Sunday, January 24, 2016

Educational article | Best Qualities | Honesty and Cooperation

For the welfare of a country and the nation, each and every citizen should have the qualities of honesty and cooperation. Honesty and cooperation are not only for the welfare and development of country and nation but also for the development of personality of the citizen. It is necessary of these two qualities in the citizen to perform their duties towards the nation. The person who has the lack of these qualities can never be a good citizen. He cannot perform duties towards his nation properly. So each and every citizen of a country should have the quality of honesty and cooperation for the development of a country.

Honesty is the best quality. It is based on truth. It is free from all types of evil. Honesty is the quality in which there is no relation with fraud and cheating. So there is a proverb ' Honesty is the best policy'. Because the men who have this quality is loved by everyone. All give important to those persons who have honesty. A dishonest man can cheat once and get profit, but honest man remains forever in the mind of the people. Honest are always respected by others. They can do everything with the help of truth and honesty.

But they have to be limited in many situations. We can find good manners in honest, but if we make a relation with dishonest, we have to repent throughout the life. Dishonest can be defeated by dishonesty only but honest never defeat by dishonesty. If in the society all will try, to be honest, then there is no need of implementing any rules and regulations. We can a build a pure and ideal society with honesty.

Cooperation always builds a nation strength and healthy. Men who have the quality of cooperation can do anything he wants. So to complete any work we must cooperate with each other. Non-cooperation destroys and cooperation builds a nation. Cooperation makes unity. Unity can stand and non-cooperation must fall.

Now a day human being is trying to be cooperated to build the unity of the world. Many nations are integrating themselves to do better for the welfare of the world. Leaders are trying to make the world digital. Many cooperative societies are being established to make the human being cooperative and prosperous. Cooperation helps in building different types of association like cooperative society to uplift the farmers, business organizations like the limited company, association, federation and other cooperative unions.

By establishing local cooperative associations the buyers are preventing themselves from the illegal businessman who wants more profit from the consumers.  Cooperative societies are giving loans to the small businessman, skill persons and farmers to protect them from the torture of the money lenders. Cooperative industrial associations are being established to uplift the small scale industries.

In rural areas, farmers cooperatives are providing facilities to the farmers for growing crops. Trading Union corporations are being made to help the labors in protecting from the capitalist who collects more interest from them. Cooperative societies can modify the life of the whole world to lead a better life. Let establish more and more cooperative societies and be honest to make the world peace, prosperity and integrity.

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