Sunday, February 14, 2016

Educational article | Benefits | Travelling Countries

Since the past eras great man are visiting different countries for different purposes. From the past events we cleared about the benefits of making tour to different countries. One can gain vast knowledge by making tour to different countries. New countries, new villages, new cities, new land scape, rivers, lake, hills, fields, sea and ocean endure pleasure to our heart, spread it, give broadness to our mind, wash away our darkness of mind totally.  Man becomes wise with new experiences and knowledge. The changing climate improve the situation of our health and hygiene.  Long life comes nearer to us.

Making a tour to abroad countries gives encouragement to our mind. So many people has make the tour to different countries as their hobby. If we get a book on the story of tour and travel, we become delighted to read and hear about that to know something new. The stories of travelling make pleasure to rich, poor, young, old, child, leader and even if to the evil person also. Mind becomes anxious to know about the experiences of new places. A small child become enlighten by travelling new places and learn many things.

Teachers are more helpful than the students in travelling different countries.They can study the details ideas about a country like its climate, landscape, education, peoples behaviour, about flora and fauna, economical and political situations. It help them to teach the students good ideas about different countries better. Theoretical knowledge is most different from practical learning. teachers can give practical knowledge to the students with travelling different places.

In modern age human being is travelling different regions for many reasons.Some travel to see the art and architecture of different building and monuments. Some of them travel to enjoy the beauty of nature like hills, mountain, sea, ocean, forests, lake,island and water bodies. The others travel to research culture and heritage of different countries. Some travel to learn and study about the historical historical places. Many travel to propagate different type of religion and political and philosophical views. Some travel to discover the geographical landscapes and water ways and roadways to build trade and transport.

Now a days it become very easy to travel different countries in compare to the traditional days. The development of technology in transport and communication made easy to travel different places. The development of science in each and every field made convenience to travel through land, water and and custody also become strong to travel.

In old days many tourists were travelling different countries to learn and study about the culture and heritage of people of different countries through water and roadways. because there were no much facilities of transport and communication. Discovery of new land scape were possible  at that time with difficulties and hardship.

Students of colleges and schools should be given chances to travel different places to gain better knowledge about what they are reading in classroom as theoretically.Government of the nations should have provisions to give the students to avail the facilities of travelling abroad. Tourism department should provide the facilities to the person who wants to travel abroad. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Educational article | Best Qualities | Honesty and Cooperation

For the welfare of a country and the nation, each and every citizen should have the qualities of honesty and cooperation. Honesty and cooperation are not only for the welfare and development of country and nation but also for the development of personality of the citizen. It is necessary of these two qualities in the citizen to perform their duties towards the nation. The person who has the lack of these qualities can never be a good citizen. He cannot perform duties towards his nation properly. So each and every citizen of a country should have the quality of honesty and cooperation for the development of a country.

Honesty is the best quality. It is based on truth. It is free from all types of evil. Honesty is the quality in which there is no relation with fraud and cheating. So there is a proverb ' Honesty is the best policy'. Because the men who have this quality is loved by everyone. All give important to those persons who have honesty. A dishonest man can cheat once and get profit, but honest man remains forever in the mind of the people. Honest are always respected by others. They can do everything with the help of truth and honesty.

But they have to be limited in many situations. We can find good manners in honest, but if we make a relation with dishonest, we have to repent throughout the life. Dishonest can be defeated by dishonesty only but honest never defeat by dishonesty. If in the society all will try, to be honest, then there is no need of implementing any rules and regulations. We can a build a pure and ideal society with honesty.

Cooperation always builds a nation strength and healthy. Men who have the quality of cooperation can do anything he wants. So to complete any work we must cooperate with each other. Non-cooperation destroys and cooperation builds a nation. Cooperation makes unity. Unity can stand and non-cooperation must fall.

Now a day human being is trying to be cooperated to build the unity of the world. Many nations are integrating themselves to do better for the welfare of the world. Leaders are trying to make the world digital. Many cooperative societies are being established to make the human being cooperative and prosperous. Cooperation helps in building different types of association like cooperative society to uplift the farmers, business organizations like the limited company, association, federation and other cooperative unions.

By establishing local cooperative associations the buyers are preventing themselves from the illegal businessman who wants more profit from the consumers.  Cooperative societies are giving loans to the small businessman, skill persons and farmers to protect them from the torture of the money lenders. Cooperative industrial associations are being established to uplift the small scale industries.

In rural areas, farmers cooperatives are providing facilities to the farmers for growing crops. Trading Union corporations are being made to help the labors in protecting from the capitalist who collects more interest from them. Cooperative societies can modify the life of the whole world to lead a better life. Let establish more and more cooperative societies and be honest to make the world peace, prosperity and integrity.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Educational article | Usefulness | Vocational education

Education related to vocation is called vocational education. It is needed to live a life properly and perfectly. So it is about a vocation to build a life. The education which helps a man to earn a livelihood is known as vocational education.

The limit of vocational education is vast area than others. It helps  the student to enlarge his knowledge to an extent to utilize his ideas. The fields of vocational education include agriculture, fishery, dairy, animal husbandry, pottery, mason, weaving,  Instead of this typewriting, stenography, working with the computer, repairing TV, radios, welding, electronic wiring, book binding. A student can choose any of these according to his or her own.

In India, the education which is going on is of manual labour related. It only educates to cultivate files by sitting on chairs. It is wonderful that the man who should go outside to visit the agricultural field sits on a chair and shows his power. Nowadays education is only creating power hangers instead of a dedicated leader. But vocational education creates labourer independent person. The man who has vocational education never sits binding his hands and leg. He becomes self-dependant. There is the vast difference between general education and vocational education.

The big problem of a country is the population explosion. It is very impossible to give employment to each and every person of a country. So everyone should learn to be self-sufficiency. So vocational educational is is very important for a country.If the citizen will go away from labour, they will have to be dependent on another country. As a result, the total finance will go abroad and the country will be poor to poorer.With the help of vocational education, small scale industries will raise their heads. For which the financial condition of a country will increase to a great extent.

To spread the vocational education +2 has been added to the present educational system. But due to lack of inspiration and interest, it is not developing to the desired destination. The students are only going to  take admission in traditional arts, science and commerce education. But in many places, it has established vocational institutions. There are facilities for vocational education like car riding, typewriting and working with computer and others. The government should take special interest to uplift the institutions.

Though there are facilities for vocational education, students are not interesting on them. But all are interested in doing a job only. Because we are not interested to do manual labour.As a result, the students are going to study only the general education to become a leader or officer only. Nowadays a movable seller has great value than a graduate. Because the graduates are only thinking of getting a job to sit on a chair without doing any labour.

From grass root level there is need of implementation of vocational education. Like that teachers should also need to appoint in them. So that the students can learn to live a life of self-sufficiency. The unemployment problem can be droved away easily.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Educational article | Life history | Computer

The man is an intelligent animal. He has gifted wonderful  instruments to the human society with the help of his super brain. The computer is the best among them. Nowadays computer is helping in each and every field of life of human being. So the ongoing era is called as computer era. First of all, it was being used as a calculator, but now it is helping to solve different kinds of problems.

Today we are being able to calculate the numbers easily through the computer. But it took years to invent the number system. During old stone age, the man was using small pieces of stones to calculate the number of people and animals. The world's most oldest calculator was invented by Chinese mathematician. It was known as Abacus. Abacus was a wooden machine with  balls. Though it is very old, nowadays also many countries like Russia and Japan are using it as a calculator.In 1946, there was a competition on calculating numbers with Abacus and electric calculator.The competition was between one Japanese  man with Abacus and one American man with an electric calculator. At last, the Japanese with Abacus was won the competition.Now in this modern age Chin, Japan, Russia and other countries are using Abacus to calculate speedily in their business.

Pascal was born in 1623 AD. He was a man of France. His father was working as tax superintendent. He was accounting the taxes up to 2 am at night. He  had never gone to bed before 2 am at night. When Pascal reached at the age of 18 years, he could not tolerate his father's tragedy. He then started inventing a the calculating machine. He invented the first mechanical calculating machine 1642 AD. As the calculating machine become popular, the queen of Sweden order one machine for her. It was wonderful that one 18 yr boy did the great did.

Gottfried Leibniz  was a mathematician of Germany. He developed pascal's calculator machine and made a new machine  which was specified for multiplication and division.

Charles Babbage the English mathematician invented a the calculating machine called the Differential machine. Another machine invented by him was Analytical Engine. He couldn't develop this two machine because at that time science was not developed to that extent.

American scientist Harman Halerith  invented Punched card machine. It lasted for 40 years, after the invention of electronics, its popularity becomes less.Gradually electric managed computer being made.In 1950 AD computer developed into 100 times more than the previous computer.

The computer is a collection of machines.All the machine function together to solve the problems.Generally, computers are of three types-Digital computers, Analogue Computer and hybrid Computer. A Computer has three sections-Input devices, Central processing unit and Output device.Central Processing Unit also made of three units- Memory, Control Unit and Arithmetic logic unit.

Human Brain and computer--

A computer is an artificial machine whereas human brain is natural.The human mind is creative and original.But Computer is neither creative nor original.The computer only helps the human brain.Human brain collects knowledge and keeps in memory.But it can't preserve a lot of data at a time like a computer. Human brain manages the Computer.A human being become tired of doing jobs but Computer never tired.The computer never thinks itself but human brain can think and decide.

Nowadays Computer is being used each and everywhere  like in Printing, calculating, disease diagnosis, space journey, sea route research, eye test and medicine selection and others. Let use Computer and be wise to live a comfortable life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Educational article | Google search | online learning

Nowadays, the whole world became one village due to the growth and development of technology. In each and every spare of life, it became easy to easiest to learn anything. One can find jobs, lessons, maps, medicine, food, dresses, diseases, employment, different online works, classroom teaching, animation, video demo, different official sites and much more information freely. The facility of the computer now has the provision of knowing the world at home completely. The development of science and technology enhance the knowledge of the human being enormously. Communication became so easy that one can easily reach to any part of the universe within no seconds.

Google search is such a device that helps human being and robot to find and search each and everything he needs. You should the knowledge of reading and understand the languages which Google has facilitated to browse. If you have no computer, you can go to a cyber cafe and search and find your lessons or jobs. First of all learn how to browse or surfing sites. Learn internet and searching information through Google search.

If you are a student then you can learn your lessons easily through Google search. There are many free sites who give online solutions of your lessons. You can learn mathematics, science, English, history, and many more through them. Teachers can also find and search the solutions and ways to teaching different subjects through Google search. There are many video tutorial sites, animated courses sites to learn better.

You can avail banking and trading sites easily at home through Google search.  All kinds of account opening recharge, payment of bills, money transfer international trading and many more banking facilities can be availed through Google search. A businessman can get details about the rates and prices of different commodities and currencies in national and international level.

The IT students can learn the courses suited to them through browsing different free sites who are giving free solutions. One can learn and get a certificate through online study.

Doctors can also get ideas about diseases, medicines, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of different types of diseases through Google search. The Locations of hospitals and nursing homes or other medical facilities in nearby towns and in the world can also be found through Google search.

Builders and engineers can get details about the housing plan and estimated the cost to build a bridge, flat, hotel, restaurant, roads and others through Google search.

Farmers and cultivators can also get detail information about the land, crops, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, process of modern farming and high yielding through Google search.

Lawyers can get details about the laws, judgements, proceeding of cases in different courts through judicial learning sites in Google search.

People with religious thoughts can get details about their ethics and other holy books through Google search.After all, nowadays each and everything can be learned through Google search. So it needn’t to worry about any kind of concept to learn. Go through Google search and make life better.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Educational article | Causes and symptoms | Fever

The abnormal conditions of our body lead to different kinds of diseases. Fever is one of them. Fever also are of different types such as  typhoid, dengue, pneumonia, epilimnia and others. Most of us use paracetamol or other such combinations of medicine before knowing the patient's details. Nowadays people are being popularised  about its side effect. But Ayurveda goes through the origin of the fever. Delirium is a serious fever. let's know about it.

                                      Symptoms of Delirium

According to Charak in delirium fever the patient feels sometimes hot and sometimes cool  The patient feels pain in joints and in bones. Tears come out  from eyes and throat becomes irritated. Sleeplessness, faint, murmuring, cough, problem in respiration, the tongue  becomes uncontrolled. Sweats become slow or less. The stomach becomes blocked and constipation doesn't clear the stool properly. Blood can't  circulate through the brain properly, the patient so murmurs and shout, feels pain and difficulties to take anything with the mouth. The patient feels sleepy during day time rather than night. 
                                 Different types of Delirium

There are different types of delirium fever. The imbalance in the ratio of phlegm, bile and air are seen in different situations of fever. All fevers are the  common symptoms of the respiratory problem, cough, cold, dry mouth, pain in the body faintness, puzzle mind. In imbalance of bile typhoid fever is one type of delirium. Here the bleeding in intestine is common. Like that due to phlegm the patient may suffers from feeling of heavy cold. There is another type of fever which causes due to fear, excessive anger, eagerness, bad dream and mental disorders. Here the patient trembled with anger, it can diagnose  directly.

                                      Continuous fever

Brain fever, typhoid and pneumonia are known as continuous fever. Leishmaniasis and malaria are called double continuous fever. Imbalance in the three properties like air, bile and phlegm is also causes continuous fever.

                                 Incurable fever
The fever which decrease the energy of the organs after treatment also, that is called incurable fever. In this type of fever there is chances of destruction of any of eleven organs like ear, eye , skin  hand , leg, smell, voice, brain and mind.

                               Fever due to bile

In this fever the symptoms are tasteless mouth, indigestion, heavy stomach, sleeplessness, heart problem , constipation, continue flowing of saliva, lack of appetite, weakness in body, thirst, shouting, respiratory problems, vomiting. The fever is young up to seven days. adult up to twelve days and more than that called old fever.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Educational article | Medicinal values | Guduchi

Guduchi is a creeper found everywhere in India. It is useful in many diseases and increases vital energy in the human body, also a safety natural antibiotic medicine. Guduchi is helpful in cancer, TB, typhoid, all kinds of fevers.  It is such type of medicine that anybody can use it. It is most useful if this creeper is on a neem tree. Guduchi absorbs the qualities of that tree on which it creeps. It cure weakness and give life to old age. Older creeper of Guduchi (Gilroy) is gold for medicinal values.

                                      Medicinal values

Guduchi is helpful in increasing strength, purify the blood, cures urinary bladder, controls bile, and cures all types of fevers. It also helps to cure Jaundice, Diabetes, Gonorrhoea, Typhoid, Cancer, Heart diseases, inflammation, leprosy,  Skin diseases, Piles, Cough, Acidity, Dysentery and other many diseases.

                                   Ayurvedic treatment

Guduchi can be taken with ghee in goats, with sugar candy in  bile related diseases, and with honey in phlegm related diseases.

All kinds of fevers--As a natural antibiotics Guduchi is helpful in  all kinds of fever like typhoid, weakness, constipation diseases. Take coriander seeds, bark of neem, lotus pipe, and red sandal and make the decoction  from it, take it 2-3 times daily.To drove away the weakness after fever take Guduchi and dry ginger 2-3 times a day.

Brain diseases--Due to the heavy deposit of bile in the brain, man suffers from madness, increase anger, red eyes. In this case, take Guduchi with sugar candy  3 times daily up to 20 days.

Gonorrhoea --Take fresh juice of Guduchi with honey 2 times daily.

Urticaria -- Massage Guduchi juice with Takeuchi powder on affected area.

In eye diseases--Eye diseases due to phlegm results in low eyesight. In this case, take the fresh juice of Guduchi 10 g with sugar candy  daily.

In fat diseases-- Prepare a decoction of Guduchi and Triphala, mix 1 g shilajit and 1 g iron ash, take it  daily.

Urine diseases--- Prepare the decoction with Guduchi, amla (Indian gooseberry), Goku (puncture vine), ashwagandha (winter cherry) and take it daily for the better result in urine diseases.
Take fresh Guduchi 50 g, grind it and dilute it with 250 mg of water, filter it, mix salami short (Potassium nitrate), yasak har (Potassium carbonate), Shital chain (Cubeb) powder 5 g, 50 g sugar. Take it four times daily with three hours interval for 40 days. It will cure urine diseases.

Weakness in the liver-- Due to weakness in liver, different diseases like piles, Kamala, jaleo dar occurs commonly. Use Guduchi to cure the diseases. Never use allopathic medicine for the liver problem which has side effects. Take Guduchi creeps on neem trees 20 g, a smooth 2 g, pepper 2 pieces, neem leaves 20 pieces, grind it, make a solution with 250 ml of water. Drink it daily for a month. It will give energy to the liver.

Osteoarthritis-- Prepare the decoction of Guduchi, mix with 5 ml of arandi oil and take it 1-2 times daily.

Blood disorders-- Due to blood disorders, different types of diseases like scabies, eczema occurs commonly. Take Guduchi, mix with guggul regularly.

Hiccough-- Prepare a powder of dry ginger and Guduchi and take it as the nasal dose.

Burning feet-- Take powder of Guduchi, mix arandi seeds powder and curd, prepare a paste, apply it on feet regularly.

Constipation-- Take Guduchi powder and mix jaggery with it, use it daily to get free from constipation.

Ear problem-- Make a decoction of Guduchi, add water and warm it. Use it as the ear drop. It will cure ear problems.

Leucorrhoea-- Boil Guduchi and Shatavari together in water and make a decoction. Take it regularly. It will cure leucorrhoea.

Gout and urinary disorders-- Make a decoction of Guduchi and take it regularly. It will cure old gout and urinary disorders.

A cough, anorexia and loss of appetite-- Mix honey and long pepper powder in Guduchi juice and take it  regularly. It t will cure spleen and liver related diseases and increases appetite. It is highly beneficial in a cough.

Tuberculosis(T.B.)-- Mix Guduchi juice, bamboo sugar, cardamom powder, honey and take it by licking. Take it regularly, it is highly beneficial in tuberculosis.

The method of preparing Guduchi juice-- Bring Guduchi creeper present on neem tree and cut into small pieces. Grind it finely. Take a pot made up of clay and fill it with water. Pour the ground Guduchi in the pot filled with water.Leave it for 5-6 hours. Then mash it with hands and filter it. Leave the liquid part for 4-5 hours.When Guduchi juice will sediment at the base, slowly decant the water and make the remained white juice dry in the sun. It is the prepared Guduchi juice which is beneficial in various diseases.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Educational article | Medicinal values | Ayurvedic treatment | Papaya

Papaya  is growing in each and every ones house nowadays. The roots of this tree are not so deep in the soil. Papaya crops two times a year.  It helps to cure stomach diseases mostly. It contains vitamin-A, B, C,D, and it is antioxidant, so it helps to cure many diseases.  Papaya is helpful for skin and hair problems. There is an enzyme called pepsin  present in papaya which helps in the digestive system of our body. Papaya cures the diseases like indigestion, plague, constipation, liver diseases and other diseases. Papaya leaves juice cures cancer diseases.

                                Ayurvedic properties

Papaya fights with poison and pain. It helps to cure diseases like constipation, vomiting, dysentery,  bile problems, gout, piles, inflammation, diarrhoea, cough mix with phlegm, warm in the intestine, scabies, and cough. Raw papaya juice destroys the warms. Pregnant ladies shouldn't take it.

                                 Medicinal values

In constipation-- Papaya is good for curing constipation. Take 250 g of ripe papaya in the morning and after lunch to get rid of constipation.

Low appetite and indigestion-- Take ripe papaya. lemon juice, a pinch of black salt, fried cumin seed powder, mix all and take it regularly. It must increase appetite and digestive power. 

Air block in the stomach-- The patient affected with this disease shouldn't take spicy and oily foods with red chilli. Give ripe papaya with cumin and black salt according to taste regularly to the patient.

The dental problem-- Take half ripen papaya regularly to prevent from teeth and gum problems.

Eye diseases-- Eating of raw and ripe papaya regularly increases eyesight and cures eye problems.

Plague-- Give ripe papaya to plague patient. It must give result in 24 hours and loose the tighten knot of plague surprisingly. Take 125 mg of papaya seeds, grind with water, take it at 1-hour intervals to destroy the toxic substances from the body.

Diarrhoea-- Diarrhoea patient should take the mixture of papaya seeds with rose water 3 times daily.

Loose motion-- Grind papaya seeds with water and give the solution to the patient again and again.

Snake bite-- Make a paste of papaya seeds and apply on the affected area.

Lumps-- If there is the lump on the body, prepare a paste of papaya seeds and apply on the lump. Take 20 g of raw papaya juice daily.

Intestinal pain-- Take 2 g papaya seeds powder with water to decrease intestinal pain.

Skin diseases-- Boil papaya seeds with sesame oil and massage on that parts of skin where it is affected.

Bone diseases-- Take papaya by cooking raw and ripen regularly. It will strengthen bones.

Cold and coryza--  Man who suffers from cold, coryza and allergy should take papaya regularly. It increases immunity in the body.

Acidity--By taking papaya, it controls the inflammation in liver and spleen and destroys acidity.

Worm in the stomach-- Grind papaya seeds and dilute with warm water. Drink it regularly for 5 days. It will destroy the worms present in the stomach. Take 50 g of raw papaya juice also regularly in empty stomach.

Weakness in liver-- Papaya is called liver tonic. Papaya should be taken regularly in liver diseases like jaundice.  Papaya treats liver diseases and stabilizes the metabolic activities occurring in the liver.

Stunted growth-- Papaya should be taken regularly for increasing the height of children. It fulfils the need of the nutrients.

Heart diseases-- The milk flows when a papaya, which is on the tree is cut opened. Put 10-12 drops of papaya milk on hollow sugar candy and take it to relief in heart diseases. Mix raw papaya and prepare sweet rice and eat daily. Make the decoction of 50 g green leaves of papaya, put aniseeds, black pepper, black salt in it and make a solution. Take it during bed time. It must cure heart diseases.

Difficulties in menstruation-- Prepare juice from raw papaya, take 100 g of it regularly to avoid menstruation problem.

Cancer-- Prepare the salad of raw papaya and mix curd with it. Give it regularly to the cancer patients.

For the beauty of skin-- Cut raw papaya, take out juice from it and massage it on the face. Wash it with clean water, use a cotton cloth to clean your face. Apply coconut oil to it. It will clear all types of spots from face.

Dengue fever-- Platelets decrease in blood in the patient who is affected with Dengue fever. In this case, take 20 g of heart-leaved moonseed, green papaya leaves juice 20 g, use it daily two times.

Stone diseases-- Mostly, papaya is helpful in stone formation in the gall bladder. Take 5 g of roots of papaya and make a solution of it. Filter it and take in empty stomach daily up to 21 days. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Educational article | Medicinal values | Walnut tree

Walnut is a deciduous tree and looks  very beautiful. Walnut tree which grows in the forest are  of 100- 200 ft height, it is auto germinated and thick cover of its fruit. The trees which are grown in agricultural field are of 40-90 ft of height and the cover of its fruit is thin. It is known as the kagji walnut tree.

The outer shape of walnut tree---Its newborn branches are shining, brown, cracks of the branches are straight. The leaves of this tree are like feathers and thick. Its fruits are spherical and in green colour where two yellow points are shown. It gives flower in the spring season and fruit comes out in autumn.

Chemical composition-- Walnut contains 40-45 % of a kind of oil. Oxalic acid is found in its fruits also.

Properties-- Its properties are to control air inside the body, increase phlegm and bile. Coating on skin diseases is most helpful with it.

                                    Medicinal values

Weakness in the brain-- Use the walnut seeds 20-50 g daily by extracting the coats of the seeds. It must give strength to the brain.

In gout--Massage walnut oil on that part of the body and give steam treatment. Heat a piece of brick, sprinkle water on it, wrap a cloth around it and  steam it with the affected area.

Epilepsy-- Make a paste of walnut oil with the juice of five-leaved chaste and put on nasal cavity.

Eyesight-- Take two walnut fruits and three brown nuts and fire to make ash, take 4 cloves and make a paste of it. Use that powder on the eye. It will cure eye problems and enhances eyesight.

Mumps--Collect walnut leaves, make decoction, make it condense, take 40-60 g of it daily and wash the affected area with it.

Dental disease-- Chewing of walnut bark cleans the teeth. Paste of its barks helps in strengthening the teeth.

Increasing mother's milk-- Take 10 g of walnut leaves' powder with wheat flour, prepare bread with pure cow ghee. Give it to the mother daily to eat. After seven days, milk will increase automatically.

Cough-- Fry uncovered walnut seed and chew it. Prepare ash of bark and walnut seed, take 5 g honey with 1 g ash and lick it 3-4 times a day.

Diarrhoea-- Use walnut oil to massage on the diarrhoea patients to cure the weakness of the body.

In constipation-- Take 20-40 g of walnut oil with 250 ml of cow milk daily in the morning. It will loose the stool easily.

Intestinal worm problem-- Make the decoction of walnut bark, take 40-60 g of it. It will kill the worms. You can also take the decoction of leaves of the walnut tree.

Piles-- Condense the walnut oil and apply on piles to get relief from pain. Take 2-5 g of walnut leaves' ash with honey and black peppers' powder. Take it daily in the morning and evening to get the best result to stop the blood.

Delay in menstruation-- Take 40-60 g decoction of walnut bark, mix 2 teaspoonful of honey, drink it 3-4 times daily to get best result.

Gonorrhoea-- Take uncovered walnut seed 50 g, dry dates 40 g, make it powder and fry with pure cow ghee. Mix sugar candy and take 35 g of it daily.

Swelling diseases-- Take 10-40 g of walnut oil, 250 ml of cow urine and drink it regularly.

Scabies-- Before brushing the teeth, take 5-10 g of uncovered walnut and chew it, bring out the chewed paste from the mouth and apply it on affected area.

Give importance to the medicinal value of walnut and make body healthy.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Educational article | Medicinal value | Black berry

Black berry are of two types. One is big size and another is small in size.  It has different names according to the regional languages spoken in the world. It is also known as Jambul . In the seeds of black berry  there is presence of glucoside  named as jambolin, which helps to stop the formation of glucose from starch. So, it is helpful for diabetes patients.The leaves , fruit and bark of black berry useful in preparing medicine. Black berry leaves are like mango leaves but it is polished and shinning.

                                 Properties of black berry

Black berry stops increasing rate of liver and  spleen. It increases appetite, destroy phlegm and bile. Clears skin infections. It is digestive, cool and keep away from thirsty. It is helpful in dysentery, cough, asthma, stomach diseases like destroying worms. It decreases blood sugar and urine sugar level. It is never taken in empty stomach because it increases air in stomach. So, it should be taken after two hours of lunch. After taking black berry, milk shouldn't be taken.

                                  Medicinal values

In stone diseases- If black berry is available, then take it daily. Otherwise, in odd season, take 5 g of black berry seed's powder, 150 g curd, mix it and take twice daily to get relief from stone diseases.

In gonorrhoea- Take black berry seed's powder with water at morning and evening. It will cure all kinds of diseases relater to urinary system.

In dysentery- Take 10 g of black berry seed's powder with cold water regularly.

In stomach disorders- Black berry helps in concentrating stool. Take black berry juice with black salt to cure the diseases like loose motion, stomach-ache, low appetite.

Inflammation in liver and spleen- To get relief from inflammation of liver and spleen, take black berry fruit or black berry seed's powder or decoction of black berry leaves.

In bed wetting- The children who are suffering from bed wetting, give them black berry seed's powder 3-4 g with water daily. After some days, it will cure the disease.

In jaundice- Black berry is a liver tonic. It has property of iron to increase the rate of haemoglobin, which makes the liver healthy and cures the disease of jaundice.

In vomiting-Take bark of black berry plant, fire it and make ash. To stop vomiting, use 2 g of black berry ash with honey and give it to lick and also taking of black berry seed's powder stops vomiting.

If hair or iron enter in stomach-Hair, pin or iron nails are indigestive naturally. If unexpectedly, it enters into the stomach, take black berry seed's powder or black berry regularly to destroy them.

In acne- The main cause of acne is eating of oily and spicy foods. To avoid this problem, take black berry seed's powder with water and make a paste. Apply the paste on affected area.

In piles excreting blood- Prepare juice of tender leaves of black berry. Take 20 ml of it and eat with sugar candy or sugar daily at morning and evening.

Gums inflammation- Take bark of black berry, make decoction of it, gargle 3-4 times daily.

In pyria-To prevent pyria, first dry the black berry leaves in shade, then grind it and make powder,  make it cloth filtered, mix a little amount of camphor, black salt, alum and pure turmeric powder and make a tooth powder of it and use daily two times. This cures all types of dental problems. Use black berry stick as tooth brush to avoid these problems.

Funsi, boil and ulcer --Prepare a paste of black berry leaves and apply it on boils. It cures rapidly.

Pus in ear--Mix powder of black berry seed  with mustard oil , boil it and filter after cool . When you are affected from ear diseases put two drops of the oil in the ear and use cotton in the ear.

Vaginal diseases--Grind 100 g of black berry leaves, boil it with 400 ml of water and make decoction. Mix 5 g of alum in it and cool it. Apply this decoction and wash vagina to get better result in all kinds of vaginal diseases.

In diabetes --Diabetes patient should  take direct instruction and prescription from a physician. The patient should take care of food habits and daily routine. He have to eat non -filtered wheat flour of 40 g. He should eat more green vegetable and salads with his meal as diet. Germinated green pulse, dal, germinated fenugreek seed,bottle gourd, ladies finger, radish, tomato, cauliflower, carrot, bitter gourd, spinach, cucumber,curd should be taken as diet. Mix equal amount of powder of black berry seed and dry ginger, take double amount of  cow plant powder, aloevera and grind all and make globules of  in the size berry seed. Take one globule trice a day with water. You can get result within two months.