Friday, December 19, 2014

Educational article | how to enhance public relation?

               Relation is to get connected with other. It may with things, places or persons you want to connect with. Relation with one or more persons is depends on your personalities. Your personality will attract to connect with other people. There is different types of relations such as private and public,personal or individual etc. To deal with people is neither so difficult task or nor so easy. We will discuss about the relation with a mass to be popular.

                      Relations may grow with the people from unknown to known. It needs knowledge of  languages, behaviour, body language, posture, cool mind, situations, time, age, gender and location etc. Be a good listener. Share your happiness with others.Never underestimate any one. He or she may have inner qualities hidden with him or her. Keep smiling on your face. Learn to respect all according their age, sex and qualification. Human behaviour makes him world wide and spread popularity. There are many divine qualities exist in human being. Human resources is the resource which can keep the world unity and integrated. Life without integrity is not a life. Relation with others will make the world like a family. To make public relation is not so complex, it is very easy. Knowledge, moral character and well reformed society helps in public relation.

                First of all we have to know ourselves. Our ability, personality, character, behaviour, respect etc. to others leads us to the way of developing public relation. Keep smiling on your face and be gentle. Speak in an audible sweet voice gently. When you met a stranger, don't forget to greet him as a human being. Keep eye contact with the person you are talking with. Introduce yourself before the stranger. Ask him to have conversation or take appointment to meet him again. Ask him or her about his or her family, job, likes and dislikes, education etc. Everyone in the society wants to praise himself and have a thirst of honourable man. They want to express their dignity by sharing with you. So be a great listener rather than a talkative person. Listen more and  talk a less. Don't forget to note addresses of the persons you are meeting.

               Never try to underestimate the man in front of you. He may have of great qualities. By travelling, study tour, trading, education in abroad, marriage, sports and game etc. events we can enhance public relation. Your manner, way of talking, help in need will increase friendship. Contact them occasionally when you are celebrating any functions at your home. Throw out the negative thinking from your mind. Never try to make discrimination among literate and illiterate, educated and uneducated, according to age difference, sex, caste and race, religion and region. Create humanity in them and treat them as human, be social. Praise them in their achievement, performance and personality.

           Your inner qualities can lead you to the top of public relation. The man who are artists, poets, writers, authors, speakers, leaders, scientists, teachers, doctors and other popular profession, can make public relation easily. Give energy to your inner qualities, have a deep faith in you, you must climb to the top of the peak of public relation. Organize and take risk of gathering, people will know you. You may be a trader, your products may attract the people. The qualities of your products and its usefulness to the society will bring closer to the people.

               Imagine and bring it's reality of thinking the world as a single family. You must see the hate, hesitation, discrimination will go away, a friendliness, a togetherness will develop automatically. Avoid proud, showing nature, mean mind, qualities of inhuman like a wild. Have a strong will power to drive away the evils from the society. The whole mankind will be yours.

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