Thursday, November 20, 2014

Educational article| diseases| no medicine can cure them

                     In general, abnormal position of a living body called a disease. Diseases are of two types, they are physical and mental. Physical diseases are affects to body organs. It causes weak, dull and partly or totally destruction to the systems. They need treatment of different medicinal systems to cure. Some diseases need surgery to cure. Disease like cancer needs rays to be cured. Diseases also are cured with the help of medicines only. But there are certain diseases that have no medicine to cure. The changing situation may be their solution to be cured. 

        The habitual practices often become a disease for a man. Taking rest after lunch by sleeping on a bed is habit of some people. They make it as their daily routine that they must sleep after lunch. It causes disease of idleness for which man cannot do his job properly. The disease of day sleeping will cover his mind. Day will come to be got out of his work or job. If the man is at his work place and takes his lunch at the same place, he must think about rest. It will create a great problem for him that he may keep the work pending or on watching of his boss may dismissed from his job. Again if a man is not punctual at his job, he must be suffered from the disease of laziness. It is such a type of disease that no medicine can active the man. The disease will kill his activeness germs of body. 

                          Without any cause he will be rebuked or scolded. May have to give explanation or have to cheat. It will create another disease for his mind. He may suffer from the disease of being a cheater. Like cancer, the disease of cheating will kill his cleverness of his mind. 

                        Become angry also a severe disease for man. The disease of angriness causes mental imbalance and destruction of society. . In an angry mind man does not go back to scold his elders, teachers, father, mother or his family and friend. For which he may put into dispute or kill anyone. The good relation with other may hamper due to this disease. An angry man is always throwing the diamond of his conscience and catching the valueless breakable glass of proud.  The disease of proud is attacking him, which keeps away from his society. This disease also fills with poison to his blood. The effect of this disease is that it must turn his mind lonely. It will fill his mind garbage of blank thinking and burn him in the fire of realization or repent. History has witnessed this in the Hindu ethics The ‘Ramayana’. 

                                Fear is another disease for human mind. Fear in mind causes narrowness of mind.  In a fearful man there is no courage of facing the truth. Fear of express own opinion may cause a great loss of respect or recognition in the society. Fear of going on an expedition back a man from discovering himself. The fear disease or the phobia cannot be cured with medicine. It can be cured with the forceful situation created by the nature. If a man is fears to jump a style which he can jump easily, he must jump that if a danger is chasing behind him. Disease of fear may kill man without any base. While travelling in a dark night most often a fearful man thinks a bush as a bear or ghost. It may cause his heartbreak and death. Phobia covers the mind of a man with the cloud of worthless thinking. Fear closes the door of success. Fear of falling down pull back a man to cancel the plan.

                     To raise nose is another disease of human being. It means to see others as inferior to him. The man thinks himself superior from others and praises himself will be counted as a patient of hate disease. Man praising himself is hated by others. Showing seniority is also an incurable disease. In this disease the person suffers from it, loses his or her reputation, and forgets his or her position. It has no medicine to be cured. It will cure only in a situation of humiliation. 

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