Monday, November 3, 2014

Educational article | 'SCIENCE IN MODERN LIFE'.

        In early age man was depending on nature to live a life. By means of science modern man is producing improved goods to fulfill his basic needs. Because of this the modern age is known as the science age. Nowadays mankind is so dependable on science that without it man can’t survive.

Agricultural development-

        Long years ago man was using ox to ploughing land and depending on rain water for watering the land.
Now science has changed the society. Cultivation is being done by tractors. The underground water can be used for the irrigation to the crop fields. Well developed seeds are being produced in the Agricultural Research Centers which are being capable of more yields in a short period of time. Again these are nutritious as well as pest-resistant. As a result, many crops are being produced in one year and the production is being multiplied. It is being able to provide food to the increased population of the country.

Science has a great effort in the field of food. Bread, buiscuits,  chocolate, jelly, jam, artificial milk power
etc are being produced with scientifically . There is no problem in pickle and spices. Those are being sold with packet or bottle. Different delicious ice-cream and cold drinks are being sold. Refrigerators are being manufactured to preserve food. Concentrative foods are also being produced.

Construction of  building  -There is a spectacular change in construction of multistoried building with the help of modern technology. Swimming pool and Lawn are being constructed on the top of seven storied building. Air conditioner rooms are giving comfort to human being.

Home appliances  -It is an wonderful creation of science in manufacturing home appliances. Radio, TV,   Telephone ,mobile phone, electric iron, grinder, oven, vacuum cleaner, water filter, water heater, tap recorder, VCP, VCR, computer, air cooler, air conditioner etc. home appliances are invented to make the human life more comfortable through science. We are saving our time by using these products.

Transport –World has become a global village due to modern transport system. People are going from country to country for trading in different ways like air ways, road ways and water ways. It is increasing the economical status of the people. Aero plane, jet, train, tram, bus, car, motorcycle, cycle etc. are being made for this purpose. Today man already has won time and distance with the help of science.

Communication-There is a tremendous change in the field of communication. With the help of telephone connection is being made every corner of the world. Communication is being made through media like e-mail, internet etc. very fast.

Medical-An incomparable change has made in the field of medical science. Transplantation of artificial organs and surgery saving human life easily. Preventions of different diseases are being made easy by mankind. It is decreasing death rate and enhancing life span of human being. Scientists had already dreamt to make man life young.

Education-Science has an important role in the field of education. Due to improvement of printing industry high valued books are being printed and published. Students are being taught with audio visual method. Books of more pages are being saved in a small disk. There is no need of dictionary to find out meaning of difficult words. Computer can find in a single click to them.

Entertainments-Media of entertainment is a fantastical gift of science. Cinema, radio, mobile TV, VCP,VCR, tap recorder  providing man a comfortable life.

Nowadays man is being taken birth in labor room of hospital. Funeral is being burnt in a electric heater. So as man is being helped from womb to tomb by science. Man is being reached to Mars with the help of science.