Russia and Japan are using it as a calculator.In 1946, there was a competition on calculating numbers with Abacus and electric calculator.The competition was between one Japanese  man with Abacus and one American man with an electric calculator. At last, the Japanese with Abacus was won the competition.Now in this modern age Chin, Japan, Russia and other countries are using Abacus to calculate speedily in their business.

Pascal was born in 1623 AD. He was a man of France. His father was working as tax superintendent. He was accounting the taxes up to 2 am at night. He  had never gone to bed before 2 am at night. When Pascal reached at the age of 18 years, he could not tolerate his father's tragedy. He then started inventing a the calculating machine. He invented the first mechanical calculating machine 1642 AD. As the calculating machine become popular, the queen of Sweden order one machine for her. It was wonderful that one 18 yr boy did the great did.

Gottfried Leibniz  was a mathematician of Germany. He developed pascal's calculator machine and made a new machine  which was specified for multiplication and division.

Charles Babbage the English mathematician invented a the calculating machine called the Differential machine. Another machine invented by him was Analytical Engine. He couldn't develop this two machine because at that time science was not developed to that extent.

American scientist Harman Halerith  invented Punched card machine. It lasted for 40 years, after the invention of electronics, its popularity becomes less.Gradually electric managed computer being made.In 1950 AD computer developed into 100 times more than the previous computer.

The computer is a collection of machines.All the machine function together to solve the problems.Generally, computers are of three types-Digital computers, Analogue Computer and hybrid Computer. A Computer has three sections-Input devices, Central processing unit and Output device.Central Processing Unit also made of three units- Memory, Control Unit and Arithmetic logic unit.

Human Brain and computer--

A computer is an artificial machine whereas human brain is natural.The human mind is creative and original.But Computer is neither creative nor original.The computer only helps the human brain.Human brain collects knowledge and keeps in memory.But it can't preserve a lot of data at a time like a computer. Human brain manages the Computer.A human being become tired of doing jobs but Computer never tired.The computer never thinks itself but human brain can think and decide.

Nowadays Computer is being used each and everywhere  like in Printing, calculating, disease diagnosis, space journey, sea route research, eye test and medicine selection and others. Let use Computer and be wise to live a comfortable life.

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