Monday, October 12, 2015

Educational article | the relationship | between the soul and the supreme soul

Human being  regarded as an intelligent creature  in the world. Man always trying to invent new way of life and discover the mysteries of the world and the universe. The soul is like the driver of of a motor  car. Without the soul the human body is like a log or non living being. Now a question may arise , what is soul and where does it live in our body? The soul is like a point of light which lives in the middle of our two eye brows that is called 'Bhrukuti'. Our brain direct or orders our body organs to do actions. The brain is also run by energy of our body. That energy is the soul which controls and functions accordingly.

 Lets discuss about the shape, size , quality and properties of the soul. We the human being always in search of peace. The shape of a soul is a point of life. Peace is its own quality. Energy is its property. Its own home is beyond the blue sky, stars, moon, sun, atmosphere, physical world, bishnupuri, shivpuri, brahmapuri, which is known as shantidham. Father of soul is supreme soul, where there is no sorrow, no hunger, no thirst, no evils and there is only peace and peace. We all are the souls having different bodies as our coat. According to our activities we make ourselves to qualify to reach and meet our own destiny that is supreme soul. We all are son of prajapita brahma known as brahmakumaras and brahmakumaris.

 We need to remember our origin and act according to the order of the supreme soul. The souls are of different positions according to their activities. Some of them are papaatma, duraatma, dushtaatma and punyaatma. We should all try to be punyaatma always. We are named differently according to our physical body. But, we are the souls 'the Aatma'. We should always think ourselves that we are not doing anything. All are being done by our supreme soul. And it all happens automatically. The supreme soul known as our Shivbaba.

 We, the souls are parts of the supreme soul (the Shivbaba). All souls are immortal in nature. Sword can't kill, water can't sink and wet, fire can't burn because it's itself a point of life, air can't blow it. It can't be destroyed, it has no death and nature can't affect it. Souls are responsible for their duty which is given by the supreme soul. Souls are playing their roles with different bodies on the stage like world. During that period, the souls which are doing their duty well or performing their characters virtually, they are getting rewards from the director, the supreme soul (Shivbaba).

 All the souls have to run in a cycle of 84 births. It means they have to travel through 5000 years in a cycle (Satyayug-Tretayayug--Dwaparyug--Kaliyug). Each yug consists of 1250 years on the world. When the soul travels from Satyayug, its connection with Shivbaba, the supreme soul becomes farther due to its sanskar and activities. Sanskar means random functioning of particular activities in daily life. First of all, in Satyayug, the man was in the role of lord Narayan and the female was in the role of goddess Laxmi. They had 64 qualities of deities. There was a atmosphere of truth during that period. So, there were no evils like desire(kama),anger(krodha),greed(lobha),attachment(moha)to overcome the truth.

 Meditation was the prime duties of souls with their physical body to connect with the God (Shivbaba). In Tretayayug, the qualities of souls decrease to 32 qualities. So, the connection between the soul and the supreme soul gets two times farther. The soul lost its energy to half of its original position. In Dwaparyug, the soul entered the world with 16 qualities. Again the soul lost its energy and get farther from the supreme soul Shivbaba. The Raja quality entered with the body of the soul in that period. In Kaliyug the soul get the body with 8 qualities. Now it is the time to remember and be connected with the supreme soul to be charged with 64 qualities as it is Sangamyug (the last stage of Kaliyug and prior stage of Satyayug).