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Educational article | Ayurvedic treatment | 'Diarrhoea'

               Disease is the abnormal position of body organs and disturbance of the systems of the organs. There are different organ systems to maintain our body properly. The systems are nervous system, endocrine system,, skeletal system, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, visceral system and muscular system. Any disturbance of these systems causes abnormality in our body.

           There are three elements in our body which control total system of our body equally. The elements are air, bile and phlegm. Imbalance in amount of these causes diseases. These three are always circulating with a limited speed in our nerves. We can check these amount through our pulse rate. Increasing rate of bile in our body causes yellow fever. Because bile's colour is yellow and when it spread all over the body, our organs become weak and yellow. The eyes, tongue, hands, legs and all part of the body become yellow. It shows the symptom of pale face and dullness. This fever welcome to hiccough, asthma and cough.

                   Diarrhoea is caused due to lack of appetite. The disease where the body excretes more amount of stool, there we can find the disease Diarrhoea. According to Ayurveda, by taking heavy, hot and imbalanced diet, mental disorders occur and due to mental disorder kidney becomes hot and affects the digestive system. It can be seen more in non-vegetarians. Those who roam maximum in sun and air reduce the speed of stool and urine. As a result, the air increases in the body and decreases the appetite which causes Diarrhoea. In case of lack of appetite, the water can't be absorbed by our large intestine. The water is released in the form of sweat and urine from our body. Increasing air in the body push the water to our rectum for which the stool becomes watery and flow through anus.

                  Diarrhoea is of two types. One is due to bile and another is due to air. In the first type of Diarrhoea, bile amount increases in human body. It is called bile linked Diarrhoea. Due to excessive eating of food content acid, base and salt, due to roaming in hot sun and air, increasing of anger in mind, bile becomes poisonous. It affects the stomach and gives birth to Diarrhoea. The colour of stool becomes yellow, green., red and smells bad. The symptoms seen in the body are thirst, burning, sweating, faint and give pain dangerously in anus.

                  The Diarrhoea causes due to air in the body affects the anus to excrete stool with foam, pain and knot stool. During excretion, breathing rate increases and face becomes pale. Diarrhoea due to phlegm leads the man to sleep in day time, idleness and decreases the power of appetite. Heavy, sweet and cold food causes Diarrhoea due to phlegm deposition in body. In this Diarrhoea, the person excretes phlegm added stool, bad smelled and white coloured stool through anus.

            When man take in extremely hot or extremely cold food, imbalanced diet, unwanted food violating rules of stomach and keep fasting or drink wine, he affects in Diarrhoea. He excretes the stool sometime of hard and sometime of watery of black colour. Another Diarrhoea also occurs due to fear and sorrow. Fear and sorrow increases and pollutes the air inside the body and causes disease.

                                Procedure to check and correct the imbalance of air, bile and phlegm-
            If the Diarrhoea causes due to food, first of all, we have to break it with medicine, but we should keep in mind to release the stools completely from the rectum. Due to sudden block of stool, it may cause Piles, griping, wind dropsy, prolapse rectum, leprosy and other diseases. So, we have to use medicines prepared from yellow myrobalam. By taking half a teaspoonful of yellow myrobalam powder with warm water, the speed of dysentery become slow and increases the appetite of stomach. The quality of yellow myrobalam digest the undigested food in the stomach very fast. After complete digestion of rest food inside the stomach, the patient should be given the collected plant materials and medicine prepared by it
               In this period, the patient should be given the light food due to weakness of stomach with low appetite. After it, patient should take pulses powder mix with honey and water of rice. Honey helps in increasing appetite gradually. Among the collected materials, long pepper, black salt, sour pomegranate's seed, sweet orisroot, cumin seed, caraway seed, asafoetida fried in ghee, dhak flower are given to the patient with preparing a mixture of it at the time of lunch. This medicine destroys the ill effects of air, phlegm and bile in our body. Another medicine for this is a mixture of fried barley and rye, sesame seed, sour berry and raw bel fried with ghee and curd. 

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