Sunday, October 26, 2014

Educational article | 'SINGLE FORMULA FOR THE WORLD'.

          Formula is a word of trick that explains how one thing formed. A combination of alphabets makes a word. Again a combination of words makes a sentence. But it requires a formula like , it should have a complete meaning, particular arrangement of parts of  the sentences etc. we can also discuss about the  life we are living. A life consists of different kinds of activities that one performs twenty four hours. There is a combination actions need to form activity. It needs a formula to do a complete activity. A combinations of elements forms a cell  and than  a body. Here also the body requires a formula to live. Violence of formula causes abnormality  or disorder that leads to destruction or death. Combination of Panchatatwa  creates the universe and the life. In the absence of any one make impossible for a life. All the matters present in the universe are a combination of some elements.

           A good relation requires a collection of love, affection, dearness, sound mind, situations etc.   
If there is a disturbance among these delicate feeling, the tight relation becomes loose. So all the factors either solid or delicate needs to be combined. Let us go through the atmosphere that covers us.The air is also a combination of gases. Deficiency or excess of any one will leads to abnormality of its position and causes difficulty for survivors. Water that we drink is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen.Soil where we live on also a combination of non living things. Food that we eat for surviving is a combination minerals and vitamins.

           A group of representatives forms a government. Similarly a sum of numbers that forms mathematics. Collection is life and life is collection. Each and every thing in the universe are of going with a unique formula. The life we are living also has built in same formula. The different situations we are facing are happiness, pleasure, success, failure, sad and sorrows etc. The collections of these conditions makes a life. The universe has planets, stars, meteoroids, comets, satellites, air, water, soil etc to be proved as a complete universe. The air is a mixture of gases, the soil is a mixture of different particles, the water is also a mixture of gases. It means all the substances mix each other to form a new substance.

           The basic needs of human being are food, cloth and shelter. Let us go deeply through the concept food. The term food is the nutrition of a living being. It requires a number of elements to prepare a food. Here in the process of preparing food, some elements loose their qualities and gain another qualities. This loose and gain property of the world is the formula applied on all. Next to food, cloth is the second basic need of life. The process of manufacturing cloth has also a number of steps to run such as spinning, dyeing, weaving etc. The formula says that without accumulation of steps no new substance can form or create. The third basic need is shelter which also has to arrange a numbers of elements.The process of constructing a shelter needs numbers of factor. Here also the formula of world applied.

        If we go the the situations of life, there also the same formula is acting on them. When the nature becomes imbalance, it looses it's control, then the disorders like storms,cyclone etc come to the surrounding. When there is a good combination of all the factors of the nature, it becomes greenery and the nature sings the pleasant song. In our day to day life we are facing a number of situations due to the abnormal condition of our mind, body and soul. When our body, mind and soul do any action unitedly, we get pleasure and success. Here also the single formula of the world is acting on us.