Sunday, November 9, 2014

Educational article | how does inspiration comes to an author?

        An author is a deep thinker who thinks deeply about the objects of nature. Author describes the thoughts naturally. He creates excitement within the minds of readers. There is an inbuilt art of writing in author. Inspirations come from different sources of world. It is the situations that provide fuel to be inspired. Situation of mind mostly inspired author to describe about the feeling. Inspiring situations or moments  which provide energy to an author are the feeling of love, the feeling of excitement, feeling of sadness, feeling of happiness etc.

          When there a moment of departure from a friend, a life partner, father, mother etc. ,    the author describes about the past events that occurred. The author starts compare the face and facts with the objects of nature. For example an author departed from his life partner all of a sudden, he must remember the qualities of his partner and the event that has experienced by both of them closely. Then the author continues to describe.

           When the author is going through a jungle in a calm and quite movement, he tries to praises the beauty of the nature. He will describe the sounds of the birds as the songs of the nature which is welcoming to the passer by. By looking towards the clouds in the sky the author starts to sing ‘oh boats of clouds let sail with my message to the queen of my mind’.

           The delicate feeling of mind like happiness leads an author to write some sentences about that. Always author’s mind thinks to the best of an object. Travelling is a main source of inspiration to the authors. They look different kinds of scenery of nature and starts thinking and note down. The sight of sky, earth, sea, ocean and forests inspire them very much to write.

            Authors do go through different books, novels, cinema and festivals to get ideas for description. Books of different authors also inspire to translate or rewrite in other languages. The state of mind of an author is inbuilt developed by the God the almighty. An author inspired by learning, studying and researching the creation of the great author the God. The agents those serving in the world are the most inspiring media for an author. When the air blows slowly on the earth, it described as light touch of air to the nature. If the air becomes the form of cyclone, it described as a hunter to the nature. Like the air, water, sun rays and other action and reaction inspire the author.  The revolution and rotation of earth inspire by changing the seasons and occurring days and nights.

           The movements those going on establishing the new creation inspire the author. So the big world and the unlimited horizon are the inspiration themselves. After all the omnipresent God is the great inspiration to the author.     

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