Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Educational article | the nature of vegetarian and non-vegetarian human being

           Within the vast world of living being, man is the superior creature. human being has knowledge and skill with him. With which he is ruling over the vast world of living being. Human culture is the supreme culture among all living being culture. All living being in the world are divided into three main group according to their food habit i.e.. veg eaters, non-veg eaters and both veg+non-veg eaters. So far as we concern, veg eaters in animals are cow, deer, goat, horse, donkey, sheep, rabbit etc. Among them some are living as wild animals in the forest and others are living domestically like pet animals with human society.

                      Another section of living organism is animals of non-veg eaters like dog, bear, wolf, lion, tiger etc. They also live with human being as pet animal. Others are living in the forests. In the birds society there are also veg eaters and non-veg eaters. Veg eaters like swan, parrot, goose etc while duck, hen stork, crane, eagle, crow etc are non-veg eaters. Here also some veg eater birds reside with human beings as pet birds and some are living in deep forests.

                The nature of non-veg eaters are strong, energetic in young hood, dangerous, furious, selfish, proud, cruel, negative thinking, evil doer and other related qualities. Because they are feeding themselves on other animals.Sometime they are eating dead and decayed flesh of animals. This nature of non-veg eaters is showing that they are cruel because they are haunting to their own generation. As they are haunting others for their self feeding, they are selfish. Other animals scared of them. For example a lion is the king of the animals of the forest. As the lion is furious and proud, the elephant also obey him. Non-veg eaters never have kindness. So, they are known as wild animals. Dog is a non-veg eater and veg eater animal like human being. Sometime dog also behave as human being and human being behave as dog. It means that there is more similarity between dog and human being.

                When human being take non-veg food of birds and animals, most often don't forget to take alcohol. The mix of alcohol with non-veg item fills it brain with negative thoughts. Alcohol make him to travel the superior way of life and helps to forget his originality or personality. The body and mind develop according to the quality of food. If human being is taking the meat of a goat, it must behave like goat because  the goat bleats. In philosophical view of bleat of goat means mien in Hindi and 'I am' in English. The man who love to say 'I am' is a proud one. So proud nature of man always praises to himself and loosen the quality of kindness. The quality of violence grow in his mind.

                      The dog also taking the same food what the man is eating. Dog obeys the man but to protect himself most often attack to his master. And dog has also the quality of violence. The wild animals always attack to others, either it is man, sheep, goat or other animals for their food. Human being are also exploiting others in different sphere of life. When a policeman is a non-veg eater he doesn't forget to punish an innocent severely. So this is the wild manner of policeman who behave like a wild animal.

                      The wolf is also a non-veg eater and wild. The wolf comes to villages and theft goat and sheep for his food. Human being who is in profession of theft are wild like wolf. Nowadays human being forget humanity and quarrelling among themselves and they are growing regional feelings. It means they are scattering the unity of world for their selves. This nature of man can found in street dogs. Street dogs never want any other dog to enter their area though others are also dogs. So the human beings are fighting between themselves, between region and region, village and village, district and district, state and state, country and country, continent and continent and at last the world is associated with the war causing the world war.

                 Let us have a view on an historical event of Swami Ramakrishna  with his disciples to find out the difference between veg and non-veg eaters. According to this, once the disciples asked Swami Ramakrishna  , " Guru, what is the difference between veg and non-veg eaters?". Ramakrishna ordered his disciples to bring some dogs and cows and told them to keep them in separate rooms in the evening. Also ordered them to provide enough meat to the dogs and grass and hay to the cows.

       The next day, all the disciples with Ramakrishna went to see the situation of the cows and the dogs. It had seen that the cows were sleeping peacefully and leaving no hay or grass in them but, the dogs had seen injured by quarrelling among themselves. No one of them had taken a piece of meat. We knew from it that the non-veg eaters of human being are quarrelling each other for position, power and wealth and no one is enjoying the world peacefully.

         Veg eaters are the simple and kind hearted living being. Because they are feeding themselves with the plant and it;s products. In old age the saints were used to take fruits, roots and leaves of the plants. They were thinking for the peace of the world. Their behaviour, manner, voice and relation with human being was sweet. The wilds in the jungle who were coming near to them also becoming gentle. Because the plants are the dedicators. They give shade, fruits, flowers and their stem to the living beings. They give shelter to many kinds of living organism on them. Plants support the nature to be in balance, attracts rain, give oxygen to breath.

           Like the plant, the plant eaters or the veg eaters are also have these qualities. Veg eaters have healthy conscience, positive thinkers, well for nation, advisers, intelligent and wise. For example, cow as a veg eater gives milk to feed living being, it's urine, dung and milk products used as medicine. The urine of cow used in curing kidney diseases, dung used in skin diseases, milk products like cheese and ghee used in serious diseases like cancer, diabetes , bone problems, nerve problems, headache etc. Pure cow ghee is immunize human body.

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