Monday, December 22, 2014

Educational article | students need affection rather than punishment to learn better

         There is a world in the lap of the Earth which is very sacred like the Gita, the Quoran and the Bible.The people in this world are not only honest but also devoted to religion and fearless. It is the world of the children whose inner questions makes the wise in dilemma. The rich, wise, administrators in the world become helpless themselves on children because the qualities of lie, greedy, cleverness, politics, fraud etc. earned by them stand as obstacles on their way. Once the father of our nation told that " may I get a chance to go to the world of the children with holding their finger" the world of the children is very sensitive. They do not know battle, discrimination, selfishness, murder, conflicts and other unsocial qualities at all. The children are the future of a nation.

          The best way to know the children is to sit among them and discuss with them. Many children want to express about them to others. They want to tell about themselves that they are the cleverer, wiser and updated in comparison to the traditional man. Once the the English  poet of eighteen century said that "the children the father of the man." If the poet William Wordsworth would take birth in this century, he might take the position of the grandfather. Really the children of this century are so forward.

         When the discussion of school comes to the mind of the children, it seen unhappiness among them. they told that if we think about schooling on the month of June than the entertainment of vacation will finish. After a long discussion the agree to co operate. When the discussion on the matter of homework, punishment, assignment, classmates and teachers were going on, a little girl among them who was listening for a long time came in between the discussion and said " don't say about the teachers, they don't know anything and come to teach us". She told if anybody will ring the bell, we will go out from the class. From this instance we learn that children wants to be happy with reading and writing, not the uncounted burden of books. It means that our educational system and rule regulation is faulty.

          Children are not getting more information from the books. TV, Video game, electronic gadgets and smartphone are supplying information to them. It is clear from this that there is a great gap between framework of present information and books. Now in India teaching become a profession and business where there is no importance of homework. An advocate always go through new act of laws and examples in his leisure, a doctor learn new way of treatment and medicine, a marketing expert try to know condition of market, but the teachers directly enter the classroom and start teaching by asking for a book from the student. After sometime the teacher gives a load of homework to the student. The student engage himself in homework and go for tuition in evening. At night parents help to revise the homework. So the children cannot get any time to play.

            May the school be Government or Private, the teachers load so much homework to the students where there is no necessity of homework. Either the teacher don't know how to teach properly or he has more students in the class. Most of the schools don't exercise co-curricular activities, never take the students for study tour or picnic. This cause mental depression of student. Because nowadays children are very innovative. We are killing their dreams. The new ideas in the brain of the children are bound to be suffocated. Again, new styles of punishments implemented in school. Teachers become irritated to the large number of students inside the classroom. They give them mental punishment like to stand on the bench, face the wall which block their personality development. It may the teacher or the guardian, they should inspire the student rather than punishment. Teachers should help to develop the children's mental health and moral characters. if the student live a sound life then he can stand as a milestone of a better society and nation.

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