Saturday, December 20, 2014

Educational article | the old age and it's miserable conditions

       Old age is the fully matured stage of life where body becomes weak and energy less and depends on others. In this stage man wants love and affection from his family members, but unfortunately his family members avoid him in such a way that he had never imagine about it. Because the hand with which he had fed his children, taught to walk, given attention to live comfortably, shown the world, in this situation of life they become cruel and his family members don't like his activities and his words. By reaching at the age of sixty years most of people want to go away from their service and give their duties to their children for future, but if we go through a survey report we can know that more than 71% of old men are doing different jobs to feed them or developing financial condition. Nowadays, the young mass, not only torturing the old men but also force them to earn money for their livelihood and feed the young mass.

       It is a matter of regret that a couple is managing a ten members family up to their old age, but ten members together are showing disability to look after a couple for a single day. Most of old persons are lying lonely in a corner of a room with facing the problems that scolding of their sons and in laws. Somewhere it has been seen that many old men are living their life with the servants with waiting for their abroad wards.

        So, in the sequence of these events it came to listen where man has lost his humanity. Somewhere old men are living like a dog binding with a chain at his own built home. The modern girls who are coming as bride are raising their nose to their mother in law. They think that they will loss their recognition if they go with their father and mother in laws. The parents of an illiterate and uneducated society never take in account the complaints of their children. So the children exceed the limit of human behavior and become unsocial. That affects to their parents and their own children torture them in the old age. The old men think the painful situation as a curse for them. Reaching the old age, human body become weak and it starts to live with kindness of others. This causes mental pressure, changes the nature and memory power become weak.

          If parents became old, nowadays their children are being seen that they are going far away from them. They think that this old age is obstacle for their modern and comfortable life. The children forget that their present situation is only for their parents because the parents fulfill the wants and desires of their children like making their career, celebrating their marriage etc. They hope for their children that they will help them in future or in old age, But everything will be change in future they can't guess it.

           There is a sole reason which discriminating the parents and their children is that the increasing effects of modern culture. The old don't like to follow the modern culture and the young mass don't like the existence of the old in their life. The old always like their own custom and tradition, own culture and thought, they dislike to the changes which are going on with their children's life. As a result, the fracture between the two generation become a great crater which they cannot know.

            Old as is the last step of life, young mass should feel it because they have to also face this situation in future. The situation which they are creating for their parents, may their children show them according to. Parents are like God, if man serves them from his heart they must bless and life become easy. As we sow, so we reap. For that only we should respect, be advised and well behave to our elders, this will help to build moral character of the children. In future man will not have to face the problem of old age.

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