Thursday, December 25, 2014

Educational article | telepathy and it's effects on life

           There is unbelievable abilities and energy of the mind in our body, that we can't identify it. Because we live in such a busy life that, we can not keep our mind stable,peace and concentration. so we can not feel the ability of the super mind. The sun is the source of energy for all living and non- living being. It spread its energy through out the universe. But with the help of a lens if we concentrate the rays on a paper, the paper begins to burn. We can apply this formula to our mind.

         With bringing the mind in a concentrate position, we can able and utilize the super power of mind. Now in the developing era of science everyone of us have mobiles or smart phone. With the help of it we are connecting the whole world within a second and sending our message easily. But prior to a long century the system of connecting with other was performing with the super power of mind. That process of connecting others through the concentration of mind is called Telepathy now a days.

        The meaning of telepathy is that, to send the psychological waves of mental concentrated behaviour to others mind and put effects on them. It is the wonderful power of the super conscience of mind. By sitting in a calm and concentrated position we can connect to any person, thing, situation, animal, plants and planets, stars easily. Telepathy is our natural power of mind. Not only the human  being but also the others living organism have the power of the super conscience to connect with others mind.

         We can connect to a person sitting thousands of miles away from us with the help of telepathy and the thoughts we want to send to him, we see completely in our thoughts, then we control our super sense to send  to the person. when we want to send it with the help of telepathy, at that time our we try to connect completely with the super mind of the other person. The thoughts then move in a wave on his super mind. By practising regularly of these delicate message sending to other person through this way, the waves of thought increase more and more on his super mind and the flowing of waves try to enter and  his present mind and brain. Gradually the person think and behave like the thoughts. As the conscience will strong and stable, it is very difficult to affect it or may take more time. The weak mind come into trapped very faster than the strong mind.

            In this way with the help of telepathy we can change our life into positive way in our daily life, about us, in different situations according to our wish. The prayer, bless and good manner which comes from the inner heart will act with the help of telepathy. The negative force of the enchanter bring changes in the mind of the person far from him with the help of telepathy. No enchanter can do anything on another person without the help of telepathy in this world. No prayer or bless will act on our mind without telepathy. These all are the reflection of our mind beyond sense.

        There are many healing treatments in the world like Reiki, biological healing and science of drowsing crystal. Among them with the help of natural ability of telepathy we can send healing treatment to any part of the world. We can able to cure the diseases related to physical, mental and others through telepathy. The treatment of front to front healing in Reiki healing treatment and biological treatment has no minimum difference in them. In opposite to it, the healing treatment from a far distance affects faster than front to front Reiki treatment because the healing treatment from a far distance through telepathy, the force of treatment energy affected so fast within the delicate level of mind.

        With the help of telepathy we can finish the sin or reform the evils of our previous life. We can create a golden future by sending a future positive thought. If a single person from a far distance can treat to another person positively then the unity of the people of whole world can change the world into a positive one. If all the people use telepathic treatment, the waves of positive energy will flow throughout the universe and it will effect positively all over the world.

        Telepathy is not a new invention. People are using since centuries. We should go through deeply in it to utilize it. Telepathy acts at a single conclusion. In this world we all are included with each other. Like a single wave in the tub of water spreads totally on the tub water, the waves of telepathy also spread fast and move towards the person whom we want to send.

        Telepathy is one of the different abilities of mind and it develops with stable, peace and concentrated mind. For this only, it need to practice more and more on telepathy and it comes automatically one day. People may not believe it and want to know its necessity, we should practice it to know our own super mind and utilize it in our daily life to live in a positive way.

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