Friday, November 28, 2014

Educational article | symptoms | a better poem

          Poem is the beautiful creation of a poet. His own views on the objects of nature expressed in a different way. The poem which encourages, give excitement to the mind and conscience of a reader is a best poem.  The importance of a better poem is that to give a soft touch to the heart of a reader, heart melting and mind blowing. Better poem blow the mind of a reader from common to extraordinary. Better poem looks nice to the inner mind of the reader and ever readable.

                The poem which makes the mind overwhelmed and give life to a positive way to survive is a better poem. In a better poem the expression of poet's heartily purified and heavenly thought.Better poem makes a man patriotic, makes a saint in life. Better poem give freedom from narrowness and negative thinking in the mind of society.

                There is no such specific definition of a better poem. Each and every poem may be a good poem. The poem which touch the brain and mind of a reader, give chances create creativity in every sphere of life,appreciates as better poem. According the views of the readers, the poem which blessed the man to go from a depression to happiness, show light in the situations of darkness of sorrow, enhance the power of ability to overcome obstacles, is a best poem.

                  The poem which gives the messages of own land, waves the wave of confidence in life, consider as better poem. It gives chances of repending and realising in life. Broadness the mind and create chances of building a better life. It helps the life of a man to live with the stream of the poem. If one poem is building a dream home in mind, give life to a frustrated mind, then there is no better poem than that to be considered as mind blowing poem.

                         In some poems, a broad description of social and cultural tendencies are filled up. Which directs it's finger towards a new horizon of life to live better. Better poem is a endless flow of own experiences of a poet. It gives life to a non living object. The incomparable creativity of an artist makes him immortal.Better poem inspires human being to get rid of some situations, give freedom from suffocative positions. Better poem can only be published with a great experience. It forgets confusion, conflicts, pain, stress, loneliness, harassment and brings peace, confirmation,unity,love, affection and dignity to man.   

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