Sunday, December 21, 2014

Educational article | internet disease and the people

           Internet is the invention of modern science which has captured the whole world in a single hand. With the help of it, we can send message to every corner of the world, we can talk and see the person we are calling, gain knowledge of different subjects, do marketing etc. easily. To fulfil the thirst of knowledge, people use internet, keep connected with others on line and try to stay updated. Now a days the society is able to gain more from internet, the process of development is going in a speed. But there is a side effect coming rapidly to the society which is called internet addiction disorder or I.A.D.

          I.A.D. means, the excessive use of internet more than necessity and spending more time on it. In India the internet users are between the age of 14-years and it became a addiction to all. Now a days it has seen that most young are doing breakfast, lunch and dinner to internet, for which no one can imagine the future of society and the country. If we don't think deeply about it, this disease of internet addiction will smash the teen age and the young. Addiction clinic are also has opened to cure the diseases. People are taking admission into the clinics to their children.

              The main symptom of this disease that, the people suffering from it are not interested in social and family affairs and make friends physically. Large numbers of people are using smart phone. They are engaging themselves in online for 5-8 hours. They spend their on pornography, online shopping, gaming and social networking sides. Gradually the young become trapped in compulsive internet habit. It is the primary stage of internet addiction in them.

          The symptoms which are seen in young are, stay online up to 5-10 hours per day,minimizing the time to go out of home, giving less time for nutrition and doing jobs, taking meal in front of monitor, giving no interest to talk with friends and relatives, checking e-mail box more times, guessing own self a best user of internet, stay online during study hour and feel comfort to stay alone inside study room.

          Now a days in maximum countries, internet surfing has not taken as addiction, but it's symptoms has seen in young mass. Situation of most young became so serious that if they are not using internet for a moment, they are feeling madness. If people are utilizing their most of time on internet instead of giving time to their family members then it is the primary symptom of internet addiction. But now the young mass become so habituate in internet that very soon it is going to grow in small and big towns and cities of the country.

            In the view of a psychiatrist, now not more people are addicted with internet, but the situation will not continue for long because people are using mobile with net excessively. If a man is using more internet, then extracting him from this facility, he will must suffer from physical and mental disease. It will be a great problem for the people if we can't bring out them from this habit. Now India has taken third position in Asia and fourth position in the world who is using the internet. More than sixty percent of young mass spending five hours per day on social networking and playing on line games. Approximately 25% young mass are staying on line for 8 hours per day. They are going through Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and most gaming sites. Whatever symptoms are seen in the brain of a drunkard and gambler, are seen in the brain of internet users.

              In cities and big towns, the mental diseases have increased in such a ratio that young are being admitted in healthcare centres. Having time in hand, if you will not cautious for these, it must be a distress and destruction for our society and country. When a person wants happiness, at that time he used to take drugs, want to forget misery and loneliness. Internet gives all the facilities to the person. So, the person bound to use internet. To break this, increasing rate of I.A.D., first of all we have to warn the children and be cautious from grass root level, second step is, not to us internet for maximum time, use it only according to necessity, third step is, family members and teachers should know about I.A.D. and teach the society about it. If there is any other way to protect the society, you can apply. Then we can get rid of this addiction and diseases.

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